By | July 28, 2016

Good evenin folks all these 51 here and I’ve got something quite amazing tonight Show you um I wish I found myself but I Can’t take credit for this so Stu Diverse thank you you are a friend a Scholar an awesome mom and yes you do This from the other night sent me this We had a few drinks to go if you Remember debunking without further Jew-jew that further ado I will Bob this Arm and enjoy when i get rid of me so The story behind this is he sent me this And i didn’t realize it was from the ISS I thought it was just some sort of Street light looking up at the sky at First cuz i dont a drink and and you see The ISS is flushing and this little White dot is flashing no it does not lie Much many but look about the Cabal cut So this thing comes in and it’s almost Like that dot there in the middle of Staying stationary is how to put Communicating with the ISS with the Pattern that is flashing us but this Thing watch this thing how it is moving A fight was going to come to the dot at The time it didn’t and I’m trying to do A common trend it’s really hard oh but Yet keep watching and watch now watch Now look the little dot it’s like it’s Communicating back I some sort of mass Code is absolutely amazing I don’t know If anybody’s got this out yet on YouTube I don’t think the out but I could say

Got on East universe if you had your new YouTube channel he can put this out but I’m giving you full credit for this mate This is incredible Located flashing I’m very excited with This one I think I need a drink aw here We go I’m really surprised that I mean I’ve seen before they cut the feed it And just look at this look it look at Him go in fact is that I could trail or Something behind I don’t I need to stay Up late start watching these live feeds Okay Then it goes cut so let me know in the Comments what you think of this because I’m pretty sure that that’s not space Dust I don’t think it said another Rocket arm astronaut in space doing Something and I think the reason why I’ll / puffing that’s the filter that NASA use look I’m using a filter now and Maybe smoke some sort of night how they Say stuff but why are they putting right So I’m gonna put theory out there more If they’re showing is this type of stuff Now because something’s gonna get Revealed very soon off said this before With Barack Obama I’ll say again Something may get revealed and let me Shrink me a little bit one day I’ll get Released felt a booth thing I do Apologize about that but I just wanted To kind of put this back on a lab it Just play in the background and yes so

That above was that’s what I meant when He said me at first is get this out and I looked at the thought what you showing Me ask you I thought is he drunk is it Just a bit of you know like when I’m Streetlights in America like in bastar Wassup place Vegas but then I noticed When I want it tonight this is ISS I Need to cuz he texts me and says white You put it out and I just saw flush Their down there as well you know what i Mean by the Morse code though oh it’s Kind of like back and forth like it’s on Communicating it’s not a lens flare I’m Telling you now he’s not a lens flare I hope normals put this out it’s nice to Be the first sight with anything in life Females and let’s get the first drink at Bar yeah I can’t think of anything else That had to be first with other than Content content yeah I’m sweating he Excites me look at this though is I mean What sort of speed did that accelerate Then just stop him back Look at it that my friends is a UFO it’s Unidentified and it’s a flying object Two of them I carry anything else to say To that over then like and subscribe I’m All these fifty one and yeah next video I’ll probably drunk fat Sam I go get Drunk now yeah anyway mind the bag the Bag dope I’ve had a drink so soda water Mind the books don’t buy goodnight god Bless see you later alligator