Apollo 17 Cigar UFO

By | June 16, 2016
Apollo 17 Cigar UFO

Good evening folks office 51 here and I’ve been looking at apollo 17 images And there’s a certain file that I’ve Been looking through in a certain Section so when you look at these images You will see blotches in the sky on just About every nutter nutter NASA photo and That everywhere and it’s something that Happens in the film I will find out the Technical term for it I thought all is But this particular one here there’s a Reason why I think this is not just Because it’s got symmetry but I don’t Think I think this is Eva something that Their astronauts are thrown and don’t Know why they do that I’m saying that You’re on the route that young moon and I think I’ll throw something just to see The gravity and see how far can throw it Like Superman but this here I don’t know What it could actually be because it’s It’s just an odd one it’s definitely got A shadow here going under here and a Little crease their shadow here you can See going underneath and a crease I hope You can see that whatever device you’re Looking at this on whether it be a Smartphone tablet so I’m doing this on a Desktop so i can see it i will leave the Images free to have a look at yourself Where I got them from but yeah that one Here sparse effort a bit for me it’s It’s definitely something but there’s a Reason why I think it’s something i’m

Going to show you that now so let me Just pop this Just there get my good self put me over There for now yeah there they go so I’ll Zoom out for you don’t know boy I hope I Don’t buy anyway so you have half ahead Of me so this is a very similar image so You see this bit here this is this There’s a reason why I’m taking you Through this so this is this section the Cameras just pumped across a bit now if They did choke something up in the air Maybe they did did it land here because The shadow there from this dust moon Dust that’s growing up in there I don’t Think it’s a fingerprint because it’s Got a shadow here in this section is Exactly show you exactly where it is I Want to go on too much with this one but This section is here I’ll show you for y So these three mounds here are there That’s that which is that there it’s About their that this is landed this Thing this is even landed there are Something has pulled this up because List it up there I think that there is Still This object here so I’ll show you why Because when you go through all these Images this object keeps moving around And it’s in the same it’s in the same Place it’s in the same section moving Around look at that This is the same thing same little

Bleeder just moving around you know Murphy do apologize I’m gonna use a Swear word here but I’m in so It’s sir you get what you givin so I was Always taught but yeah they got again And it’s almost like camera here it’s Filming something now NASA could quite Easily it shows pictures of UFOs in These old images we’d never know we’d Never know if it was a UFO or if it was Just a blotch on the camera we wouldn’t There’s so many of them in this image so Many of them and it’s just like one or Two in each image and then moving around Very similar shaped so you make it your Own mind with this aspose but what I Want to know if these are not flying About you get rid of that the two most Important too I like that one like that One I love this one because there’s Something leaving the image there this Here I don’t think came from that at all I don’t think this object that you seen Here that is got shadow underneath it is Not a it’s not a anomaly on the the film Us it’s not all really don’t think is And it’s over the exact same section That this is over so this here is over This same section and there’s something There which is roughly where about that We’re about sighs I’ll leave this file For you to look at yourself and be Interesting to see if somebody else was

A video of it up somebody else takes the Make out of it says this guy’s seeing Things but I’ve never seen that in a Moon image before so i think i might be The first one to put my own image out There that house dust shooting up but Nothing that’s shown what was done that What’s actually brought back the stop so Whether that was a little bomb that the Chopped turn as even if that hit the Ground and I finger did I mean it’s got Like that effect where something’s hit That looks like shudder to me that’s it Coming up make your own mind up with That one and I’m always 51 goodnight god Bless or I can subscribe see you later