Sonic Boom Part 2

By | May 5, 2016
Sonic Boom Part 2

Good evening folks all these 51 here Just a quick follow-up only it may not Be quick you’ll know you’ll see what Time is grab us there with me to the Sonic booms lie heard while watching Game of Thrones so on Monday the second Of May 2016 and air france flight AF 1558 and passenger plane there the info About that did lose and communication And it was unresponsive and so I believe It looks like on the map it laughter Here start to rear off going across it Konings bread where the two time for Himself set up front and the leads areas Here I think Polly front I swear Licorice is from if you don’t never Heard of it but I’m sure you may have Heard of licorice the pontefract cake Very nice tasting it sweet um via any Well thought the sweet um but yeah these Sonic booms which if you’ve not heard One I’ll recommend you get out there and You’ll find a sonic boom of some kind Because it sounds amazing and eight add Lace like a rhinoceros is far too Something this it’s not smelly and Released loud I’ve never heard a rhino Far in almost if I imagined it to be Allowed because the big animals and yeah Anyway off subject so the air france was Told ron barber leads that come online She going the wrong way you need to in To turn turn around and get back on Course so where they then read off here

And came round and london nice and safe In newcastle now a sonic boom in England It’s actually illegal to break the sound Barrier and in certain areas without Permission so they have permission so This move custom in a series issue I Don’t know if is anything out that They’re not telling us at all if this Some sort of the troops being kind of Like covering up you know aliens and all That but a few statistics statistics I Say just itís about the speed of sound So it’s 700 768 miles per hour now I Know that these jess was going roughly Double your backs I’ve heard this and Look about 15 claims for damages Including six broken and cracked windows All this is between 2009 2014 our Father Avena what higher in England because There’s a lot of people that like to Claim for things that is not necessarily You know where there’s a blend is a Claim so something’s gone off in the Life and the thing you know what I Really want to get that double glazing Custom neighbors at the noisy the real Noisy buggers and so what people might Do in England is they’ll hear a sonic Boom I say you know what would Sir ship This crap that window will blame it on The boom and then we’ll make a claim I Bet that’s happened i’ll bet you a lot Baby in fact if you watch this video About give me the idea to get the claim

Oh make me China it’s cracked but um Yeah sonic booms interesting that these Aircrafts can just get an amazing now You’ve got the Euro fire and most Powerful aircraft going I’m pretty sure This aircrafts out there a lot more Powerful speaking of aircrafts so my Channel is all about sir If you haven’t guessed it with the Mexican government Mayan artifact that They found why is that bad boy up there That I know we’re going off track every We’re not we’re not this is all I’ll do Something bill because they have been Recorded on a string and here yeah is That or is not la 80-some waving with Some aliens here here planet here when You look at other things so we have a Plane to a long time this is a Mayan Artifact bringing water pay for you I Don’t know what I don’t know were you Thinking they’ll all I really crap lanes But the National History Channel model Them perfectly to scale and they flew How do you explain that how do you Explain that howl explain this in Egypt Thousands of years old all these planes Thousands and thousands years old look About it looks a bit like this typhoon Is a helicopter I’m pretty sure that’s a Helicopter that sir a Hobica and that’s Does that what I got to it does look Like up to me madness absolute madness I’m telling you now somebody’s gonna let

The cat out of the bag don’t put casting Bags let’s crawl um but yeah and I am Always 51 and my channel doesn’t take Itself too seriously however wipe out That I do believe in and I’m not saying That the incident happened on monday is Anything to do with aliens It could be I’m just saying have an open Mind about us apply lace you know one of My friends really believe in it i think I’ve got to do the rest of them just Take the mick and if you’re watching This probably off in taking the mick and But the proof is in the pudding so to Speak when you’ve got evidence thousands Of thousands years old and technologies Just going through the roof now sonic Booms and what’s next what’s next and we Launching or none of things into space So Stephen Hawking’s just signed up with This Russian guy given in billions the making these nano and I don’t know Aircraft things as a basketball top and To send out of a punish to look and they Can travel on a then a light sail so They control it I think it’s a quarter The speed of light skin ridiculous and I’m telling you this this technology That we have we I think we’ve had that Farm barn all the time so sonic booms Yes they are fantastic and I’m pretty Sure we’re gonna be super super sonic Boom mmm this is crazy the world we live In at the moment and I think if et here

Looks down those and thinks we’re all a Bit silly because it got all this Technology and all we’re doing is Killing each other and Prime in each Other and making fun of people doing Silly youtube videos yes so I’m a little Bit crazy into I think personally we Should put this technology it’s the gray Good go out there into the universal For other civilizations that don’t know What they’re doing with themselves may Be destroying themselves cycles and but Yeah anyway and I’m mumbling on because Again I am tired and supposed to be like A frog lab under with wings come to Think of it maybe it was a flying frog Maybe we’ve modeled our airplanes on Flying frogs that’s worth thinking about But yeah enjoy the rest EV yeah evening And please like and subscribe I Marvis 51 signing off goodnight god bless get Some elektrische down you