UFO House

By | July 7, 2016
UFO House

Good evening folks all these 51 here Coming at you from my new YouTube room Which is my baby’s room not very Exciting to know with the baby blue wall Aquamarine it’s gonna have like some Sets of aliens or something yeah I think An alien poster or something yeah anyway This video here um is all over YouTube Been there for years it’s a house it’s Definitely house because if we go back In time to 2003 to 2014 and yeah it’s a House and and I don’t think aliens would Write have 70 style UFOs anyway but I Think there’s a story behind this slow I Reckon that this is like some soft Farmland I don’t know something like That a builders merchant on something Over and the farmer there is basically He’s got a bit pissed off his wife and He’s for you know what I’m gonna build a UFO in my garden every likes and watch All of his 51 on the internet so he’s One of my subscribers I reckon and if he If he isn’t he’s now cuz i’ve mentioned His video in the right light but yeah I Mean it’s impressive why not have a UFO House if I could afford a UFO house I Would have one and I would do my youtube Videos in my little house I’d walk up my Garden for my tea and I think I’d still Sleep with my wife um Although she has asked me to stay on the So for many a times because there’s no Room in the bed for me so don’t know

What sort of message that is she lost me Though cuz she does look at me anyway You know for that this house I kind of Have an idea and this is for youtubers That like to put you know UFOs out there This scene because I think these are Scat all over the place if you really Scan google it a scam scam google earth You’ll find these little houses and you Could make a video of it can you could Say especially this one here under knit Going under it could be going underneath The pylons and the same look there’s a UFO here I’m but I’m I’m doing it Justin said that um might put a parental Viewing license on this video saying That do apologize and but yeah why not Build a UFO house and there’s an ID There’s the idea for you go search for These little bad boys and do a video on Them and say the earth owes I like that One I really like that one I mean can You imagine walking in the water you saw Her on the night time you would like Wise up but then when you saw people in Eating the tea they kind of he would Spoil it a bit yeah little vision yeah I Bet they do get look to a lot while They’re eating the tea though I come out Like that one Donna bites1 imagine to Get too hot book nice to look at the Stars with them Windows but I don’t like that one it’s Like paper mache that I do like that one

Though I think I’d like a little UFO House at the bottom of my garden but yet It is a little debunk video and I’m Office 51 goodnight god bless subscribe If you like next video be serious I Promise