UFOs in Surrey 1967

By | March 21, 2015
UFOs in Surrey 1967

And the mystery of the english sky Unidentified flying objects Loch ness monsters or should we take Them seriously as apparently a lot of People do Andrew mannequin reports Last week two police officers witnessed The strange aerobatics Of a glowing object over the new forest The ministry of defense and the ufo Clubs are bombarded with citing reports From all over britain Yet no one really knows what they are The vast majority are explained away But a worrying 4 remain unidentified and Unexplained astronomers and scientists Have seen them Reliable military sources have tracked Them from aircraft and on radar Ufos are multiformed they come in Squares ovals and mushrooms Skywatchers are getting organized with Watch-ins they've developed their own Special techniques With all this extraterrestrial Communications are no longer telepathic Radio stations all linked to a central Data controlled in london Radio siting reports their objective is To collect information International campus i'm just trying to Set it up now And we use it to detect the altitude and Bearing of

Ufos or flying sources now we're here in Guildford on purely downs And we know exactly our position where I'm setting it up now and the idea of This Is if we spot the ufo we focus onto it We get its height we get its bearing and We flush a signal To our position which is exactly half a Mile away up there And they do the same they get a bearing And a point Fixed point on to it and therefore we'd Be able to work out Exactly its height its speed its Altitude And possibly conceivably also its size And valley how did you come to believe In flying saucers Well i work as long now but i'm aircraft Engineer and i'm not sure that keeping Interesting things will happen in the Air And have too many reports too many good Reliable convincing reports of Strange phenomena appearing in our skies And i've actually done a lot of sky Watching myself last few years and i've Seen Three inexplicable objects people call Them flying sources ufos But they're definitely inexplicable They're nothing common No but they're definitely no balloons or

Any known aerial Objects that we can definitely pinpoint And identify The sky watchers are a motley group they Come in droves armed for their all-night Vigil with blankets Thermoses and deck chairs since 1959 British sky watchers have filed over 3 000 reports Of which 400 were evaluated as genuine Sky watching is academic colorado now Has a quarter million dollar budget to Investigate 20 specially chosen cases The body of evidence grows Eight vintage years since the turn of The century when ufo activities have Reached a peak vpq g3 vpq g3 wkt Portable guildford calling uh calling For a report please calling for a report Will you go ahead please either will you Go ahead with your report please go Ahead Go ahead Colin mccarthy an australian electronic Specialist First investigated eufers when tracking Rockets in australia He's sent rationality to a subject Fraught with crankery and mystics When an object is sighted mccarthy Reports it to control Or receives news of other ufo activities Administration i've now come to the Conclusion these objects do in fact

Exist Because i did see a file of papers that You couldn't jump over literally And all these reports all these papers Consist of reports for the last 10 15 Genuine reports too reports that have Been in fact evaluated To what extent has um scientific fact Being clouded by the occult and Certain mysticism which seems to Surround flying sources This is a very unfortunate point i'm Afraid um for years now The prince we tell them uh people who Claim contacts with martians and Delusions and spaceships have landed in Their backyard Have come onto the scene or onto the Bandwagon Use that term and it has definitely Clouded scientific research because the Average Member of the public now uh is uh i did Against flying sources for the simple Reason they Had reports of these people Ufo detectors are made to register Magnetic flux Mccarthy developed a commercial ufo Detector it's cost Six times two and six so far it's buzzed Five times on one occasion he claims Because a ufo overflow his home Do your friends think you're completely

Mad coming up on a wednesday night They do yes what would they be doing at The moment where i'd rather be other The pictures or i've been What about these friends of yours have You been able to convert them at all too No not really now I'm here basically to in the hope of uh Seeing an unidentified flying object um But another reason is perhaps to Familiarize myself with the Um various star constellations Uh and other phenomena that one Frequently does see in the sky have you Ever been applying property before I have not myself Uh well i would hope that the research Groups up here would be uh Sufficiently more brief to take Pictorial and sound records what would You agree with Would you need an image Yes we are we're trying to prove that Ufos unidentified flying objects exist But these objects are spacecraft from Other worlds Thank you tell me i think you saw a fine Thoughtful other day didn't you Yes well i saw one on the 2nd of june With my friend joey We was over the trees a little camping Site And uh it was about one o'clock am in The morning

On i think it was saturday night And uh we woke up by this Uh Was it traveling fast well how about me When you say medium how fast as fast as A plane no Um As fast as a train didn't go so fast That Although sky watching has the obvious Amateurism of village cricket Its sincerity is beyond doubt the sky Watchers faith is unshakable It's a faith based on a fraction of Inexplicable fact Now in the height of the sky watching Season they're set at four points of the Compass Gazing hopefully for precious proof that Fiction has at last become science If they find this proof colin mccarthy For one will not be surprised Colin suppose that ufos are proven that Accepted Where will it all lead well where it all Leads Is a matter of conjecture but i feel That at this moment We are in fact being watched from space From An extraterrestrial civilization and it Seems at the moment that they have no Desire to contact us Perhaps we're merely a psychological

Experiment I think we are very adolescent with our Wars and our internal strife And perhaps they're merely interested in Watching us uh To see the reactions of a planet that's Uh on the verge of either Destroying itself or growing up um it's A it's a mute point here but i think That uh well i know now from my own Research is that ufos exist As to where they come from i don't know I have a feeling that that perhaps they Are Extraterrestrial should say extra Stellar they come from other solar Systems Because i think that uh the solar system May not be capable of supporting life As we know it um and i think they have Conquered this uh as apparent uh Speed of light uh barrier and possibly Are arriving from from Distances which we can't grasp at the Moment but i think they are here for a Purpose and that purpose Is merely to watch us And we'll have them on as soon as they Arrive Until next week they've talked about Good Robert cootie present at the skywatch Gives this account of it in a local Paper

When i arrived on the downs the group Was already busy There were many people sitting in chairs And the mobile hq radio was buzzing with Reports of ufos At this time the reports were of a cigar Ufo seen over essex A team from bbc's panorama was filming The event The sky was cloudy at first then clear After a while Very little happened until darkness fell Several aircraft flew overhead and Served to demonstrate how they could Easily be mistaken at a distance The four person two hours on watch System didn't seem to be used And several watchers stayed up all night Notably mr o Fowler and mr r i shall be eternally Grateful for an early Morning coffee served to a very frozen Me Just before midnight there was a cry of Cigar over the moon Across the face of the moon was a thin Line that seemed to sink And tilted slightly before disappearing Below the moon When first sighted it had been about Three quarters of the diameter to the Moon Of the moon and central to it so that it Terminated at both ends

It couldn't have been a cable of any Sort because there were no cables in That direction It could have been a freak vapor trail But a vapor trail would probably have Spread And the line was so thin and of uniform Thickness Later on an object that flickered very Fast passed overhead But was said to be a decaying satellite None of the three ufo detectors Made a cheap about 2 30 sunday morning A cloud crept onto the downs this Obscured the sky from then onwards There had been one other ufo during the Sky watch a strange light that appeared Twice It was also seen by jimmy goddard who Had gone to watch at the hog's back The summer of 1967 was in the centre of A europe-wide ufo flap Many sightings being made in surrey Among them were sisters catherine and Susan Giles of potter's lane send they were Taking a neighbor's dog for a walk When said catherine recited what can Only be described as an unidentified Flying object It appeared over the brow of the field Between send hill and cricket hill At 9 35 pm it appeared as two bright Lights close together

At about 100 to 150 feet above the field And moved towards us at the bottom of Cricket hill It was like this for two or three Minutes then the lights dimmed to Pinpricks of Light and disappeared we differ on the Next point I believe that i saw a fat cigar-shaped Object My sister thinks it was round there was A slight hum As the unlit object moved away and Seemed to disappear into the clouds And we no longer heard any sound the Lights appeared from the north and Turned east Mysterious lights were also seen at the Same time sunday evening By news and mail chief reporter tony Miller But from a spot about seven miles from Send He saw the lights from the red road hill At bagshot heath He said i was driving down the hill and Noticed the lights Above distant trees there were two Lights side by side They were very bright and appeared from The short time that i saw them to be Stationary I lost sight of them behind hills after About 10 seconds

It was difficult to estimate the Distance that the lights were away Although they were certainly in the Direction of send and that's Approximately east Many people must have seen the lights They were so obvious A few days after the sky watch i had a Letter from a squadron leader dennis Shipwright Telling me of an unusual close to the Ground sighting he had made at newlands Corner guildford On the tuesday following the watch he Saw what at first he thought was a white Horse galloping in a field He was actually looking down on it into A field below newland's corner hill It seemed to be a white and egg-shaped Moving up and down the field quickly Then it changed direction and moved Slowly across it and over a hedge A few days afterwards my father and i And dennis shipwright Went to the field and found a large Reddish stone And several smaller ones where the Object had been moving fast The large stone had what seemed to be a Triangular design In the top of it In 1965 an atlas rocket sent the mariner 4 probe on a 325 Million mile 7 month journey to mars

What came back were the first close-up Views of a planet other than our own Two years before the albury sighting on July the 14th 1965 The space probe mariner 4 took the first Close-up pictures of mars The best of these showed an area called Atlantis between mares serenium and Maori Sumerian i noticed a number of bright Spots on the picture And tried aligning them with natural Features I was interested to find that the Alignments although of only three points Each Formed an isosceles triangle with a Perpendicular A pattern noted frequently in lays on Earth When the albury sighting occurred i was Even more interested to see the Similarity between the markings on it And the features of the mariner 4 Photograph the triangle is of about The same proportions and there is even a Depression at the apex where the Craterlet center is on the picture The stone is also a somewhat mars-like Colour One of the smaller stones originally in The same colour Was left out in the weather by dennis Shipwright and it was noticed that it

Discolored very quickly This seems to show that the stones Couldn't have been in the field very Long You