5 Drunks Aliens, Travis Walton and the Loch Ness Monster

By | September 11, 2016
5 Drunks Aliens, Travis Walton and the Loch Ness Monster

So right so do you just get stripped for This point on then you don’t like the Baggage quote down dog ever oh let me Use it together we’re gonna do an Interview I mean John what about mayor But nothing too slow you’re not going to Say cuz this is out tomorrow on talk About aliens cuz you don’t do it well no I’ve got nothing today but hey don’t Know what’s a name I know exactly what I Want to talk to soon this this is john Beck and call him John John the John John John the jump jump what are your Thoughts going into newer foes mate with You I know we have put this is my job You need to tell them what you thought Y’all for so long I’m very skeptical of It I’ve all said that from the very Beginning please hey they may only stop Messing about without that’s what I was Meant to be like the empty nicotine Thing still filming it I’m still firmly Hardness she know we’re talking about UFOs I’m trying to get John to just tell But I like interviewing somebody that Doesn’t believe in it so no don’t Believe i just want conclusive proof Oh What what is what wait wait I wanna come Round to steve-o let me ask you a Question then to say that you’re a real UFO both yeah yeah if you r fo are out There on the real one aliens are real I’m not seeing me laugh Oh both know Okay listen I mean what 2016 why isn’t

Anyone going on camera well there’s a Lot of [ __ ] YouTube charles ave but No no no no you’re right though you Right there are fake a lot of them are Fake anyway which mean why I’ve not only Because it’s like why didn’t anyone got An actual you are watching watch YouTube In UFOs because this [ __ ] loads on Camera but the [ __ ] loads of Olives Because it’s absolutely that much fake [ __ ] out there sir so there’s loads on Camera mate but you can’t there’s Absolutely loads of put it out there There’s loads of so is every so often a Little bit of decent voyage why do you Never see it on the news and if it’s That big big bigger point that’s a good Point you know scientific of sinners UFO Nobody can’t debunk this yeah Elliot Voyage yeah building with young one but Nothing showing happens it’s terrible Pakistan I’d it so you’re saying scare The [ __ ] out of every seller probably Tried it Leo come back from that one Because what will scare the [ __ ] out of Everyone so that’s the plot each other a Bit let’s go right on that Charlotte Right okay bansemer a few few a few Months but you might have all seen that Those tourists over that lake near the O2 arena and the film that massive Loch Ness did you see it did you see that Great big thing in water that they all Fell off and it was on the news

Everyone’s saying it’s a lot next month So that’s escaped look is it I don’t Know will UFOs don’t know we’re long no No no poor people if people were that Scared of not knowing what’s there then Why will the Hall of it news are you Know what everyone well did whatever That watcher may I believe me if i don’t I feel if i filmed right now the UFO and On my on my mobile phones then an ad do You honestly think that I did go to the Media and Anjou stops to know you for Earlier on the news you’d sell your Footage ya know what what’d you do What’d you do what’d you do John what You do what you Do and this is what this is this is this Obvious 51 channel by the way and this Is that yeah this is what this is what I’m saying is right yeah what you would Do is you would upload it their own YouTube channel you make your own YouTube channel if you found your own You have to UFO no no no listen you Would you would if you had any brains About you you would you what you would You would you put it on your old channel First then you sell it they or what Welcome it’s your own show a hobo Oh Holly come on oh well hi know what I Know what this is listen it’s your own If you put on your own YouTube channel First is your own YouTube channel body Go on can’t anybody copyright in so if

You put out there needs a spray for Anybody’s use abilities I have no idea That’s free for anybody just I never Really think I never read the copyright Logic keep Holly uncle I gotta find you In previous videos as you keep Bellyaching about people nicking it Ollie Elvis’s footage no no that was a Skeleton they took my [ __ ] skeleton May doesn’t maybe that’s your own [ __ ] I don’t care about that but you Awesome out there about aliens being Real and Sundy nicks it go suppresses Thousands from a new girl oh my god all My footage oh my god well they can’t do That needs to be copyright at all so if I put something out about aliens being Real it needs to be copyrighted nobody Can take it why do you think Travis Walton were stolen Travis Walton what I Think he was ever stolen what stolen by UFO whereby you fo are by Jubilee I Don’t know Is all honesty steve-o what do you I Will tell you that I find that one Injured you know to this day he still Says yeah that was this day he were Talking i wish i wasnt dyslexic because I will read the book of you at the book Know a lot of documentaries not know About power and the books amazing but I’m Dyslexic so you just look at Pictures I just look at the pages and Hope for the best no injures what

Documentaries have you seen ones with Him in the actual that’s understanding On press conference I’ve seen that on That and what he what he a depicted the Film yeah it’s been real a bit i’m Releasing the firm live in Scott Hines Guy Travis Walton in 1970s does say that The film has been gone of that his Friends didn’t leave him like that now I’m dead in 1978 in his mates were in The wards Queen no longer Lumberjacks And they went down a little bit no more I make any way back I’m going the way Through linux on the drugs or big white Colobus office and ruinous arabic light In sky at reser peroni the journey Before Johnny bug or are you listening And that they saw a big fire were light In the sky and the pulled or under you Got out through a space craft fair and It basically probably my light on in Shutting it awards and strolling always Makes a left he’s not suing the film Done I me nuts in film this is so good To this day it’s nick de trop my Detective work him in all his name and They all patent lawyer were saying this Has happened to your past year still to This day on massive massive thing is That I all how is that wrong yeah yeah I Was pretty much it are we good what’s Agree i’d like to see my resume like a Another interview posted a written in Canoe in the view promise oh yeah thanks

A lot robes in UFOs still loading that’s My last video like this alone it anyway Goodnight god bless get mine the books Don’t bite look you can’t get this cute There’s gloved it and there’s gambling Money what is what’s what who’s out Ted Ted Ted Zuko Thomas a good and I go boys Hi Nicole