Robert Monroe (7 of 10) – Coast to Coast with Art Bell – 17 of July 1994

By | October 14, 2012
Robert Monroe (7 of 10) - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994

Somebody has been wandering around in 23 And not knowing what to do and be Welding for maybe 100 years right okay Well that leads me to this you discuss The concept of time being a physical Earthly phenomenon accepted as a Condition of entry I gather this that Lives times and events are happening Simultaneously this is a very confusing Concept it’s very very surprising how we Are locked into certain things that are Peculiar to time space and time is one Of the key ones and when you get up into These other states of being you got ever Realize that time is not you can you can Go backwards to go forwards and in your Own personal life and in other lives you Are locked into we think 1994 but it Isn’t oh but it is not so what do you Think of lucid dreaming as a springboard To having an OBE and also where the Dreams fit into the picture do they well Posed the real cool thing that getting More and more our theme and that is that Lucid dreaming is the equivalent we Found out over the years in that long Time ago Is the equivalent our focus 15 lucid Dreamers can evaporate the dream and There he is in and he didn’t the Equivalent of our focus 15 which is a Nice place to play in terms of no time Because you can then move that time Around in other areas how they do dream

Things the one thing that we’ve come we Are we called it a process of converting Unknowns into known are converting Beliefs into known that they are not Particularly important unless you can do So well one of the things is that what All right the important thing is that we Grown to know that What we are is far more than this one Single life and the we are totally in a Form of consciousness that is very local As a worker and these dreams that are Interpreted that are the means of our Total self attempting to get signals Down to this conscious self here and That’s why they sometimes they’re very Wild and sometimes they’re very funny And sometimes they’re just pure Information but that seems to be that The direction that we feel that Humankind has to go is to begin to get Past this discriminator circuit and That’s what we are doing and yet into That knowledge of that totality of what We are and that it’s being done we’re Not the only people do the head of Course mr. Monroe you’ve done very Important work it’s known Internationally I want to ask you a hard Question all right When your time comes and you pass what What will happen to the Monroe Institute And will the work continue to do that Much too many people involved in it yes

Not just here but as you said worldwide I can give you a number of illustrations But it is being set up so that it will It will have a support system to Continue well into the end of the 21st Century well that’s wonderful to hear And I know a lot of people have wondered About it if we could mr. Monroe very Quickly let’s try and begin to take a Couple of calls here on our toll-free Line you’re on the air with Robert Monroe mm-hmm hello hello yes sir where Are you calling from Yeah Washington okay do you have a Question we don’t have a lot of time Here for you I would like to know where Mr. Monroe First learned about this technology okay We’ve kind of covered that I would say But mr. Monroe a quick answer quick Answer well I learned about it I found About it the hard way the I I’m the Monkey that fell out of the trees you Want to put it that way and I had to Figure a way to get back up into the Tree So really through a personal experience It began some all by itself you set out On a quest to learn what was happening To you exactly out of necessity as a Matter of fact and I went one of the Most surprising things that hasn’t come Up has indeed come up in recent years That back in those early days I had an

Exquisite amount of help and even today I cannot assure anyone exactly where That came from one has to wonder mr. Monroe how many people worldwide are Going through exactly what you went Through perhaps without the support System that you luckily had nearby mr. Monroe we’re going to break here for the News at the top of the hour and come Back and open up the phone lines sounds Right okay very good Robert Monroe from The Monroe Institute a very unique Opportunity to talk with a researcher Who has been there We’ll be back On a Sunday evening particularly Appropriate I think this evening the Name of our program derived from its Physical adjacency to that area known as Dreamland but with the dual application In the interview of Robert Monroe who Doesn’t give that many interviews it is A great pleasure and we are going to get Phone lines open this hour and let you Ask quite a quite a few more questions In that in that hope let me go ahead and Take care of a little commercial Obligation right now and in just a Moment Robert Monroe once again Robert Monroe Mr. Monroe yeah yes sir again it sure is A pleasure to have you on here well it’s Fun for me because I can open up a lot Of things don’t have to be nearly so

Formal remember radio is my old business Oh it’s a wonder I love radio mr. Monroe Somebody just sent me a fax and they’re Asking about two things One in your travels have you do you have Any insight on two questions one is have You ever met with a being or met a being That is not human and I have oh yes you Have Yes and let’s put it this way it is Indeed limited but the thing that I Discovered not unreasonably is that we Are curiosity to other beings also they Have no particular desire to dominate it To something like that we are a nice Experimental not much more than that and The other is do you have any better Understanding because of all this of our Creator or a god I have a very much that One of the things that I had it all the Time and didn’t realize it that is that This this earth life system Is they I created process and any Creative process and I can as an Engineer go look as a leaf on a tree and See the design of it and what it aim to Do and that is that’s an as a transducer As it were and it can stand all sorts of Winds and everything else and when it’s Through for the year it drops off that’s Really a very scientific creative thing From my point of view but it is creative Yes and then in working on this further One of the things that was so utterly

Fascinating to me that there are Portions of this focused 27 beyond this Is beyond time and space belief its last Vestige of human active human thought But they’re there I was astounded to Discover that there is some kind of Energy field there that lets the human The human mind be a creator and and Create carbon life I was astounded to Discover that moreover one of my part of My contract I guess it was for the help That I have received is the idea that Going into going back and looking at the Source of this creative process and I Got as far as what is I called the Emitter and we were lack of making a Common term and the creator or creative Processes behind that and there is a Aperture through which one can go but Not until they’re complete as the people Waiting our people it’s not quite the Word the beings waiting to go through There Massive thing