Moon Base (Found by WhatsUpInTheSky37 Originally Sorry Will)

By | May 4, 2016
Moon Base (Found by WhatsUpInTheSky37 Originally Sorry Will)

Folks all this 51 here o our fine Evening is I watched a video the other Night and I thought you know what I’m Gonna have to put out sucked on some Apollo stuff recently did Apollo 15 Images this channel secure t10 have Recently lost a lot of interest in the Channel because I believe there’s a lot Of stuff that this pink on there is fake And it’s been photoshopped in not Brilliantly ever when you do look in Depth a lot of channels are starting to Pull our channel down I mean I’m not bow About you know if the guy wants to do That you know who dynamo you know he Can’t really walk on the ceiling and you Know call mushrooms always I socket so Every does and bottom you don’t you Don’t complain a magician that pulls a Bunny rabbit from his sleep when it’s Obviously under his armpit poor little Thing it’s magic in it so as always if This guy’s point stuff on his channel That is not real it’s an entertainer I See that fair enough something he wants To do that but he does put some good Stuff on them this is one of them so I Want this the video watch dark quickly Just show you this one here no denying Alien base complex on the moon amor okay I wash it a this is gonna be just Another silly video it’s not a great Video and he leaves the links there wish I don’t leave the lens I’ll leave the

Links to this videos you can watch Yourself he isn’t saying I given that Though this is facts because you can get This on google earth if you flip to the Moon you can get this image but I’ll Leave the links just to get this direct There is without a shadow of the doubt The don’t What looks like a alien base Oh human Base here now the malevolent square State there um but yeah if I get you an Image that I’ve zoomed in on this Because that’s as far as NASA Wally zoom In on this structure you’ll see that There is some sort of those looks like a Pig pen or something or maybe toiler a Lunar Tyler aluna Lou and yeah you got My easel toy dolls here here here it’s Going you don’t really get that sort of Straight angles the air where there’s no Life are no intelligence and this could Possibly be something I mean probably Isn’t mean my beer a bike shelter or Something like that to keep the lunar Bikes underneath them this is some sort Of I don’t know big thighs not sure sure Somebody will be able to get a scale on This thing on this up borealis it’s Quite interesting I mean when you go to Google known in general are squares gone Away um I didn’t realize you can Actually get light from the mopping I Mean this is this is great i highly Recommend you go check this out because

When you see it in the flesh and on Youtube video it is more believable You’re lucky it just looks out of place Compared to anything you’re gonna see Out there and the next one I’m gonna Show you is this one here I did say Don’t believe in magic but What about little bad boy I mean that I’ve done it a natural zoomed in version Of this here and it’s got little kind of Holes there we’re all like electrics Coming out of electric I’m Anthony Thoughts something that the camera would Generate but highly doubt i mean of us Proper scoured over this image found all The things is something else here can Just as Owen they done or what lies Probably nothing but this is all of the Same image and let me just get rid of These will go back to this here because There’s quite a few it’s another big Like electric bolt here and I mean these Here will tell you these these little What look like there’s a string that’s Solving that the actual camera does and Because I’ve seen that before on google Mon unless there is loads of space Snakes shiny Space snakes are down lock And but yeah this is quite whether it’s Gone disappeared magic magic um it’s Just bizarre I mean he may face Something that a film can do in space Off whenever I mean this is some Photographers out there that can tell me

What this is then please go ahead if It’s just a scientific thing great There’s no big China I treat UFOs on the Moon nothing to worry about that and but I think it’s just bizarre but going back To this Or do you reckon is that bass is that a Little alien farm it sounds like an Untried game that lit alien from it’ll Make a nickel armani other one drag Games but you’re in way please like and Subscribe because I’m dedicated to gain The true for these videos out and yeah I’ll go back to security in 10 and there Is a lot of videos that i do question I’m not going to select them off because I have to say the channel is quite Entertaining even when i look at the Stuff that I think you’ve read that may Or you got made to make it some of the Telephone calls it’s got the same voice That’s been distorted um but I have to Say I have to credit where credit’s due There are some little gems amongst the Rubble and so yeah um well I’m about me Skiing the truth out there I don’t know What our trophies hope one day we may Find out but that’s the illusion isn’t It anyway I’ve got some I’ve got some Other good stuff coming up um but in the Meantime search search for stuff Yourself send me send me on Twitter all This 51 on Twitter I can’t go on about In a facebook childbirth me I do

Facebook take some of people’s lives and In that the soul is YouTube anyway Goodnight god bless and their mind the Bugs don’t bite You