Robert Monroe (2 of 10) – Coast to Coast with Art Bell – 17 of July 1994

By | October 14, 2012
Robert Monroe (2 of 10) - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994

The most important thing was that I was So sure that that that that was a Beginning of a dyeing process and I was Terrified and you can’t imagine how Terror stricken one can be you’re Panic-stricken Because I every time I have to go into Doctor not finding it still any Interesting comment about it I had great trouble of letting myself Let that happen and let it and finding That if I released or just let go a Little bit when that took place I would Float out of my body and each time I Thought I was dying so anyway that went Back into more physical exams and I Finally got the courage to go to a Doctor a psychiatrist rent in New York Named Louis Oberg And he said well I he says I can tell You one thing he says I know that you I Know that you’re saying I know you too Well so don’t worry about any psychotic Things because you’re not that tight Well I said well what do I do I don’t know you can go into Takaya as Take the gayatri finder did you want Might take a little while but and I said Well I’ll think about it So anyway after about ten additional Episodes something like that I finally Realized that it’s floating out and Floating around the room was not going To kill me because I could think of a

Certain way and I get back in my Physical body until that moment so it Must have been absolutely terrifying it Was and and I could not I couldn’t get Being very much an engineering type I Couldn’t find any any common scientific Answers for it the only one was is it is The dualism psychosis and things like That No that was the big problem because I Couldn’t find an appropriate answer so After about the tenth time I finally Realized well this is not going to kill Me I’m not in the death process well That made something else come up Entirely worse that’s curiosity I’m sure it did yes what is it anyway so I began to experiment with it around the Room and so on then just I could I found I could only go a certain distance away From my physical body and we said if There were something holding me back and I finally answered that because I Realized what it was the other part of The life secrets it’s worth I the thing That was holding me so heavily was that I had this very strong sensual sexual Urge and I of course obviously tried to Wake my wife had no luck there and that That was binding you I was keeping me Close to my physical body because it was Related to a physical drive anyway I Used the old gene autry principle on That file and to overcome and my need to

Go beyond thirty feet from the body and You probably don’t know the gene autry Technique do you no sir I don’t know You’re too young Gene Autry had a a thing where in turn He did a lot of you know who I’m talking About Well of course yeah well he had a Formula that was very very effective for Pre-puberty children who came to see his Movies on Saturday afternoon and in a Movie house no TV the mega very short But the tie peak was that he in the Movie he would meet a girl and then he He would have it they’d fight with a bad Guy and he would overcome the bad guy And after he overcame Lemmy thought the Girl and the old key you’re so wonderful He’d look up with pursed lips at it and Dean would look down and All the audience learned this how who Can tell career but all the girls were Going and all the voices they’re all He’s on a kisser is he so what he did Learning that he had the formula to fit His his pictures that what he did he Says he said to the girl honey I love You and I’ll get to you later but first I want to sing you a song and he picked Up his guitar and started singing and They rode off into the sunset and Everybody was satisfied So my answer I’m finally getting down to That was there’s an easy answer

Fine I’ll say to the sexual drive of Mine I’ll get you later but first I want To do this oh it yes and sure enough it Worked So you know would you conquered it Psychologically and right and that Released you that’s right then what then Became a series of experiments and and I Took this research team that I had and Turned them loose and trying to find Information about this and we found that Quite quickly that there was what was Underground at the word remember talking Back back in the 50s 59 59 which was the Area for all the you’d find the trans People and all types of types of Mystical things and call it dreamland if You wander anyway after a long period of Time we found out the usual ones there And I had a meetings where they I was Right at the beginnings of Parapsychology and I went down and met With j-b Rhine for example I don’t know As you know the name or not no sir well He was the leading figure in Parapsychology in that era not about 1960 I guess 15 good night anyway to Make it short I met with him and he said On a Saturday at you Merci and he was very he says this very Very interesting but he says it’s not my Department and I said well what is your Department he says oh we we work with Cards and I and I I said Oh thinking

That I had a poker game the night before And he explained how they were you have Subject testing subjects for psychic Ability by having them read card before They’re turned over in this kind of Thing oh yes I’m familiar with that yeah Anyway so I left and as I was going out The door this research assistant dr. Ryan uh opening the door to get me out Mr. Lenoir that’s what he’s don’t worry About it that’s just what why if I do it – that was the first person I ever heard Who had ever done anything like it And then following up that you mind you Now the fear had faded away and was Trying to do something about it It was another question so I had another Friend a psychologist and they foster Redshaw and I finally got the courage to Talk to him about it and he says oh That’s nothing new I said well I’m glad To hear that Aces uh there’s a very easy way to Handle it not just what do you mean he Says this though you go over to India That’s it he live with a you know ashram With a girl for about some time and You’d okay you all get it all fixed up In your mind and I said well thinking About my business and my home and my Wife and two children and I said well How long would this take he says well That’s not important how long it takes Was how long do you think it’s take

These as well oh maybe ten to fifteen to Twenty years and I had by usual run Within my circle Brent what would you do And know I know he has wife we had two Grand pianos and that’s why Industrial psychologist New York Maintained things like that says what Would you do read he looked at me with Its lawfully all lofty silences it’s not My problem it’s yours Yeah nice answer how much Experimentation had you become to do With this in other words once you Realized it wasn’t going to kill you as You continue to have these experiences What did you try to do well I tried the Very simple things obviously at first And that is going through the walls and The house and out and around and Stretching outward and going upward Obviously in the being a pilot and their Planes that was anything you go up and Go and play in the cloud see because I No longer had appear by you gladly began To expand it and my main key in there in The early era was to get stuff I could Verify such as going to some person’s House and visit with them and try to Make me go make some kind of appearance Or get information and bring it back