Is NASA About to Reveal Intelligent Life on Mars

By | July 10, 2016
Is NASA About to Reveal Intelligent Life on Mars

Afternoon folks all this fifty one here That’s right it’s afternoon because i’m Not feeling that nighttime dorrance Wife’s asleep on the sofa with the Little i snuck upstairs to do me me Youtube yeah anyway on to the the Picture that people talking about their Own I’ve only seen two youtubers do this At the moment and at alien TV / Mars zoo And what’s up in the sky 37 and by the Way hope you get better soon will Awesome channel so on to this soil Number which is 1387 and I have to say I Did see this kind of when it came up i Just had time i always had have been the First for now but i wasn’t and it’s you Know it’s a lot of YouTube was out there That are putting just genuine they’ll See like a bit of rock don’t manipulate A bit to turn it into a face or I don’t Know what car whatever anything I’m not About that but when I saw this I thought Shall I put that out and I kind of Wondered in it now we should have put Out straight away because the more and More look at this this thing’s been Massive I mean it’s in the distance for A start and if at something to do the Photoshopped version that I’ve done here So I’ve just pulled the color out a bit Um To make that I can’t imagine that mean Anything else bought something Intelligent that has made that I mean if

It is just a rock then there’s got to be More fat rock underneath that’s made That stay like that in that formation That must be like a really really hard Rock almost like diamond if it stood There is a natural rock book there looks To be a partner i’m not going to pull That pattern out or drawing or anything Like that i’ll let you make your own Mind up with that but that does look Like this something there icap policy Image out any better than it is and have A look at will’s channel what’s up in The sky and art alien TV they they can Pull it out better than I come and I Just wanted to put my opinion on it and I do generally think that this could be Something I don’t think this is just a Rock m-my believes in Mars is that there Is the solving on that sort of odd was Something on their civilization maybe Not a civilization that was it advanced As what we are now maybe the x ray Langston where the Martians that’s a Vault m4 yeah this one is its way out There for me this is it’s one that I Think if you look back fruits on my Earlier videos I will only really pop an Image out there if I genuinely do think That it is something I suppose that’s my Opinion and you know I’ve not got many Subscribers I make no money off my Channel this the reason why I do this is Because generally interests me and I

Think the people that do it that Genuinely interested in it they’re not Just after making a quick book the People to lock it and The reason why I’m just letting a look At this and keeping it there I can’t Really do much with it like to pull it Out because there isn’t there’s not much To do with it like well says is the Image said it’s got all this pixelation All over it hopefully that’ll release a Better one I’ve got panoramic one here Which kinda does well let me put me in The middle advertisement yeah this is Quite good this is got the full shot Going across oh but you can kind of get A feel of how big this thing actually is If you look at all of this going across Huge and and it would be interesting if It did get close to the rover I don’t Know if it’s going to well I’m pretty Sure it will do whether they’ll show is It it’s another thing but yeah I just Fired what you see the full thing there I did no ace and across from it in that Panoramic shot this one here something Let me just put this here God I hate it when I do this while we’re Doing what we’re doing we know you’ll Solve it right so they say yeah is to The right of it I believe and this kind Of looks like it could have been Something at some point what I don’t Know and it’s probably nothing the main

Thing is is this here but this is Directly across from it and I’m not Going to cover that much because the Wheel covers that I’ll leave a link to a Channel under art alien TV channel if You care what could of yourself but this Is just something else it really is okay I can’t quite figure out what it is if It’s a tomb if it’s natural what could Possibly be keeping that from toppling Over I mean Mars has been through a lot Of in its time haven’t that nothing Is not this it’s not exactly being well Looked after but this here it’s still There and cat just all of a sudden a Little bit of on here’s just topple over Happen to lum there and stayed at the Lapin that would have that would have Ended up I don’t know down in this ditch I want to know are lies thanks sir Special well Mars image this and I think It’s going to be one that’s going to be Looked at a lot over the next few months And let me know in the comments what you Think is I generally have no idea I did Looks like something ancient to me the Whole shape of a the symmetry of it is I Don’t think it’s rock I really done and With everything that’s going on at the Moment this year seems kind of a funny One with Hillary hello Kai Hillary Clinton and saying that she’s going to Really try to only release files she Gets so to be President and then you got

Barack Obama which i did a video earlier And about him coming out and letting the Whole thing out on the bug whether the Apples are not I still got my doubts on That one and but then all of a sudden we See this image and it is like I is this Going to be leading into oh we did have Civilizations on Mars we’ve just found Out and then Barack Obama comes out and Says there is UFOs and we don’t know What they are but they’re not from here And the visitors I’ll tell you something if he does Release that they do know what they are Anyway i’m a bit baffled by this one It’s just I didn’t expect to see mrs Image as clear as day as this one that Is I mean I’m a skeptic I am I don’t Just believe in anything out there I Kind of like try and look at all the Different situations I look at people That mock these videos people who really Brought these type of videos I look at The whole thing and this one I would put Money on it the eyes intelligent life I Really would I’m obvious 51 subscribe I’d be nice and and I was none less a Goodnight god bless but i’m not going to Bed um I am doing over YouTube video mmm I’ve got the chance anyway oh wow