NASA Used Area 51 to Fake Some Moon Footage (My Theory)

By | July 19, 2016
NASA Used Area 51 to Fake Some Moon Footage (My Theory)

Good evening folks all this 51 here i Have got over the whole stolen skeleton Think so moving on from that and apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969 and um Tonight I thought you know what I’m Gonna put this video out because he’s Kind of on my mind and but I will tell You this before I even touched base with This video I do think he went to the Moon but I do think that a lot of Footage has been covered over and for Probably reasons that there is this Stuff up there so without further ado I’ll stop it what i’m going to do with This video so I’ll get me well trust a Measuring tape out I’m going to do it’s Going to measure from the lander she’s Here Up to the top here which is 20 to 75 Okay the reason why I measuring that is The cost that’s view that the trajectory That the Luna was going and so 2275 Remember figure let me play this video By wimple Stiltskin so stayed out of it Rumpelstiltskin up poor link in the Comments for you awesome video right Don’t light up attachments popular look So yeah 2275 remember that let me get on With this this is just really out there Theory I have been mind I do think when To the moon so I’m not saying that we Didn’t go to the moon at all I’m not Saying that so before anybody starts Hating on me I’m not saying that I

Saying that I probably get hay is for me Saying they went to the moon so this Area I think I’ve mentioned in one of my Previous videos is the test site the Area 51 and you can see area 51 is just There last year Oh 51 base 51 and here Is the test ground so let me get my Measuring tape out for the test ground That’s caused all these craters bear in Mind that area 51 was roughly to build The base in about it was nineteen fifty Six We’ll start from that top greater there And we’ll just head down here to the Bottom which is there Roughly there and it’s pretty much this Area same measurement now before you Stop watching this video I’m not saying That this is one hundred percent oh I Finglas I have just looked at this area A few times just spot anomalies I’m Gonna spy this little pyramid thing here I was going to mention the pyramid or Video but I’ve seen it’s a few youtubers Have done a video that and illuminate a Pyramid thing and that’s not far from All these crater is probably just as Sam Sighs but what’s actually find this Missiles out but all these craters just What if this footage that you watching Up here as the lunar orbiter was going Across they saw things down their Structures maybe I don’t know and they Couldn’t quite put that out on camera so

Most of this image I mean I’m pretty Sure but then in nineteen sixty-nine They could have got a better image of That even when they came home I know This was broadcasting but I’m pretty Sure they would have recorded this and Had better footage than that you know They’ve gone to the moon you can go to The moon we can get past the Van Allen Belts where they’re cold but we can and Get a camera to focus and when we come Back we can have decent footage other Than the actual pictures that we’ve Taken so All I’m gonna say is that some of the Moon footage I just generally do think Has been faked a few people say that Stanley Kubrick did it did the 2001 Space Odyssey but his daughters as you Know it was a very honest money love This country when I’ve done anything Like that I kind of can’t believe it With that but who’s to say there’s Somebody inspired or somebody worked cuz Stomach it a bit couldn’t have come up With these hoaxes videos I’m this is no Disrespect to any astronauts that have Been to the moon or one of you because You know I believe you did I just I do Think that I think that what a lot of These asteroids you if you do even Leo Type into youtube are the internet and You can see some of the astronauts Actually talking about do that in

Another video but talking about things That they saw on the moon things they’ve Been coming to UFOs or more of you it Goes on on on on but this could have Been some footage that has This area could have gone through this Footage to say there that’s just a Theory I fine fault about it and focus a Bit so what I’ve mean ya know the gods Test these bombs but how many times you Have to test a mom to realize yeah it Works I suppose a few times actually you Don’t want it going off to you before it Launches but yeah if you go back on this Area it’s blanked out if you go back to Nineteen ninety-eight but you can see The still the actual bits of craters There there’s all these craters up here When you go so that they’ve been there a While I don’t know how I wish I get this To go back to nineteen fifty 19 and 69 I Can’t and some areas on Google if you Get really fell about them some areas of England I’ve noticed and but yeah I’m Just gonna leave you this just dab a Look here for yourself it’s like I say It’s not what I don’t think that yeah This is the whole we never went to the Morning we just find a few missiles at The ground flew a plane over it with the Lunar hanging out and filming it and I Or whatever I don’t think that happened What I think happened is this area could Have been used for some of the footage

That you see in this video I’m not 100% on it it’s just like say We’re going on our just a ferret looking For yourself but it’s I mean cut out Bob By there that could easy being one of The big craters on the moon that you see Some of the footage Anyway goodnight god bless I’m office 51 And subscribe please I’ll be nice I got 100 subscribers today so things are Looking looking up get some air Conditioning I stopped wearing a vest And lock in a bitter much is one anymore Anyway good night I’ll go check out for Yourself and check rumple’s still skin This video I’ll leave him a link good Night