Area 51 Anomalies

By | May 17, 2016
Area 51 Anomalies

Good evening folks all this 51 here Tonight we’re talking about area 51 Which ironically enough is similar to my Channel name and so area 51 it is a Military base in the Nevada desert and You can’t get to it because if you do Try and get to it white vans come down And they escort you away for area 51 now I’m over here 51 now and the world Something I’d like to do on Google Earth Is adjust the time and if you look at This big area here you can see they’ve Like started different runways here then Going back obviously had different plan Bar there for different types of wrong Ways and what does puzzle me is what This massive flat surface is actually For because planes out our big it’s Almost got a Roundness to it which if I’m thinking Way way out there it’s M is this for Something big I mean look at this here Look at this area here and then if I Move it along 2000-2006 a little bit Along to 2009 it’s almost like something Has melted the area what could actually Do that it’s like something has taken Off or something’s happened there from 2006 which is just nice and smooth this Some of this up there as well it’s just Not so much there as 2002-2006 and let’s Go to 2009 melted absolutely melted and And i would i’d put money down that There is not erosion that’s Harper thus

Instantly happened and I mean what That’s gone three years to that I don’t Know what’s gonna happen there I’m Probably going to find stuff going down The line on this video I’ve not seen Before and that’s something I did notice As well is this bit here so this is this To me looks like a massive one in pod That this cloud here possibly he’s going To run there because that there it does Look like a cloud that I’ve ever seen And this is in 2011 These clouds over here 2011 and then You’ve got this he’s almost like 1am Cartoon I don’t see that you see are These nice bright clouds and then you’ve Got that one cloud that just looks angry It’s an angry cloud now whether this Cloud has been just photoshopped in and It’s big pot over that image and that is Something else um I don’t maybe Something’s hiding in that cloud and the Cloud is actually like that but I mean Look because they see it it doesn’t look It doesn’t look real and cloud was on a Real to me all let me know what you Think to that because I just need had to Know it’s lying to me that cloud cloud Is different aligned to me but yeah this Sort of melting here that is not here in 2006 and you go to 2009 and it’s all There and white patent knows hot plasma Or something what I don’t know what Would do that and where they’ve got

Shuttles I’m taking off from there I Mean this fri know this here it could be Like them things that they’ve got Nothing where they take the Space Shuttle on it goes off the ground em but I do find it extremely puzzling the the Damage that’s done to this area over Time we will go back there 2002 To that something’s got off their Something’s crashed uh-oh somebody’s Made a mess hunt it it really else but This cloud I do I find something you’re Gonna think why is he find it puzzling Back I do I find extremely puzzling why There’s this really weird looking dark Cloud you move it to anywhere else you Kind of got normal clouds look at the Shadows of these clouds as well all the Shadows now I don’t think that satellite Image could have been taken at different Times to be honest with you and they Just not a nice just it’s not the shadow Don’t seem right on Eva I don’t know I Put um could be wrong about that one but Just seems of it just so happens is a Big really gray cloud over area 51 I’ve Not seen many clowns like that on there Go glyph isn’t a snot you don’t actually Get a lot of clouds and Google Earth Funny and often which is quite strange But um I just did well they probably Just take it on really clear days Probably go look I’m gonna invest a lot Of money in this I’m gonna show the

World how round the earth is yeah def Have a mere flutter if conspiracies I’m Not sure what to make of that I’ll take Something if it’s a flat earth my Channels blown out the window because What sir the moon that’s from all the Time anyway and but yeah I just wait to Show you that and also liz here What what’s gone off it yeah I mean this Is like it I think I’ve nickname this Nuke site it has absolutely been blob Litter ate it it’s like there was houses Here I don’t know it’s like some sort of Suburbs almost like a test suburbs that Was that maybe it was me it was with an Early nuke sites then the building on Again it’s not about undressing just Weird this this whole areas weird now This way I wanted to show you this one So this base here she’s not so far away From area 51 you can see that this has Been it’s very very primitive there with Their already put these circles around All sort of tell me what what these Circles are all about it so they can Seen from space um suburb building a Wrong way they’re building a bit more to It building this hangar up here it’s Going further more of the hangar runway Is looking better now look at this Hangar here watch this this one that Almost looks like an inset with things Poking out there and This isn’t weird hanger into it and I’ve

Seen another one of these hangers and Near area 51 I’ve made the whole thing’s Area 51 and look how it opens I’ve got It move the time it’s opening up there I’ve not seen I don’t think I’ve ever Seen a hanger like that I mean it might Be just that I’m not I’m not got the Knowledge earth this loads of hangers Like this is a new style of hangover I Mean there’s a plane there look at the Wingspan I’m imed under what’s up plane That actually is people say it could be Quite a big one now let’s a look at Let’s just get me get me measuring tape Out so that is from wings bomb eleven Point fifty seven meters is not Amazingly big is it let’s just have a Look at this from here so here 33.6 two Meters it’s big ish um it’s just how it Actually opens that it’s weird um a Cloudless Gotye stuff here mean what Could possibly do they sort of melting This absolutely everywhere It’s odd it’s definitely not the whole Whole place I mean look at this what are They been doing what are they been doing Someone’s been not held there I mean God How many times are we gonna bomb as on Planet he’s just just strange the fact That we do that I mean I suppose it’s Testing isn’t it it’s testing what we’ve Got but that’s what it looks like us Also what they’ve been doing they’ve Been a bombing away each other Oh

Testing bizarre absolutely bizarre the Mind boggles um but yeah these and this Is a flat area again look at that Another massive flat area what for what These flat areas for what could they Possibly be for what do we have that It’s that big that we I mean we’re tiny How are we absolutely tiny and yet we Get all these massive space is to put Things almost seems like a waste Anyway don’t check this out for yourself Because I mean it’s one of them things That you’re even interested in the I you Know I’m interested in it I’m not Showing you any aliens or anything like That I just showing you area 51 I mean It’s 1947 s when it’s famous for into Their Roswell crash and then that’s Where they took the aliens what if they Kept any of them the mace no but it was A weather balloon so we don’t need to Worry about that but yeah anyway check It out for yourself the main thing I Wanted to show you is that because I do Understand why that would ask all of a Sudden do that I mean what other being Using whether it be alien our humor in This bit too cause that much of a mess Um let’s measure her of me measuring Tape 1425 meters it’s a big mess yeah so Anyway go check out and if you’d like And subscribe to all this 51 that would Be absolutely fantastic much appreciated And there I’m going to get some more

Videos long-term I’m gonna get some lots Of Mars images coming up and some own Images I’m just getting some more Together so I can just put a bit more Substance to it and that yeah however Have a nice evening I may have a glass Of wine now goodnight mind the books Don’t bite