Robert Monroe (5 of 10) – Coast to Coast with Art Bell – 17 of July 1994

By | October 14, 2012
Robert Monroe (5 of 10) - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994

Yes that’s ongoing research what we try To get them to do is to perform their Talent while bring math while being Recorded we would record a baseline Recording when they’re not performing Their particular art right and then make A recording while they’re performing Their art and if we can get five six Twelve pianist that can play the piano Just exquisitely and we noticed a Commonality between that pattern that Differs from the general population While they do that then we have Identified a specific state of Consciousness that would enhance being a Concert theme and you have documented This in some talent yes it’s hard to Collect data on all these things but There are some talents that we have been Able to identify and are you able to see A similar activity in a specific part of The brain with regard to a very talented Person or does it vary according to what The talent is both according to the Talent and according to the person this Is a brain each one of our brains is not Identical they’re anatomically different As we grow from infancy through Adulthood the fold increases and changes In our brain are all different Fortunately there are some common Patterns and it’s parroting out those Cause of common patterns over hundreds And hundreds of subjects that is our

Task wow that’s quite a task you’ve uh You’ve undertaken and I suppose when we Get to the practical applications we get Into the educational division is that Correct that’s correct All right I would like to ask that you Hold on just one moment we’ll come right Back to you and we are interviewing Actually a number of individuals from The Monroe Institute we’ll be right back All right and once again F Holmes Atwater who is a researcher for the Monroe Institute and are you there good I we’ve got a couple only a couple of Moments before the bottom of the hour But how much of your research now is Able to be translated into educational Help for people who who want to know More about this in other words how much Of what you have done has become Practical application yes that’s a Really good question Because we want to be practical used to People to do research and to do work in This areas and never develop any Practical application would just be Fruitless and we have developed a lot of Practical applications over the years That have proven now over three decades To be a benefit to people we have a Number of brochures and literature about The use of our techniques with Professional people denis lawyers Therapists educators who use the

Hemi-sync technique in their own Profession as well as individuals on Their own personal voyages through Consciousness to look into this Technique for themselves to see if this Works for them so in other words there Is help for there certainly help for Individuals is it in the area of well I’ll tell you what we’re at the bottom Of the hour let’s hold up just a moment Welcome right back to you and this of Course is dreamland on the CBC Radio Network journeys out of the body we’re Discussing them and what practical Implications knowledge of these things Might have for all of us we’ll be back Everybody welcome back I am our Belle Were interviewing Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute and company most Recently F Holmes Atwater who heads the Research division at the Monroe Institute and back now to the group Hello there Wow Isis still David would You like to talk to Robert again oh sure Go ahead and put him on thank you David All right yes sir I wanted to get our Place but very accurate We were very covert up until 1969 69 70 Simply for the reason that I was Operating very conventional businesses And I was very concerned when journeys Out of the body I agreed to it simply Because I thought oh this will affect my Stockholders and fraud at my company yes

Of course anything Lee enough they Didn’t read those kind of books really There was not a problem then not a Problem it was very interesting and but What so we were still very private as it Were in our work that we were doing up Until the mid-70s when Ellen I don’t Know you know about Ellen I do yes yeah Heard about our work and invited us to Conduct a workshop up at Big Sur and we Thought oh this will give us a whole Bunch of new subjects to test with a Material that we have so we agreed to it And we went up and did a workshop and They immediately invited us to go to San Francisco and do another one the next Weekend and then we had never thought of Doing anything like that so we Originally said oh we got to give this a Name so we called it the M 5000 program M 5000 a reason that if we had five Thousand different subjects that we Could test we would have a wonderful Base for data of course well it didn’t Work quite like that but what Happen was that we began to get calls From other people as a result of that About other programs doing this program Over in other ways in other places and I’ll turn you now over to Dave AVI and He’ll let you you’ll tell you exactly What happened all right all right Wonderful thanks Dave maulvi coming up He is he heads the educational portion

Of the Monroe Institute well not exactly But I am one of the trainers for the Educational programs at the Institute Fine David And now you take the the science and you You apply it how do you do that well That’s correct we have four basic Programs and well one is a basic Introductory program for people and then We have three graduate programs and we Used the hemi-sync technology to give People a set of mental tools there’s a Understandable conception perhaps a Misconception out there often times that The programs are about the out-of-body Experience that’s what mr. Monroe is so Well noted for however the programs are Much more detailed than that and much More about a personal exploration of one Self all right why might I come to you What trouble might I have or symptom Might I have that I might want to Explore or help with with with all of You okay Generally I wouldn’t say that people Come necessarily with problems or Symptoms but more of a curiosity a sense Of wanting to know more about themselves About their relationship to life and the Physical side of themselves and of Course many people have at least an Understanding or a glimmer of the Non-physical side of themselves so it’s The curious to come here to find out

More about who they are and what we like To do is give them the tools that then They could take out and apply not only In terms of exploration of consciousness But also in terms of day-to-day Practical tools that they could use to Enhance their memory to keep focused in A business meeting for example Or to tap into a greater problems with Part of themselves for creative Problem-solving so concentration Exercises yes to help people get into Specific brainwave states so that they Can then learn to I plant certain types Of tools or encoding that they can then Take out into their day-to-day life how Well does it work I it works very well and it that’s based Primarily on people’s subjective reports Mind you we do get a lot of feedback From participants to come to the program And we get letters and calls back of People who talk about how these tools Enhance their lives in all kinds of ways And sometimes ways that they might not Be prepared for well do people come to You for a weekend or a week or a month Or how does that work yes most of our Programs here in Virginia all of our Programs here in Virginia are five day To five and a half day residential Program where they come and they are Here immersed in the process we also do Weekend workshops we’ve just started

Doing this weekend workshops out at Various places around the country we’ve Done several in Chicago I had a couple Take place in California have one coming Up in August in California all right and If I might could I give our phone number For people who might be interested in Getting some more information about the Program of course help information yes Of course okay our phone number here at The area code eight zero for number Three six one one two five two