Amazing Huge UFO in Crater 12/05/2016

By | May 12, 2016
Amazing Huge UFO in Crater 12/05/2016

Good evening folks all this 51 here um This image that i’m going to show you Next and i vas got three images and that This main image I didn’t want to put up Two days ago and I kind of didn’t have The cojones to put it out there until I Put this image onto the Mars moon and Space TVs facebook and channel facebook Page and I put it up there and I said Can somebody tell me and basically if I’m going crazy and is what I see right Now when one of his thumbs Nadia did Actually put some filters over this and Said first she said she felt that it was Nothing and then she realized that I had Something so thank you for that i am now Putting this out there so here is what We have you know bear with me with this Please bear with me this this image is Here and a different light and what I’m Gonna do is I’m just going to show you This weird crater that pop right out of Me right Popcaan it just straight out I Was like this cut quite figure out What’s wrong with this crater when I was Looking at I was like what is something Weird about that this it’s almost like It’s something camouflage within the Crater and you’ll see what I mean now I Hope you do anyway um So just watch here You see that you see what’s going on and Underneath that crater that has Something hovering straight over it and

That’s not you I’ll leave the actual a Majig vm where originally got this from I’ll leave up in the description below But there is something odd about this Crater that really is but the original Form let’s just do something with the Brightness for you so you can see Without me get rid of the detail so much Hope you can see that we’ll go with that And if you look at this crater here you Can see detail on this but here so I did Originally think it’s just it it’s a bit Weird looking that bit so just an Imprint so you know what when you get Some play-doh our pasta see it I’ll blue Taco ever you put your finger in it that You put your finger right next to it you Got two little indentations I kind of Thought just two indentations on the Moon and it doesn’t make sense the the More I look at this image it it does not Make any sense whatsoever it’s it’s one Of the things that’s just messing red And this is got a real flair to it we’re As a normal crater you Scott glad yeah But you can still see the actual detail Of the crater itself in this image this Something this this is it’s almost like This is falling apart late by the way Did Paula wait astronauts flew straight Over it and they were taking pictures And they may not have even noticed this But they didn’t notice it in the fight You know what let’s pilot image out they

Can’t say that but I don’t See why they do that I mean please leave In the comments if you think that yes This guy is absolutely crazy and he’s Seen things cuz I don’t do this channel Just you know I’m always the things I Know let’s make a channel I’ll do it or Shut do and I’ll do aliens and UFOs that Really believe in them but it’s just Bang it out there I actually do believe In this um and I think it’s crazy not to But that’s just me mmm there’s something So weird about this image I mean 1 i’m Gonna do i’m just gonna show you it when They’re just the contrast again on this And just remember it’s just do the Exposure sorry let’s just let me I need To show you do you see that you see what I’m talking about this thing is almost Like it’s it’s over the crater and I’m Not great with Photoshop enough and what Pretend to be um but Before I even felt shopping this image So I just cancel that I sorry there’s Something just about there if there Really is it’s it’s it’s bizarre I can’t Quite put my finger on I can’t put my Finger waste products it looks like a UFO let’s face it it looks like a UFO I Looks like a giant dome that’s above the Surface of the Moon and hidden within The crater which a lot YouTube’s have Put out that they have seen craters Their gleaming and I’m going to show you

A couple more images from the same file I got over Paula way and this one here You’ve got some sort of what could only Be described as then eh let me zoom Makes you don’t say that I feel a Smartphone or whatever periscope a child Periscope coming out of the moon’s Surface I mean there’s a lot of these Images that people put out there because I will tell you this in these NASA Images that they get like look at this Of the crater here that there is Absolutely nothing because you get that On these old film I don’t know what it Is the you can tell the difference if You really look and that’s not nice not By it’s something that’s on the moon’s Surface and that is popping up say hello It’s a proper most like a little Satellite dish or something I don’t know What it could be but I genuinely think There’s As things on the moon it’s probably made Me the reason why we’ve not been back Are the reason why and we are there Already we just not allow to know that With a hardon audience to that both These astronauts they saw things out There they saw things on the moon I’m Telling you they did and this next image Let me bring this out for you so this One I have put into Photoshop and just Brightened it and this is what i mean by All this fall’s that you get on these

Old cameras it’s everywhere and it’s not UFOs is just I mean you could pop out Then go oh look at that there is a UFO There this looks like a piece of glass It’s nothing it’s just the camera and I Don’t know the technical term behind it But don’t be fooled by that because some People will say that something something When it’s not but this here zoom out Again the same Apollo 8 film probably Looking at this die is crazy and i saw This i thought what is that popping up In the distance so i’ll zoom in and you Can see it’s like a at our just there You can see the base of it you can’t see Wherever’s in the middle if there is Anything the middle and then you’ve got That thing over the top of it I mean Whether it’s something coming down soul And whether it is a towel going up and It’s just got the edge at the bottom Sticks out more than whatsoever in the Middle and then the top but I can see That But the main thing I mean these could be Anything but the main thing that what Its focus on was this because this image To me is it’s one of them that I think It’s a bit of a beauty because I can’t Work it out I can’t work this image out And so many of you will be out there Thinking what easy locking it but I’ve Got a knife for it I have got an eye for This and a lot of people out there do as

Well see lots of really really look I if You’re interested in this type of thing Highly recommend the link that I give You for this image you download the Little file and there’s loads of NASA Images in there as well you download This one of the filth or full film and You fiddle about this image contrast Wherever located different angles and Ask yourself is that two craters or is That something disguised within the Crater I’m all this 51 please subscribe To my channel and I’m dedicate putting What I believe is normal is out there That I mean I believe in this I do it’s Not nothing fake I just want to know What’s going on just like everybody else Does and this could be nothing but if It’s nothing it’s right one of them much Guy pitches because he’s messing with my Head the cat quite work out I kind of do That much guy pitches Don’t know many people who come but yeah Check this one out for yourself and you Can also follow me on twit if you like Same thing all this 51 don’t think I Want to change it they’re like Elvis Briggs all this suppose it cuz they call Me away anyway goodnight god bless