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There is only world peace where there is Power to preserve order among nations And the retaliatory power of the Strategic air command of the united States air force is the greatest Deterrent and general war there is in The world today Its nuclear-armed bombers and missiles Stand ready to counter-attack any Aggressor unwise enough to start a General war among the nations of our World It's about half past midnight on the First day of 2008 when a string of nine Lights heading from east to west are Spotted over san diego There's a big commotion over in the Corner We could tell something really exciting Was going on matt coyle was among a Group of college friends at a new year's Party in west clermont i looked up at What they were looking at and i right Then and there i knew it was a Once in a lifetime thing so i had the Camera on me and i started to record They all moved uniformly in a uniform Speed They moved in an arc they didn't move in A straight line like i said we live with A couple guys who are astrophysics Majors and uh They're sitting there you know running Through the list of possible things and

We ran out of things before we could Identify what it was similar accounts Have been coming to fox 6 via email Quote they were very bright almost in Amber color they were not jets Helicopters or fireworks there was no Sound that we could hear or blinking as On an airplane they were neither Airplanes nor fireworks those are the Anti-nuclear missile missiles they were Just much too bright And moving much too fast and then Disappearing over the horiz like into The distance not even disappearing say Over the mountain or over the horizon Just disappearing into the distance It was It was a little bizarre spooky a little Bit yeah a little bit a little bit On july 29 1952 at the pentagon a press Conference was held This is the actual official transcript Of that conference Among those participating were major General roger m raymie director of Operations usam Colonel donald l bauer technical Analysis division air technical Intelligence center And captain edward j rupelt aerial Phenomenon branch air technical Intelligence center This is major general john a samford Director of intelligence united states

Air force who conducted the conference Why was the conference held It all began with an incident which Occurred in 1947. On the afternoon of june 24th of that Year kenneth arnold made the first Report on flying saucers On this day arnold took off from jihalis Washington and flew toward the rainier Plateau at an elevation between nine and Ten thousand feet Over mineral washington he observed a Formation of very bright objects to the North he radioed ahead that they Appeared to be close to the mountaintops And traveling at tremendous speed When arnold came in for a landing at Pendleton airport personnel and the Local press were waiting for him Arnold counted nine objects in echelon Formation He observed that they had no tails and Described them as saucer-shaped objects The story was picked up by the wire Services He saw what In the next 24 hours virtually every Newspaper in the country ran the story Moved into The rest of the country particularly in April of 1897 and you would get any Number of descriptions uh one Illustration from minnesota shows Something that looks like

An aerial country ham with lights Then there's another one from texas that Looks like a swallowtail football with Bat wings But there were several thousand reports Made during uh 1896 and 1897 from all Over the country of this strange object And the newspapers over the next two Months uh gave all sorts of Illustrations of what this supposed uh Secret invention I have some drawings that Are over 400 years old recent discovery Of documents over 400 years old have Many skeptics re-examining their Position on these ancient witnesses of The ufo the 16th century Whoever did these drawings Apparently saw something There were sightings in the 16th century As well and these were usually ascribed To religious portions signs from god In august of 1566 in basil switzerland These large black globes floated in the Sky And in april 1561 these objects appeared over Nuremberg When we enter into the 16th and 17th Centuries we enter into a golden age of Ufo-type sightings john calvin said that A miracle happened every day In one case from 1600 you can see A depiction of what they thought burning

Beams in the sky looked like probably Much more artificial looking in the Illustration than they really were to Observe but they were the kind of thing That people became quite excited about In those days People have seen some kind of strange Objects in the sky for as long as we Have any any Human records We can look back to roman historians Like libby who would report that An object like a flying shield came Passing through the sky Is this a description 2 000 years old of The same ufo seen in our century There are descriptions of ufos In documents even older than the romans Do you have anything even older If you wanted to prior to the 16th Century most written records concerned Religious problems and here the texts Abound with rich descriptions of Visitors from the skies The hindu epic poem the mahabharata Tells the events that happened about 1200 bc One of the heroes of the poem is Described as going up into heaven this Way On a gigantic beam of light which shone Like the sun and whose noise was like The thunder of a thunderstorm a liftoff Whoever wrote this witnessed some kind

Of a ship blasting off Over 3 000 years ago Well it's just a poem You don't Think that men from outer space would Have left more than a few drawings or a Few pumps Many ufo researchers believe that Exactly this kind of evidence can be Found on the plains of nazca in southern Peru These lines are probably 2 000 years old But the resemblance to a modern airport Is quite striking In some cases um The nazca lines for instance They're described as being runways But they're simply Long straight lines gouged in the desert And there's no way any kind of an Airplane could land on them and survive If alien spacecraft Then in use are like the ones they're Using now They would not have needed runways Perhaps these are some kind of Navigational markings Because they're visible only from the Air If so What were the interplanetary travelers Bringing to earth or what were they Taking away I believe that there is substantial

Evidence that we were visited in ancient Times By beings who wanted to help us to Advance and progress In istanbul for example there is a Strange map Which had been made by the 16th century Turkish cartographer piri reyes And you say the piri remap Was made in 1513 if it has been dated Accurately this map was made in 1513 Only 21 years after columbus reached the Americas quite a complete map for that Time they show that antarctica is a Continent In fact we didn't learn until the 19th Century i mean look this map shows Mountains and this map even shows Mountains there that were not discovered Until the 20th century If you have doubts that some culture far In advance of ours has been helping us Along you should look at some of the Cultures of mexico and central america You'll see for example a pyramid in Yucatan called el castillo the castle Twice a year exactly on the spring and Autumn solstice the sun aligns across Those steps in such a ways to cast an Eerie shadow The image of a giant snake crawling down The pyramid The snake represents kukulkan the mayan God who supposedly created all life on

Earth The local legend has it that kukulkan Himself ordered the pyramid that chichen Itza built in this way the mayan pyramid Works as a calendar it predicts Exactly 365 and one-quarter days For people who had no other calendar This signal of planning and harvesting Season meant life and death i believe They had somebody to help them figure This all out If this remarkable structure were a gift From the gods as their legend has it Then these super beings were indeed Deeply concerned with the local culture It would seem they wanted these people To thrive and survive We have to consider this around 600 a.d They abandoned their cities crops and Everything and moved north There was no war plague or famine they Simply moved as though someone had told Them to move We have to take into account the stories Told by so many of the native cultures Of how their races were visited by Beings who came down from the sky to Visit and help them Is that it That's it Still here take for example this carving In the mexican temple at planky it is Supposedly related to that culture Stories of how it came to be

Of how they survived all these years I'll have to admit Does look familiar the resemblance to a Modern space traveler is very striking But might this not also be mere Coincidence If so then the mystery only grows deeper When we learn that many researchers Believe this sculpture represents Kukulkan who came down from the sky and Gave mankind many technological advances Including the calendar They knew of all the planets we know of Today Describe them in texts And even depicted them correctly by Location and size The astronomer copernicus is often said To be the first to prove that the Planets orbited around the sun and that Earth was one of those planets That was in 1543 But the sumerians said the same thing 5500 years earlier Even more amazing they described uranus And neptune as blue-green twins Modern science was unable to closely Observe these planets until 1986 With the fly by mission of the voyager Probe that found them to be blue-green Twins exactly as the sumerians had Described them thousands of years Earlier Was this

Does this explain why ancient depictions Of visitors from the sky Often resemble human beings Have we traced the first ufo and Discovered ourselves the modern ufo Belief system um In a way has become Part of Modern American society's creation myth Uh you have these all-powerful beings Um who are responsible for everything we Do not understand Um in a way they're Equivalent to zeus and hercules In greek and roman mythology So in a way we're they are just the Latest chapter In the great Human mythological story Headline edition july 8 1947 The army air force's has announced that A flying disc has been found and is now In the possession of the army army Officers say the missile found sometime Last week has been inspected at roswell New mexico In an interview which appeared in the Washington dime sarah sanford spoke for The newsreel cameras Air force interest in this problem Has been due to our feeling of an Obligation to Identify

And analyze to the best of our ability Anything in the air That may have the possibility of breath Or minutes to the united states In pursuit of this obligation since 1947 We have received and analyzed between One and two thousand reports That have come to us from all kinds of Sources Of this great massive reports we have Been able Adequately to explain The great bulk of them explain them to Our own satisfaction We've been able to explain them as Hoaxes as erroneously identified Friendly aircraft As meteorological or electronic Phenomena Or as light aberration However there have been a certain Percentage of this volume of reports That have been made by credible Observers Of relatively incredible things It is this group of observations That we now are attempting to resolve We have as a date come to only one firm Conclude With respect to this remaining Perpendicular And that is that He does not contain Any pattern of purpose

Or of consistency That we can relate with any to any Conceivable threat to the united states Can say that the recent sightings are in No way connected With any secret development by any Agency of the united states You