secureteam10 Floating Island, UFO Base and Kickstarter that wants $50.000

By | September 3, 2016
secureteam10 Floating Island, UFO Base and Kickstarter that wants $50.000

Good evening folks all this well it’s Morning so not even abuse to see an Evening morning all this 51 here and Today I want to discuss the eye that’s All over YouTube on the internet and People are saying that it is a alien Opening in the earth it’s not an alien Open in the earth I mean yeah I think if You’re an alien you’ve got better places To hide then in a marsh you know I won’t Rock down the park there’s an alien a Thing you know what I’m gonna come there Make a little hole in the ground make an Opening perfect hiding spot you’ve got The ocean or somewhere like that one Year where it’s sir You know undiscovered are the moon the Dark side Pink Floyd of that band anyway To the I so this has a Kickstarter for These bell ends which I’m about to show You in a moment that I wanting fifty Thousand dollars of your hard-earned Cash to go out there Snarfer battle round this little circle And probably smoked a few Biff ders on The grass and have a few glasses of vino Or beer or whatever they’re doing and on Your fifty thousand dollars and he’s Already got five thousand nine hundred And two last night I did a video on this But I was a bit drunk so I’ve deleted it Because he did not make any sense Whatsoever I was looking at this Kicks Down I was a bit peeved off about it so

Now I’m sober I’m doing the video about It I might put some bits of last night’s Video at the end but anyway yeah this Kick star I’m gonna play it for you And I’ll just show you this is the the I In I think yeah Argentina where ever it Is we’ll just do my little trick where We go back in time before you take it to 2003 this channel this guy whoever bell End mentions 2003 when the first for Tuesday you can see there I mean you can See that this is not a lid of an Entrance because it’s mounted there now These marshes I’m not very technical I’m Not very scientific you know this from Watching my channel I just put my farts out there leave your Files down there as well on this if you Think it’s an alien I’ll point you over To security interns Channel but yet the Year you can see that that as mounted It’s it’s overlapped its come on because He’s floating about a smash there’s got Soggy and if you roll a piece of blue Tucking hand long enough it will go Around so this is obviously separate Over time probably wasn’t route it was Around start off with it’s over the Years and years and years it’s just Gradually rounded off that’s what’s Happened it’s not alien and you can see That it’s it is floating about moving About and changing its angle and

Spinning round as you go through the Image but yellow we aren’t further ado Let’s sir I need to get a better camera Thing off of this I’m a thing I will do I’ll get some editing stuff guys not Very not professional Let’s play it and also that the Surrounded March Those present in supernatural stories Told by locals when locating this Reference is in the back we discovered Something unexpected that left the third Project in the background we have it How.what cows this way formation where Does it move how can a glassful you Without the Same use all this terrain show me the Money It’s gonna get an Oscar this is it gonna Cost them $50,000 to do that does they Stop annoying you that people can do This now they can get your hard-earned Cash by just making a Kickstarter the Gaming community do this as well I don’t Know the scientific term all of you how Many times these cops A little work in this area I never seen Something come this place really Deserves a bleep investigation and it’s Awful to finance it can be free to share The results it’s using Kickstarter we Returned with the scientific expedition You felt ghillie makes it oughta buy Loads of toys yeah for Christmas and

It’s on you what a bellend even lost Like a bellend his head looks like a Bell end we need you to give us $50,000 An opportunity for them Yeah So what do we think this I would say the Obvious a lot of the YouTube channels I’m seeing this I don’t see that Scott See Waring’s But however it is on his website and He’s been mentioned again in the mail Online so here we go where is it let me Find you the bell end of bell ends where Is it come on I found it earlier I did you see then Bell ends there once mentioned I may Have to cut this bit because I’m making A bit of a dick out myself but anyway He’s put this out I mentioned it’s on His UFO thing you daily whatever is they Scott’s daily dose of the UFO madness And yeah he’s also been mentioned on None other than secure teen tens channel Which I’ll play for you now in Argentina You’re seeing the Google Maps view here And I [ __ ] love this I there’s been a Lot of news lately over the past few Days survived my first range of what They’re calling a floating island which Some are saying is a secret entrance to An underground alien base of some sort And that this ring of land which He just doesn’t belong there we’ll open Up at times and it was just by luck that

The satellite snapped a picture of it on Google Earth while it was opening now of Course it could be natural but we don’t Know at this point how the island got There what is causing it to float like That and what’s in the waters underneath It there’s actually some people who are Trying to stop you there Tyler okay um So I’m gonna play this spot this video’s Not it’s not alien is it so it’s not Alien news it’s not the UFO news but it Is in our community and this might Explain what this island is because I’ve Got on it it’s pretty cool video look at That that circle somebody go to Google Earth find that floating island find That little circle and tell the internet Aliens have landed When Timothy explained that a layer of Soil and vegetation can build up on the Surface of the swamps around the lake That’s ironic water level can cause Chunks to break off there really is Largest beer mb4 to be inhabited many Days it’s a former culture because I Wanna let that ferry sinking it’s Something through some of the lake Shores true story I mix lakeside mansion Suggested using explosives in the Residence didn’t agree don’t believe it Will sink basically he’s saying there Will be hell to pay if you blow my house Up amazing how some people live just Amazing but yeah it’s it’s all over I

Need an eraser the Internet the minute They kickstart $50,000 I just think Absolutely wrong and you know if you’ve One of them that wants to pay then oh There you go there you go I found it I Found it I found it okay a film crew has Yet to state that I is read half way Through a sentence there anyway Scott See wearing from UFO sightings daily at Billy It is a hidden is high or hiding Dyslexia and underwater alien base what A bell end Scott they will not hide in a Marsh and make it blatantly obvious if They hide anyway you know I’m sure that These aliens have enough technology that They could just hide anywhere I mean who Knows what they are I mean I do believe In this stuff there is aliens out there I believe in that otherwise we’ll have This channel but you know I may if I Have seen this myself I may have put This out there just a little cool little Find because I do that sometimes I’ll Put like stuff that I’ve seen on Mars And what have ya don’t necessarily Preach that it is a hundred percent Although some of my findings on Mars if You go back through my old videos pretty Damn cool I don’t preach that it is you Know alien and what-have-you I would like to know your thoughts on This what do you think do you think this Is some sort of alien base or like me do

You think that this Kickstarter of the I That is you know want you’re not Jesus Christ that’s just gone up if you go Back for the video that was on five Thousand something songs someone’s Giving him a hundred quid a summer bell Ends stop giving them money Honestly this is it paves me off your Native money something gives money to I Don’t know children that you know a Dynein and things like that something Decent don’t give money to a Kickstarter For somebody to go sit on an island with You know a kegger beers having a laugh On you a eight it’s piss me off this Guy’s on LinkedIn so go check I can’t be Bothered to check it out and you know There’s some comments of what people are Putting this is awesome I wish everyone Backs it up so we can see the results Of the investigations I say something That’s just gonna be a video of our Blokes getting pissed Anyway I’m obvious 51 like I’m not body Feel like subscribe keep up with me and Share share this out If share this to the channels that are Putting this out share they stir these Kickstarter wankers and are the other People for putting this out as you know That’s alien this gifts gotta bear this Sorry Scott but you are a bit of a bell End anyway see you later folks I’d say Good night god bless but it’s not night

But I will say in mind the books don’t Buy the They say so basically saying you’re not Blowing up meows rightly so rightly so Yeah anyway let me know what you think Too these bollocks because it’s not a Floating um alien da or whatever the Call in it it’s just a bit of marsh this Round and it floats weather anyway bein A kid now so good night go breasts Breasts God bless not God’s breasts not yeah hmm Yeah my the books dope by um I’ll see You later and Bell end Kickstarter wants Fifty fifty thousand dollars my dick You