Sonic Boom

By | May 2, 2016
Sonic Boom

Good evening folks this is not am Obviously 51 year by the way but this is Not a you know you fo are a Martian our Moon anomalies video this is something Close to home so the RAF base comes be Have cen scrambled to Typhoon Jets I Could hear two sonic booms one of which I heard first and I fought the wife had Fallen out of bed so I ran upstairs see If she was all right she’s like what Stop and I looked outside that window All the neighbors are looking out then We hit the other one closely afterwards Two massive bones I mean look at this Guy still it’s still still shaking Sorry about the yeah I was watching Game Of Thrones and it just kind of put me Off me Game of Thrones was enjoying it And then BAM I’m like what is that I Mean at this time and I I make such Around I mean what could possibly be Going on that’s like an emergency that Where they’ve had to scramble these Jess Even though are they you know they need To get over the tea but yeah they flew From the area of base here I’ll leave in The lead area polyfit over here and I’ve Got friends heard in Doncaster Dewsbury Naughty Emily with Castleford leads Google really really loud bang to sonic Booms sonic boom Street fire that’s what I was yeah Why we’ll probably find out tomorrow and This is what we’ve got so far this

Article here just saying they got they Typhoon fighter jets create something Them across the region it’s not much More to go on than that we don’t know The full report why maybe they were Chasing ET I don’t know but yeah just a Bit page when I went downstairs and in Fact found that Jon Snow he’s taking a Breath I’m really sorry that spotted for Anybody but we all need will come in Winter’s coming Miss nitrous others come in but Jon Snow Anyway puffs Jon Snow my wife pharmacies Jon Snow much better looking That’s why I grew a beard shaved off I Might say fell off from the boom he Didn’t anyway I’m tired I just wanted to Get this video out probably tell I’m Tired so I’m gonna bet and I hope not to Be woken up by any of those bits that Have been asleep I think I cried I think Of just like talked about a bed amid all Of the emotional money I don’t cry no But it’s the first time loud noises Muscle my son did not wake up a guy can Sleep through anything just not right A sneeze always great soreness things Anyway good night god bless I’ve got Some great videos coming up moon Anomalies Mars UFOs you name it the Stuff on area 51 and some Angus off so I Can subscribe please especially Friends watching this you don’t want to Read you I did

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