2 Drunks Talk Ancient Alien’s

By | June 4, 2016
2 Drunks Talk Ancient Alien's

Good evening folks obvious if you wanna Hear uh uh uh good morning folks right Gotta watch on I’m a right front gate This morning morning phones is it’s Early um obviously 51-year I’m the Franco calcium from the lost our vendor Frank is an aircraft technician [ __ ] [ __ ] in the game some one of them guys That was a mask that gets naughty things Done to him to add a blender okay I’ll Go without am and i sholde Frank this Image tonight then I frankly through This image you did I and this is a Highly lithic fri robe lithic thank you For the correction from ancient Egypt Also we know we have tried to look at This image to find it to prove it to be Wrong before we uploaded this video but It we can’t find that it is wrong so We’re putting out there if you do find Out it’s wrong by all means comment Messaging and but this is a glyph ’ok Hard life acronis yeah it is the gin Frank start assuming yeah thank you I’m Inhibition what I’ve told you I swear Rubbish so yep so this here i’m going to Point out here what is that Frank well I’d say well I don’t know some kind of Helicopter just because of what it looks Like it does look like a lit up to it Does yeah bro why is it on a piece of Stone that’s thousands of thousands of Years old well I don’t know because by Today’s standards they’ve got a lot of

Technology on me a lot of flying things I’ve just a lot of technology in general Yeah yeah and even by today’s standards Where we’ve got a lot of Stuff it could only be one thing to me And what’s that another copter oh yeah And and back in the day when this was All like carved what the hell would look Like that then we’ll even I vela copters So what what the what the copy enough What the what the drawing well the Carving well that’s why we’re doing the Video because it is for me it’s another Doctor and I can’t see I mean that’s a Big giant yeah that’s easy that’s some Kind of insect I know bogan I would not Lie to me an insert like that this day And age that would scare the living Bejesus every men maybe it was an Ancient Egyptian book and the Vics Didn’t know well maybe that’s what bugs Look like but then L adopters maybe that Might be like some kind of giant like Stinger awesomer but I’m guessing Probably not though the point is to this Video I mean if you you’re looking about Thousands and thousands of years and the Point in our signs of things we have now Now whether it’s they could see into the Future oh I don’t know I mean I’ve heard Of Lea da Vinci drew plans of Helicopters but they seized thousand Years before that this one even this Looks like some kind of military chopper

This tonight he’s got he’s got a Definite like rotor blades on top yeah Yeah it’s got like a nose sort of cone On the front yep and a fin on the bucket For high speed I don’t really know this He can’t put that down as anything other Than a helicopter loss my goodness I Can’t think of any other thing that mean You that we’ve we’ve had conversations For ages about You know how much I have said Frank These UFOs out then is aliens and you Said well yeah but you you believe it You think it but you don’t you need the Proof you need the actual yeah you need The proof in the pudding you need to put The pudding in the proof I think ninety Percent of what you say is bull [ __ ] no Total no swearing sorry um but it’s the Ten percent mate the ten percent and This is tempted under countless attempts On yeah this is that ten percent yeah I Mean but there’s more than one Futuristic there is except in this video That mean it is does that as well what’s Up well I when I first lots about I Thought that’s a flying sauce but we’ve Discussed this in use no I don’t think It’s a flying saucer because I’d say a Flying saucer be like so a symmetrical Disc and again you got a thin may Otherwise now pointer its curse on it I’ve actually mean to pull out there Then well well plan are well placed and

It does look I mean you can like that That’s a window to me yeah it looks like Some kind of cockpit or whatever yeah And this here there because it’s not a Free dimensional yeah an exotic buy a Copy of weighing side on coming out wing Yeah um that is definitely it’s gotta be A fin what else would it be and it’s the Exact shape of a thin but I mean dealing With airplanes and things like that Would you say that it looks like Something that I don’t know things got It goes yeah you don’t need to be a look I’m not also any expert but you don’t Need to be an expert it’ll easy to see That okay if you took away the l a– cop Thing you just saw that notice is the Fact that there’s the next to each other Okay but yeah we take away the Helicopter you just saw that would you Say suppose you’re good one yeah i mean What else again what else could You more about the object above it I Don’t know I don’t know without could be Like flying cow could be yeah could be Even more into the future stuff that we Haven’t seen yet I don’t know let’s clap It flip it around flip it around could Be a tank that’s allowed to flip the Image that will just everything’s facing That way so here’s face it yeah you know It’s upside down tongue I’ll see Helicopter like upside down not a Helicopter do I look no no it’s

Definitely that way that’s that way it’s Definitely yeah you don’t get upside Down wasps you don’t definitely unless And dad it might be dead loss we have it They always call really fluffy when the Dead not by inspect wasps from the dead Um but these three here the some kind of Like machine other some kind of [ __ ] Definitely I mean this is this is an Egyptian hilar hieroglyphic scouts haha Thank you and and these here a Inca we Are showing you these tonight in you Yeah that was like a flying [ __ ] glad to Be honest so what you want to say that Yeah okay okay then why not it does it Say she’s it’s like a it’s that Vance Flying [ __ ] it’s got dulla wings your Total plane do you think no penis hey I Don’t know but it’s got what on a Serious know him my view is a serious Delta wing no problem tail plane just Got a fin on there everything a modern Aircraft us what this one here yeah oh Right on well again I mean it’s not the The best design but it’s it’s got Everything that I can aircraft needs These Got wings magical wings tail plane main Plane Finn these free are these two here At another one but these two don’t film This image these images to me that I Mean the I’ve got the kind of thing but Though I was photoshopped my afterwards Well number thesis so that’s all I know

I don’t drink it then I donation this One here put other one small one but Again it’s got wings its got like a tail Planes got a fin and they’re all Following the same sort of design the Same pattern why come what they getting Up jalane just as good as that one come As good as this one do you think it’s Things that then that they made or its Things that they saw listen right 19 What I don’t even know when the wright Brothers bed their first aircraft their First glider what say we really nineteen Hundreds and bud say this thing this Here you have this one um that the ink Is made that looks far more advanced Than the wright brothers first ever Aircraft oh yeah that were like here but That will have little up with that word Day the first time that i have flu yeah I totally agree that and that looks more Advanced I mean the reason why I’ve got Pulled this up here is so showing well I’ve showed you this before but the Nazca lines I mean that to me is Something that would support all of this Being thousands and thousands of years Old and it sad not to think in it Because the end the day right I mean German of it oh and again like that Right that is thousands years old in it Right yeah that must have taken so much Work to get that like it is yeah of Course the levels everything yeah then I

Mean look Its massive in it msi can use not only Is so let’s go for get me a measuring Tape out of doing that Nevada off from That dirty bastard and past that 901 a Little bit now and roomy is that hmm It’s long enough Salaam it’s a lot how Long the style said I shot oh my yeah But it’s definitely long enough to to London aircraft is it hello no idea Definitely and you’ve got as well but it Is a face the fact that it was taken a Long long time to build right back in The air back in the day when there is no Aircraft you’d only see this from the Ground yeah so what’s the point what’s The point in making it because you can Only really appreciate from the air Anyway it’s not just that I mean is Immediacy Ellie’s in intricate lines What’s the point you can’t see them from The ground you can only see them from There but back in the day with a dive Aircraft back in the day when they Couldn’t get in the air apparently and Why would you the only time that you Ever see those kind of like designs and On runways that’s still on the Modern-day map the only time that you Ever see them kind things are a bomb Bay’s I said that’s it see you would you Up would would you say in your just look She just your normal average day mind I’ll stay even a thing but would you say

That that is not logical to be just a Well it’s just build a flap thought a Plot flight love up a flat formation Just final reason at all just let’s just Build it well why would you why would You I don’t think I don’t think you Would and then is this one here Again why would you I don’t get it That’s point it’s not impressive is it Really from the ground well I don’t Think you’d see that you just see a Flyer from the ground exactly sauce Point you can only appreciate from the ER be you haven’t got any aircraft but Then so so why I’m not saying that were Planes but then all I’m saying is why Well I probably i’m saying this play There were planes but then no no no i’m Not i’m not getting into that crap all I’m saying is i just can’t explain any Of that [ __ ] stuff stuff yeah stuffs a Good word not [ __ ] mmm papa but then When you look at that and then go see Ellicott sir well that in the airplane Well there are copter don’t need one way Anyway does it what good point doesn’t Know em but that probably does probably But I mean if you know the whole ancient Alien philosophy radical like mentioning That program because some of it is good And some of it just talk sorter there is Some good bits in a bowl again that Ninety percent [ __ ] Thompson makes Fink But this is it’s a hundred percent there

It’s on our planet there we’ve tried to Find out if this image semi is really Can go below the ISM we try to find out We tried before but this video we tried To find out if the way you did I didn’t I said let’s pop this out and you said Well I want to find out if his Glivec However the holiday thank you Hieroglyphic I can’t say that high load Lithia Cairo hieroglyphic is the real Deal and apparently is paranoia um and If it is then you agree you agree do you Roomie that we did know something about Then that we had something about then Are we new sort of melon That was have a really really advanced Technology only I honestly don’t know All I’m looking at you gotta go by the Safe fans but I’ve just got to go from What’s in front of me and that law Psychedelic up to that was like a flying [ __ ] and that looks like a gun way That’s all I’m saying you run about that One there yeah no no that one yeah he Does like a runway em I mean I can’t put Down as I see other than that that all Right I don’t know Oh what else what a Lot like a landmark for something to see From space because you can’t see these From space yeah one second the back of The day when nothing one in space oh my I was it like space more likes allies And um if we had it I’m not being funny If we charlie riches of this here who

Say that we that but then there was Things that we didn’t know about like Ancient Egyptians orbiting international Bloody Egyptian space station you never Know well this is not this is this is Not in the Gyptian this is in when is it My job freezer peru yeah boom but um Yeah mean if we got to fly runways with Inker airplanes and applause see some Peru airplane it’s just like a doublet It does a little bit I’m not saying it’s Conclusive or anything like that it just Ate absorbent make sense yeah well not Know I with probably had one too many Chiquis and on that bombshell Yeah and I’m sorry about the swearing it Was not me it was nice it was Frank all Poo and but yeah if you wouldn’t mind Like in as well yeah I don’t know what About likes but if you’re my subscribing That would be nice and this is franco Car is IAM hopefully if you leave some Comments if you want this guy it’s some All my videos that’d be great absolutely I’ll go and get them up now talking a Good you got it and but yeah subscribe Folks and i will good i go bless that is The early hours of the morning and yeah Well see you soon cheers all fruity