UFO and Alien Debunk

By | August 7, 2016
UFO and Alien Debunk

Good in evokes Elvis 51 here on my own And I’m drunk so there is no universe no Franco karadimos davender however i have Just been watching this spanish UFO Video and it is hilarious but in a good Way i want to play it for you anyway you Can watch it ok I can’t rip it it’s Amazing is so good so also know I don’t Know how to edit this [ __ ] so like a Better sound comes in tells me sometime I still have no idea well that’s our Vests up off of our jelly sir well UFO Never look at this way what is where it Is brilliant I wonder what they told him To do in this it was like stand there And just watch the sky for a bit Oh are Struggling walk out what the sky what Hit my funny bone yeah cadet’s cut this Bobby Dazzler This is [ __ ] strange garden but in it I a big garden there’s got like a little Picket fence men of chain this plastic Look I’ll oh yeah there’s a few little Cutie that little alien guy he’s gonna Get off with him it’s gonna make out for Americans to make out get off in England Make out in a burka she’s gonna do when I go for you but my my my worst thing is That way it’s got white paid like it Arek about 300 tip to do this Is probably the worst UFO video straw Aliens show whatever I’ve ever seen but He’s hilarious but I’m stopped I’ve Stopped laughing now at first I was

Really laughing and no wonder in this Video I don’t my videos it wasn’t you I Can’t laugh like it was before but a lot Of mistakes before I’m pissed he’s Saying hello Mike I’m not being paid Enough for this bollocks this prick you Telling me to walk out onto the grass And lift that little picket fence I call You back because all the good of Payments little is gonna do some more For a better video oh no no no I hadn’t Watches her I did not watch this this Far in 2007 a CCTV security camera Captured a strange steak like creature Slowly crossing a home owner shard in Fresno California the camera was set to Cash at previously on the night the Video was caught the owner was a lowes That Bell end I’ve not heard that before Fitness is being copied from another Channel I don’t know its channel it’s From so moving across is on here’s the Footage of what people call the neck Brother All the Fox a night crawler [ __ ] just off [ __ ] it’s that this is Actually not I’m also would we do it in A video in it fucarile now this has gone On from this video it’s a guy in really Big pajamas I don’t know about you but I Would love to I just like Jabba running Wear them just in a field I feel like That inion in the video you’re about to See shows two peoples party that’s the

Same video the same video is caught in Two loads apart so i’m not blonde a very Well anyway i bollocksed apollon hill Gives a [ __ ] cuz when yet when you’ve Ever drink you have a drink but anyway And yeah I rock them gone much longer The spanish guy from bit from the Beginning my question is stuff is to do With UFOs it’s all want you to do is put In the Talmud that the comments the Comments how much do you reckon that That guy they got tipped to do that Because I reckon he works in that shitty Restaurant with the chains going across I’m not shaking up it’s all set to make Me do me a favor just damn just walk on Grass I’ll just walk over there for a Bit well I’ll just do this video I reckon seven-year-old max just good Acting though the waist point is head There put your head down it’s a bit like He was having a [ __ ] I love these I love These cheesy bollocks it’s brilliant see It is this piece of stuff it’s the UFO Footage that is trying to be serious That concerns me this thinks amazing and They can keep putting this out because This is just fantastic it’s just fun Stuff in it I mean why would you want This to stop I’ve got no pants on by the Way I’ve come up here I’ve had a few I Found a few jinkies but a couple of Glasses of wine whew whiskey’s will made Out I’ve come on my wife’s come to bed

With the little one and I’ve gone beer Took my pants off and it’s got stray on YouTube to check out this guy una Cerveza buffer Does sell by Sapa for dress service Please so anyway while all the ballots I’m almost 50 one could my god blessed By the books don’t bite and [ __ ] what A [ __ ] thighs like not that guy not The not Spanish guy like him the guy Who’s falling on with the daddy longlegs Girl this thing yeah bell end anyway Good thy god bless my the book still Bite I said that one’s already in all These 51 subscribe very very very drunk I’ve got no wingman there’s between them Can end it in the video obvious if t Want subscribers subscribe click it You