By | May 7, 2016

Any folks obviously 51 here and today I’m doing a video on the iconic face on Mars now I know everybody’s done that or Every seen it but I saw this at the First time when I was 11 years old and It was originally taken this picture by The Viking orbiter in 1976 and the image See seen here on google Mars is from 2001 and things seem to have changed Quite a lot now there’s a few reasons Why I could be one this is a really old Image and it just happened to make it Look perfectly like an alien’s face to NASA’s blown it up because they don’t Want you to look at it anymore are they For some other reasons they’ve taken it Out of three don’t have a three don’t Have a free no I dark for it so yeah It’s been blown up or it’s Sam if I Sound louder I’ve got Mike a decent one So channel on the phone sounds better on The tablet on a PC sounded all right Before but audio on anything mobiles Just rubbish try to apologize about that And anyway moving back onto Mars and the Head so if you look at this image here And it’s not great quality and dunno Lover I can’t get any better you can I Don’t want to because I don’t want to i Could really sharp and this up and do Our sauce with it and then it’s just you Know what’s on the image you’ve got lips There you’ve got a nose with big eye Socket you can kind of tell there was an

Eye socket there but with this one You’ve not really got much of anything It’s just miss an amazing image it’s Just Should the mountain isn’t it in this Kind of shape of a strange head they say The spins head on Mars but I mean if the Sphinx head doesn’t really look like That um I don’t know what I saw might Know what this is but I was guessing That all these dots here were rocks now Where are all these dots here so that There’s big rock there where is that Where are all these where are these Round here they’re not there where all These rocks so I mean have they done Something to it I don’t know anyway the Reason why I kind of think there is Heads out there on Mars that are real um This one I don’t know I hope it is a Head because I believed it for a very Very long time until that I saw that I’m Eating I’m like mayor the images just Been enhanced and he just happened to Like add but is that what NASA want us To think that though there’s no head on Mars why have they got free Rovers on Mars if there’s nothing there any bit of You ever fought that leave what why are We bothering sending loads of Rovers to Mars to look round father will find out If it’s got water what we’re going to do It nothing will just we’ll just find out We just want to know and I suppose it is

Livable later on but I think we’ll I Think at some point that was a silly Civilization there if you’ve watched my Previous videos you will have seen this Little image here from spirit 705 and Here’s it zoomed in I’ll zoom it a bit More for you that’s ahead that is one Hundred percent ahead if you solve up in A gift shop from the side you’d go There’s a big tribal head over there This one here this is not my phone this Is will from what’s up in the sky 37 and It’s a great find I have altered the Color a bit and just enhance the image But you can see here there is it Hulk Hogan mustache knows he looks a bit like Hulk Hogan and some sort of helmet on Here it goes back I hope you can see That as if night you know you need to Think a little bit and looking to these Images a notice because I do what I’ve Did out and think about at all see but That sounded loud and funny knee um and Then I found this image which and we Bring wheels up here because they’re Quite similar so my image but just get Rid of me for a minute so that they’re See this going back here he got like That the crown a half shaft from this a Little bit I will be honest with you um But it is it is a little bit so this bit Here it nava us just happened in there The blemish of the rock I think it has Any way but the image did look like this

All along you’ve kind of got something Around here you’ve got and that bit There it almost looks like a dragon it’s Probably nothing it really is probably Nothing but we find these things this is What we do and you know he can you can Dish it all you like if it’s not your Thing but it if you look out there there Is things to find and I seriously Recommend you don’t see it’s quite fun It’s quite fun doing it but I mean this Let me look at it ice pass ahead as Ahead guys I’ve done that video before But yeah you may have not a flaw got Many subscribers you’ve may not have Seen I meant lost a subscriber from showing It again I’m sorry please don’t go and i Will show you something i have found a Head on the moon and which is probably Nothing again but it’s just fun so i’m Going to show you it and somebody and Then go nASA has found a head on the Moon which isn’t Witcher they’re trying To be secret about it I found it first Remember that so it’s Apollo 11 and if You remember those strange masks that People wear know when they go to them Parties and they go totally naked but They were just this strange evil-looking Musk it kind of looks like that so You’ve got I socket there knows they’re Really evil cynical mouth like a loss Like Joker it just looks out on the

Masks but it’s it’s obviously just the Rock it just happens to look like that i Just thought i’d show you that but yeah If you come and follow my channel Subscribe and if you want to like the Videos that looks great and i have a Twitter obvious 51 and I just sometimes I’m just going to put stuff out there For the laugh and sometimes you know What I’m going to find stuff that is Really genuine i do believe now this one Up here is still there anything give any Information about my any better images I Mean great but I’m going to keep looking I’m going to keep searching and i’ll Leave the link for what’s up in the sky 37 channel you check out wills channel If you like this type of thing you’ll Love his channel it’s brilliant shall I Kind of inspired me to do what I’m doing Today but yeah goodnight god bless and Then Have a great evening and watch out for Them sonic booms that’s been happening Over here recently so I’ll say