Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 6

By | April 4, 2011
Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 6

Our great i/o DeLand Florida alright You're gonna have to real yell at us Okay that they're all much yes okay I Was wondering about the death of the dog Apparently it was from some kind of Contact with the alien yes it was right And that was through clothing well the Dog had grabbed his forearm and was Literally tearing into the flesh of its Forearm What I was almost as if he grabbed the Dog ripping it back and then it started To almost close well some kind of toxin Through the hand or something I do not Have a clue I was wondering if the touch With that toxic what what effect it Would have on you he touched it well Apparently it didn't do anything right Maybe because it was dead it wasn't Toxic anymore or something I don't know It also might have been a natural Defense mechanism of the suit didn't Necessarily have to be a toxin there's Many other things you're dealing with a Whole new type of technology that is far Beyond anything we know or understand at This time right so when you cut through The suit then wouldn't it have that same Effect okay that's all right thank you Very much for the call and take care East of the Rockies you're on the air With dr. Reed and Robert Ray fine hello Hello yes sir art yes Turn your radio off please right away

I'm doing yes I have an incident that Happened to me in the likeness like Where are you sir Minefield Wisconsin alright and and it Was like this well okay in 1967 Okay I was deer hunting we're not deer Hunting I was just going through the Woods with my a303 but it's jungle Carbine and I was by an old railroad Spur and I was just talking it was prior To the rifle season you know in the fall In here just that I wanted to walk Through the woods and do the experiment Like that in pre-season and I got into An where an old railroad spur was and The ditch was I think suddenly the Terrain the foliage went and grew over It was in a great big really thick Tangle the swamp area yeah we've got a Hurry here Yeah and anyway I saw several different Aliens and there was like a female and Two little offspring there's about 75 Yards away and there were a deeper green Rather than the tag of the foliage in The woods yes At the intersection yeah and what County Wisconsin and anyway and I was studying Through the I wasn't for sure what I was Seeing him or Lulu that wind was blowing Back to Florence but I could see that Like as Latino okay this would be the Greens like or the Grays which pointed Ears and everything have you seen the

Pictures we've done on the website no so There so you can't compare all right Listen this sounds like something we Need to get from you and open lines at Another time so we'll do that and while We're on the subject of the alien Creature guess it's an alien don't know What never seen anything like that on Earth doctor have you not American right Well it's funny you should bring that Out there are those who say that this Alien looks their words suspiciously Like the alien in the movie fire in the Sky of the story of Travis Walton I've Interviewed Travis Walton And in fact Travis did describe a Preacher that looks very much like the Creature in the picture now there's two Ways to look at that these cynics would Say you got two props from the movie Somehow and you use them the believers Would say well that's what Travis Described and now we've got a photograph I suppose I had to go to is this what You saw I'd like to know if it is Believe me that I I can fully understand What was was the Ovilus part of Something that Travis Walton saw uh Travis Walton saw a large craft I take It you've never seen the movie no I have Not Travis Walton saw saw a very large Craft indeed and he was foolish enough To run under it and that was the last Travis Walton was seen for quite some

Time and when he did return I mean there Were like five guys involved in this Incident and they all took and passed Lie-detector tests twice twice and so That creature described by Travis was Very much looked very much like the one That we've got pictures of up on the web So anyway west of the Rockies you're on The air with Robert Wraith and dr. Reid I'm mark Bell hi I can barely hear you Sir oh I'm sorry about that one of my Friends just turned me on to listen you Guys and I think you are absolutely Fabulous well we're different you're Different yeah it's definitely different What can we do for you I was just calling in regards to you Said people my mom might not believe you That he had him in the freezer for three Weeks but if he did somehow regenerate Himself by keeping him in the freezer he Would have slowed down his metabolism Was it three weeks no it was a total of Ten days oh I thought you said three Three days from the day we brought him Home until I saw it move Yeah and then still would have slowed Down his metabolism on him being able to Regenerate himself well you know we're Thinking in human terms and again what Do we know about a creatures physiology Of from a completely different place or Time or dimension yeah the human body Does have the ability to regenerate

Itself such as if you were to cut your Finger you can regenerate it so that's True and by by being exposed to extreme Cold yes Your body will flow down its Regeneration absolutely drew of thank You but again that relates to us we're Thinking in human terms it's a natural Thing for us to do remember we don't Know physically anything about this Creature at all except how different it Appears first off I was just going to Add that what we do know well yes hold On caller thank you what we do know is This it was human like it obviously was Breathing atmosphere different Dimensions and it it was bleeding oh There's no push about what's reigning Over us cranial fluid leaking from the Wound not only for us but also cranial Fluid which is a different circumstance Right yeah I should also tell the Audience that in the videotape which I Have seen which is not yet released the Doctor does an examination on the Creature and it's viable in other words He was able to force the mouth open Force the eyelid It seemed like open touch and you could See the texture and the touch of the Skin so it wasn't any plastic dummy That's for damn sure whatever it was Caller yes sir where are you I'm my name Is Craig I'm from El Cajon California

Yes sir I'm doctor how are you tonight hanging In there Good I've loved listening to the story It's intriguing You said initially the intimate you were In the area for three hours Approximately three hours early three Hours I knew you were ill and I know it Was a grave situation how did you muster The strength or the courage er I don't Know what your thing to stay in that Area for almost three hours how did you Manage to do that It was totally unconscious conscious Believe me if I could have gotten up and Walked out of there and and run home I Would have I felt sick at one point Exhausted at another yes sir picked Myself up started to walk away and one Thing would lead to another and I Actually have to sit down did we gain Some strength so it was a matter of not Wanting to be there but meeting I think To be there just to regain my own Strength and will to leave was almost Like you had let's shoes on oh Absolutely yes why it's an intriguing Story and you seem very credible to me Thank you All right sir I appreciate your call Thank you east of the Rockies you're on The air with Robert Wraith and dr. Reid Hi hello hello where are you I am in

Illinois Hello noise alright my name is Edie Edie Okay we don't have a whole lot of time Go ahead ok Thea In 1985 I witnessed two aliens outside My bedroom window and my friends didn't Believe it so just to make a quick long Story short Yeah I rigged up a videotape and I took Some pictures And I made it look like something Actually took place and they were Totally impressed so what are you saying You faked pictures absolutely no no well Nobody's saying things cannot be faked It was fun but well what actually Happened did happen but I just so you Know you're saying you think pictures to Verify a story that you had not Documented it is actually documented but I just did it as a prank just to have Fun you did it to substantiate what had Happened yes and they loved it and then Of course I told them later that it was Butch wax and paper mache and he was Just fun well glad you had fun Is that what do you think is being done Here I do not believe that at all so you You have you seen the photographs by the Way no I have not It's an incredible story I listen all The time and it almost makes me I'm Shaking right now just reliving my Experience that I understand thank you

Very much west of the Rockies you're on The air with dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert rates hello oh hi there welcome Back thank you very much for returning To their sure they said um curse for the Doctor actually falls in line with the Last caller I've heard him last week I Believe this last week right yes yeah And um I found very credible tonight you Know I have a strange sense that I mean The man Tamizh is telling the truth but At least what he believes to be the Truth I wonder if you can give him just A minute to talk to the audience you Know sort of a one on one thing and just Sort of bare his soul so to speak you Know tell us exactly um Wow now I'm Going to loss for words lunar Psychologize that's right but I know That I really in my own heart know the Man's telling the truth Thank you and um that was also my Impression yeah I really do believe it In You know especially like the last caller Saying is like you know some people are Not sure but the man has definite Honesty in his voice and if he can speak To the audience you know directly and Somehow try to convince some of the People who don't believe because this is Not this actually happens to real people Even though I have something to say About that all right you all right you

Are yes sir Go ahead doctor thank you sir you know I'm just a normal guy you know I was in The right place what I consider to be The wrong time I didn't want this to Happen I don't want to be in the Spotlight I don't want to be doing this I know to come forward I know And they thought possibly evidence too And they've been told not to bring it Out and not to show it and possibly I Know have you been threatened doctor Other than followed and nearly run off The road Have you been directly threatened as I Have you have all right we're at the top Of the hour so everybody hold on we'll Come back I definitely want to hear About that dr. Reid has been threatening Well as he said we've only heard about a Fifth of what actually occurred you're Listening to the account of dr. Jonathan Reeds and Robert Wraith who documented It and is writing a book about it I'm Art Bell and this is coast to coast am Good morning doctor Jonathan Reed and Robert rates are here and they're taking Your questions and we're going to get Back to open lines in a moment and when I do open lines I do unscreened open Lines Here's a quick facts from Richard C Hoagland art the in quotes Ovilus is Six-sided tetrahedral a point in favor

Of all this why does he call it a Novelists more Egyptian stuff will ask About that in a moment All right away we go again I always Pause now I'm learning I'm getting like The Machine I learn I pause I wait and I See if it's gonna do anything else um Once again dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert Wraith gentlemen how are you doing both Awake both awake and doing well all Right excellent I must I I'm gonna warn you well let me First ask you about Richards facts he Says this obelisk looking at a curved Line we do have awfully good photographs Up there now is six-sided correct What made you decide to call it an Obelisk that of curiosity it's a good Boy aye aye aye I don't know to be Honest I don't know what to call it but We had to put a name on it and calling It a big black wedge and I believe that It's possibly a gate biomorphic link for Reason and I haven't had a chance to say That all right what is the link well I Believe the link here's the Opera I Think there is a link between The aliens the extra-terrestrial and Black floating Barbara oh I would say There's a great chance of that but I Think the link is a physical link I Think that it's a possibility that alien Was in contact with and it was almost Like a leash to keep track of him do you

Have any reason to believe that beyond Conjecture all right you said earlier Just before the hour I asked have you been threatened other Than being run off the road and or Followed you said yes can you talk about That another day I went to my car and Found a note in my car do you think your Life is in danger at this point well That I understand and you are doing the Right thing I received some materials that still to This day remain completely anomalous Linda Moulton Howes have them tested at The best National Labs they can't be Duplicated nobody knows what they are They seem to have anti-gravity Properties to them and when I got them I Kept my mouth shut and I dispersed them Geographically around the country did People that I trust and I did that Because I know these things really do go On alright let's let's move on east of The Rockies you're on the air with dr. Reid and a Robert grapevine Oh Turn your radio off please yes I heart I Just wanted to welcome you back and say It's great to have you back out here Thank you yes dr. Reid I I'm not sure if You said this tonight or I remember you Saying it the last time you're on the Air that excuse me that the Ovilus that When you were there with I was there Yes to bring it back you are going to

Try and bring back two and a half to 3/4 Feet high and about three and a half to Four feet wide have you seen the Photograph sir yes I have yes a matter Of fact I have seen the photograph I Haven't seen the enhancements but I've Seen the photographs and they they're Absolutely spectacular Well the enhancements they're not really Enhancements I simply asked and at a Much higher rate to get more details so People could look more closely and so You're right I mean they're absolutely Astounding photographs I don't know what Else to say right we have added one foot Of On the website and this one gives you a Little perspective because it's from a Different angle It's farther away and you can actually See a little bit of foliage in front of The obelisk right well I belonged to the Art felch a club in Chicago I'm from Wisconsin by the way yes sir Lake Geneva Wisconsin and that was the Chat Club they're all just in awe You know I fully believed in the doctor He sounds very credible to me thank you It's just too bad that a lot of the rest Of the evidence got I guess got taken Away from the doctor so uh it is too bad I appreciate your call here's a fax art Love your show please ask your guests if This creature had you did do an

Examination in the videotape which they Have not yet seen when you open the Mouth were there I thought that too when I saw it kind of like a fish I would I Would observe that either Oh doctor I've Got so many faxes here I'm gonna try to Intersperse the good ones somebody asks When you attacked the alien with that Big stick did the alien just sit there Stand there rather did it in any way try To fight back did it try to ward off the Blow was coming was that encounter look At me on the ground and then I all right First time caller line you're on you With Robert Wraith and doctor Jonathan Reed hi there well that was Intelligent now you see that what you Just heard the raspberries you just Heard that's a typical reaction of Somebody who is confronted with evidence They can't explain it upsets them it Scares them it makes them mad and they Resort to ridicule I understand East of the Rockies you're on the air With the robber trace and dr. Jonathan Reed hi hi number one you're gonna have To speak up good and loud get close to That phone where are you okay North Carolina all right yes I have several Questions the first one when you're when You hurt your hand when you touch the Ovilus yes Has it healed okay another question when You were so sick do you think a lot of

It could have been the vibratory rate of This coming from this creature in this Ship you think that made you sick I Think it made me you were clearly Hyperventilating there was no question About that a hyperventilating so much I'm surprised you didn't pass out there Were certain expletives deleted now I I Actually didn't go over that point but Had I kept the tape rolling for another Thirty seconds there would have been Some expletives there again something You would fully expect you in that kind Of an encounter west of the Rockies You're on the air with dr. Reed and Robert great hello kind and I had a Dream a long time ago about the Vibration of a chupacabra or something I Was wondering At the vibration went was vibrating Before waters killing the dogs if that Might have made him even more ill oh That's just like the question we just Had it's possible and I really have no Way I'm surprised you can remember as Many details as you can our first time Call our line you're on the air with Robert Wraith and dr. Reid hi all right Where are you from Kei on Maui Hawaii Maui Hawaii Oh excellent Welcome do you have a question yeah I do I need I miss a part of the show some Know the sheriff maybe the questions Than it answered or not when the dog was

What ever happened to the dog when this Came in contact with a creature creature Contact again what did you do the dog Any kind of autopsy or oh no I guess oh Yeah well have to I guess Oh Robert You're very good at describing this why Don't you tell this caller exactly what Occurred Fleshie pseudopod came from the alien And wrapped itself around the dam even The dog's head when it retracted part of The flesh was pulled back the dog was Bleeding a hole appeared in the dog and The flesh and bone and material of the Animal moved like a like water into a Drain towards that spot and the dog was Absorbed into itself there was nothing Left to do an autopsy on it was uh there Was virtually sort of a I think didn't You say some kind of powdery substance Or something yes there was some some Kind of powder or ash that was left a Light a light field of it that's very Sad actually very and the next day when We went back there was nothing there was Not Freshens nothing I mean I almost felt Like the plants were replanted it's like It never happened Right when I first wish it happened when I first talked to Jonathan and we Started and he started to relate the Event to me one of the hardest points And it took a long time to get through

An extremely emotional was the loss of The dog not dog to him with family know I'll believe me I understand you here's Somebody asking doctor when your home Was ransacked when people were trying to Run you off the road at any point did You call the police did you file any Reports he was going to go to the police I don't think he ever did and no I did Not okay East of the Rockies you're on the air But dr. Reed Jonathan Reed and Robert Race hello hey I'm doing fine turn your Radio off please and talk up good and Loud for us alright my name is George I'm in Louisiana yes sir and I kind of Had two questions one was based on the Wrapping that you put the alien in B Mylar could that have possibly preserved It in the freezer and I know you discuss Its human qualities but if it were human Like could that has helped it I honestly Don't know I a thermal blanket is it's Very similar to a a mylar piece of Aluminum foil It wasn't wrapped up tight and Which eventually little these doubts for Everyone to say and then they'll Understand he was held together with These straps and and they were fairly Loose fitting because that's what I used To pick it up with okay I really don't Know one other really brief question Regarding the alien I know the clothing

Or the whatever the black dude was was Hard to get through but the kind of sort Of human characteristics and Perspectives did you notice anything About like sex organs or anything that Would have made it more human human like During the examination that we we did in Detail which is detailed in the book we Went over every square inch of the body I indicated all the vertebrae I don't Know okay alright alright thank you Thank you and take care west of the Rockies you're on the air with Robert Race and dr. Jonathan Reed hello hello Our pelvis is quite a pleasure I just Started listening to you a couple weeks Ago and I've been listening to the story And I have a question that concerns the Point at which you attacked the alien With the thing actually a club a club And you've described yourself as being Somewhat out of control unconscious not In an irrational state and there have You ever considered the idea that Perhaps you were under some sort of Control And that this whole thing has been a Setup that you were all this has been Implanted for you to to take the alien And for some reason you're on some kind Of a mission working for the alien or The ovule and quite understanding is Then speaks for itself Caller thank you very much we've got a

Break here at the bottom of the hour Thank you all right we'll be right back And we'll ask about his girlfriend and Neighbors by fax on marbella this is Close to coast am this is coast to coast Am from the kingdom of nine it is I'm Art bell dr. Reed is here and of course Robert rape is here as well and will Continue to allow you to ask them Questions these are on-screen calls I Mean whatever comes in comes in and so You're hearing it as it happens other Shows other programs don't do that People are asking if there is a way to Get a copy of this program yes there is And I'll tell you how to do it and what I would do if I were you is I would get Since this is obviously such a very Serious story with so much documentation Which is so unusual now you can download The photographs from my website print Them out on your printer and then if you Wish a copy of the program to go with it You can get that copy by calling 1-800 Nine one seven four two seven eight one Eight hundred nine one seven four two Seven eight I think it's going to be a Five-hour program I don't know how are You guys doing all right Are you doing all right yeah you think You couldn't handle it through the end Of the program if they want us here We'll be here all right then it would be A five-hour program folks one eight

Hundred nine one seven four two seven Eight back to it East of the Rockies you're on the air With Robert rate and dr. Reed time hi Yes sir my name is James and I'm calling From it's a community just north of Chattanooga Tennessee body Daisy okay I Have a question for the doctor yes one Thing is that I'm visually impaired so Looking at the pictures on the websites Not gonna do me any good sorry but when You were in examining it the alien yes And you went saying he said the eyelids Were hard open were you able to get the Eyelids open and see if there Was any pigmentation to the eye you know Like having a color of an iris or Anything Absolutely yeah I was able to open the Eyelid and look into the eye It was a purplish-pinkish color but if You look very very close it had had an Iris and it had gray pink and I have one More question about the book when it Comes when will it be coming out and I Have one little short question will it Be like on audio tapes for visually Impaired people if they want to read it I would like to have that happen yes I Would love to read it if it was we'll See what we can do the thing thank you Gentlemen Oh and a pleasure listening to the show Thank you my friend west of the Rockies

You're on the air with dr. Jonathan Reed And Robert ray honey yes we had a Question that a couple questions all Right where are you sir oh I'm calling From Fairbanks Alaska way up north yes Ma'am Okay okay uh there was obvious I haven't Been able to see the photos but I heard That there was a head wound in blood yes Was there any unusual scent or cuter or Just a normal blood scent Actually it did it smells like okay and My other question you mentioned you had A friend that has since vanished Yeah did he ever give any indication That he wanted to drop out of sight or Do you think it was involuntary I think It was a combination of both okay thank You All right sir thank you very much for The call east of the Rockies you're on The air with dr. Reed and Robert Wraith I hello yes sir turn your radio often Speak up good and loud I can barely hear You Kevin We can barely hear you where are you Huntsville Texas do you have a question Why live a comment on one of your Previous shows you had a suppose a time Traveler that said that the graze Thrived in cold weather do you think I Believe that is correct as a matter of Fact I I take your point Thank you I I want to return to another

Point a doctor I meant to ask you about Your girlfriend your parents your family Sisters brothers but most of all your Your girlfriend what happened well my Parents are dead I'm sorry but my girlfriend was Introduced to this very similar to the Way because you can't explain them Literally at that point she was freaking And and say well you know what have I Done What is this going to do to your career And created an argument between Basically the end of our relationship And so you you're not in touch with her At all now I understand all right First time caller line you're on the air With dr. Reid and Robert Wraith i how You doing all right sir What day from Minnesota hello Dave yes I Wanted to I wanted to extract to read Did he ever think that it wasn't an Alien's nature to attacking women There's a beard to doll I didn't wait Around for for that to happen I reacted So quickly that this right now later on After I had realized it wasn't dead it Was moving in a totally different manner It was an injured being it was Definitely dying in my eyes I was just Curious to say no what it did to the dog It might you know what just as easily Did it to you yep I thought about that But at the time totally different

Feeling There was an aggression going on and Injured all right okay thanks a lot Right thank you The clothing or whatever it is this suit That covered this creature in the video You can see all of this testing and Examination that you're doing that would Be so much more detailed than the stills As good as they are that we've got on The website right now are you ever going To release this video yes we are I'm Going to release all of the information I have do you have any idea yet what Venue you're going to use to release it No I don't again that's been in the last Two weeks it's been like a landslide we Have people coming forward to help and I Want to say at this time Thank you to all of you who sent letters And faxes earth to the UFO agency and Through arts website wonderful is there Is there a way to contact either one of You You've gone to them was their reaction We've gone to them to keep things Propped up and keep me going to bring This well it's it's news really I had Not heard that you were involved with an Organization like that and that adds yet Another bit of credibility have they Done any investigation on their own I Assume they've interviewed you Extensively actually and so much

Happening you know everybody has joined In and wanted to support this effort All right here's somebody asking aren't Please ask the doctor if he has any Physical evidence still in his Possession the blanket bloodstains from The alien on any of your clothes hair Fibers from the dog Susie that could be Substituted with PCR or other more Specific DNA testing no it's all gone Understood used to the Rockies you're on The air with dr. Reid and Robert Rafe Silent has his written most of it huh Yes hello yes My name is Wayne and in Louisiana yes Sir And just to comment the question you had Colonel Corso on a previous program and If I remember correctly he mentioned an Autopsy of an alien in which it had two Brains And with the brains were separated by Some type of cartilage type material I Beg Li recall that yes and just an Observation it's a speculation but Possibly the injury to this alien was One brain Oh and the other brain was still active In recovery uh interesting observation Actually I interviewed Colonel Corso I Think four more hours than anybody prior To his passing and a the point is is Well made We know people when they ask questions

And they make observations doctor again They relate everything to their human Experience exactly and you've got to Reach out and understand that this Creature obviously when you look at it It's obviously not human There's simply no question about that And so we we can't use our own Experiences and translate them directly To what this creature would have felt Was feeling whether it was dead alive or What condition it was in we just don't Know We don't know and you know have injuries And literally regenerate themselves I Don't know did not look like a reptile But yet it may have had it be vaguely Did it vaguely look reptilian actually I Thought uh here's somebody who says There's got to be a latter moment Alright I just saw the pictures on the Website and I figured out what this is The creature looks just like my Mother-in-law she is from Kokomo Indiana Not Mars but she'll kill your dog just By looking at it it's wrinkled and Mean-looking just like her First times on our line you're on the Air with dr. Reid and a Robert rate hi Hi where are you okay yell at us cuz You're not too loud okay I'd like to Know if they can divulge exactly where This happened we live on temporarily in Seattle that we live about 100 miles

East of Seattle uh it's a very good Question and one that has not been yet Asked dr. can you tell us roughly or Precisely even where this occurred so Past North Bend or oh yes yes oh that's Getting so close to home excuse to my Home okay but you can't say we're Kenya Okay all right thank you All right and keep your doors locked up There yeah I will okay all right bye All right let's see east of the Rockies You're on the air with dr. Jonathan Reed And Robert Wraith hello yes call from Walker with a surname is Phil hi Phil Hey I love your show thank you you have A few questions really quick several Questions I can get out all yeah I was Wondering about the creature when you Came up over the rise and you were first Thought with your dog yeah Jonathan yeah Another way come in they're very it's Really incredible same with you Robert n All right also thank you but yeah when You came up over the rise with the dog I'm the right side of the left foot the Shredder like visualizes the dog was on I'm right with the creature I'm trying To figure out yeah I bet on the west Side so you were looking down from the Rise okay or your watch had stopped yeah Do you know did you jump in tenía Hypnosis you there right sector' test I've taken two polygraph you have you Have and those results will be published

I presume with the book yes we're done By two independent Oh my word the more we ask the more we Learn I guess this has been in the last Couple of years or how recent doctor Within the last year And whose can you given give us an idea Of who sponsored them or I founded them You did absolutely I want this Information out I want people and these Were done by independent two different Independent authority any other Questions but yes one more question I'm Sorry I was wondering about the less Evidence you have any video tip of the Obelisk or the alien the answer is yes I Can tell you I've got the videotape the S4 like it when he saw the young in the Freezer and you record that yeah no is There was it there actually video also At the same time there was video and Audio several times that I had of that When he was a dreaming yeah it's the Same but unfortunately that is gone Okay well thank you very much thank you Okay thank you very much for the call And gentlemen hold on we are at you at The top of another hour we're gonna do One more hour you know in many or most Markets I want to remind my audience of Three hours of this program are now Available pre fed every night beginning At 7 o'clock Pacific Time program Directors take note beginning at 7

O'clock every night we have pre feed so If you can't stay up late oh no problem No problem if your radio station carries The previews because you can kind of Catch up on it it's a service we began Offering mono about three weeks ago and If you want to know more about it Inquire of your radio station to check Into the pre feeds they're available When sports isn't happening we are and By the way if you want a copy of this Program all one eight hundred nine one Seven or two seven eight one eight Hundred nine one seven four two seven Eight Once again and here I am here is an Interesting piece of email for you all Art I'm a senior physics major in College and I intend to study applied Physics and nanotechnology in graduate School I've been very skeptical of all UFO claims in the past because I believe Very strongly that any alien Civilization capable of reaching earth Would almost certainly have developed Nanotechnology this would obviate some Of the more primitive Technologies that I've heard attributed Aliens like scalpels needles and so Forth so I'm tended to dismiss these Stories even though I do enjoy listening To the program when I listen to the Doctor from Washington however my ears Were perked up by something that he

Mentioned which is very consistent with Nano technology when he described the Death of the dog as being dissolved and Sucked into itself I stopped immediately what I was doing And listened intently art this is Precisely the sort of thing that would Happen if nanotechnology were used in a Defensive capacity I was later skeptical When he said that he had killed the Alien and crushed its skull a being with That nano technological capabilities Would not be killed by a mere crush Skill he then asked all rather he then Described his observation that the being Seemed to repair itself and return to Life exactly what you would expect from Nanotechnology now I don't know if this Story is true or not but it's the first Alien story I've heard that is Consistent with the use of Nanotechnology and that makes it very Interesting to me in a moment my guest Will be right back once again everybody The rescanned higher detail photographs Are up on my website now that show you Portions of the encounter you're hearing Described tonight my honest advice is if You cannot get to see them tonight by All means get to a library get to a Computer get to a friend download them Print them out and judge For yourself my guests are dr. Jonathan Reed the doctor who had the encounter in

The woods in Washington with this being And Robert great who is documenting this For the doctor And who can Robert I appreciate by the Way you're being so patient you haven't Had a lot to say No problem mark but any time you feel Like chiming in and being part of this Jump in there is something about the Last facts but I thought was very Fascinating we do mention briefly a Nanotechnology in the book as one of the Newer developments of mankind Newer technology so I thought that was Really interesting that he brought that Up and and yes in theory it does explain The possibility of why some of the Things happened the way they did indeed So I would also like to bring up in case People would like to compare I've been Listening very carefully to what you Said dr. Reed tonight and of course we Have a lot of new details tonight but in Comparing it with what you told us last Week your story is very consistent and Somebody has applied us in fact with a Transcript of the show we did last week And that's on the website now if Somebody would like to make a comparison West of the Rockies you're on the air With dr. Reed and Robert grace hi hi This is Ryan Collins from Merced California on Kos yes sir Um I was wondering dr. reed Johnson Reed

Yeah Did your dog was it Susie yes Was she like like a friendly dog or was She like was she protecting you perhaps Or I believe she was protecting me yeah Definitely I mean she was like friendly With which she you know she wasn't Aggressive or anything no but I do know That she was taking a definite disentis Sam yeah but sometimes it seems like Animals know a little bit more than People about certain things a lot of Times yeah so you know you can really Trust animals and especially something You Developed relationship over the years Right so it might be some food for Thought about what this might be really About in their purpose here or something Never know you never know Well thank you very much thank you thank You all right take care East of the Rockies you're on the air With dr. Reed and Robert great guy Oh question for your guest I was Wondering uh alright where are you first Of all oh I'm sorry I'm in Texas I'm in Football Okay turn your radio off okay number one There okay I'm sorry That's all right go right ahead okay it Might be a stupid question but I just Wanna you know when he said about the Time he drove by his house yes then he

Saw the cars on front of his home he's Wondering why he drove by why didn't he Just you know see these are the same Vehicles that had been following us and Running us off the road and there there Was no way that I was going to get near That place with three vans and people Yeah if somebody had tried to kill you Call her and you saw their vehicle Parked in front of your house would you Stop oh no I wasn't aware of that right There why I heard about that but I don't Know if it's all the same people you Apparently these seemed of color Vehicles okay cuz my house or something I was just you know he'd had done Something like maybe he stopped it Somewhere nearby or something like Called the police for something good hey Somebody's coming in my house you know You need to but I understand I guess now I'm okay appreciate the call you know The police keep coming up however I Guess you presumed or I would have Presumed that the people you were Dealing with would have been able to Deal with the police there was no Question these people these were Powerful people and they don't play Games Robert have you had any after the Sack Cooperating evidence for the doctor with Regard to these people I myself have had One incident oh and it was more of a

Drive by dark van approached me for my Left side drove up onto the curb and all I saw was the depth of the glass was Slightly tinted and all I heard and saw Was this gentleman telling me to shut up And stay out of it or else and this These people drove off this is when I First really started talking to Jonathan And it was horrifying beyond belief I I Can imagine so he was an unknown and That was to my advantage Oh that's quite true all right um east Of the Rockies good morning you're on The air with dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert Wraith yes good morning guard how Are you I'm quite all right last week off let me Tell you my name is Chris I'm calling From Miami Florida Miami right last week Dr. Reid mentioned that he attempted to Communicate with the creature after it Came back to life but he didn't have a Chance to elaborate on that and I would Like to hear more all right okay you Betcha Dr. right you tried to communicate with It what can you tell us well if you can Call it communication after basically Exposing Gary to the fact that it was Alive I made several attempt to go back Out if nothing else see if it was still Alive if it was still moving at all and In doing so I had opened the freezer and Basically stood back with the door open

Ready to run and watch it move and Actually lift its head turn its neck Open its eyes make kind of a gasping Sound not a scream at that time but Almost like it was in pain and I Attempted to actually go over to it and And see if it was still bleeding the Wound looks like it hits mi mi healed Not healed but reattached and again I Took that to the possibility of just the Temperature freezing actually in go back Back into place right in communication I Didn't sit and talk to it I watched it Move made a video tape of that section And and tried to see what it was going To do it okay um used to the Rockies You're on the air with dr. Reid and Robert rape hi good morning there Mel Good morning to you where are you sir I'm in Portland Maine you're not on the Air anymore but no it's very late now in Portland first yeah by the way a little Common and this is for my 13 year old Daughter she said say hi to the Desert Rats right yeah that's me all right yeah Allure I said I okay she's now she can't Stay out this late but she's now through Cassettes that I pass her enables her to Get the instructions from the internet And do it he's sharing it with her Science class very good and she's also Seen the The photos and she says the creepy they Are creepy but I want to direct us

Towards the other guys all right dr. Reid and Robert rates okay dr. Reid Whereas a lot of people have said and Even yourself said that the being Creature or whatever doesn't look human Or yet it may look fake what's to say There isn't sort of a psychology in that Thing to change its form so that does Look fake you know like a reptile it Changes colors and changes well I see Where you're going and that is a Possibility and I considered that you Know I had totally lost my mind you know That the whole incident could be a bad Dream But yet in examining it over and over I'm physically touching the skin moving The neck watching the tendons move Seeing the pliability of the chair yeah All of that's in the tape by the way There was no mistaking that I was Physically holding and touching this and It wasn't an illusion but who knows Right Anything is possible we do know that That it can do some semi morphic things For instance as I said earlier on the Show when it wouldn't extended its arm To attack Susie that you know that that Is something obviously we couldn't do But it was capable of doing so it does After a fashion have some semi morphic Abilities yes there's something that's Something that's like in a way like so

Gruesome that it wouldn't even be a part Of our Make up of animals beings in your your Panting and your hollering and throwing Up that can't be faked I was in law Enforcement and I recognized that the Running the adrenaline the disbelief the Sweats on the forehead the sweats down The back the cold chills sort of panic Attack on panic attack mm-hmm When you're right there and oh that's Going down must have been amazing it was Terrible Yeah terrible more than amazing amazing I guess in a way to hear about now in The context of a radio program or a book You would read or even a video to see But to experience terrifying would be More than word west of the Rockies You're on the air with dr. Reid and Robert rate hi hi where are you I'm calling from Sacramento California All right okay I had a question about The girlfriend I was kind of surprised To hear that you're not in contact with Her and that she kind of just dropped Out of the picture after witnessing Something like this I mean I think I Think them he did say he had some Contact with her since but they're not Together as in boyfriend/girlfriend Anymore okay but well my concern was if You thought possibly she could have been Someone who may have contacted the

People who eventually took the I guess Creature away from you there was the Possibility really oh yeah because I Mean when you said that I thought how Could you just walk away from that Situation and sit on it I would have to Tell somebody if it were me I didn't Walk away and just sit on it I did Everything I could Oh no no I'm talking about the Girlfriend right right but I mean with Her I was this was a long-term Relationship in fact we had been very Seriously talking about Being married but this was kind of like The last straw and she didn't want to Have anything to do with it she was Afraid of what was going on because I Did keep in contact with her during this 10-day period and you know she was being Followed her family was being followed There it was a nightmare Well okay well I was just curious so you Are still in contact yes I have been in Contact with her but due to Circumstances it's not a continuing all Right all right thank you very much Thank you and take care East of the Rockies you're on the air With dr. Reed and Robert rate hi hello Going once going twice gone first time Caller line that is when it punched away Button first time caller line you're on The air good morning am i punching the

Right buttons maybe not oh let me get This straight here all right East of the Rockies you're on the air With doctor dr. Reid and Robert rays Hello yeah he's down in Akron Ohio yes Sir hey yeah anyway I kind of miss some Of this but doctor what exactly what Field of medicine are you involved in Actually okay and and then your friend Mr. Reid is it great okay and if he just Your friend I mean uh he's a freelance Writer okay and so hard cuz I just mean I miss some of this so you guys both Witnessed the creature here no just Myself There's your song these photographs of The creature and what's called the Obelisk are on the websites or if you Have a computer okay and are the what You're saying then is the full Transcript of this episode is that all On your the transcript of the previous Program which would be sufficient to Introduce you to the facts is also on The website all right so you need to get To our computer All right thanks father all right thank You it's all @ww our bail calm and You'll see it all listed there west of The Rockies hello there you're on the Air with dr. Reed and Robert brave Kenai Alaska and moving in a truck I'd say Actually I'm delivering a newspaper out In the car and it's no no am I crazy up

Here we didn't even get to see the Meteor shower because of all that snow Up here but I was wondering if they ever Considered any retaliation from the Alien beings because like as if a human Was bit by a dog you know we would you Know take the dog and take care of him Did they ever think about that with the Alien alright let's ask it's good Question doctor after doing what you did To that creature were you ever concerned That there might be others it probably Quickly passed through my mind but I Only had one to worry about well that's All anybody needs to be quite honest the The enemy didn't look like it was what I Was in my freezer the enemy looked like Somebody in blue vans yeah and we'll Talk about that in a moment – the Connection between those who we vote for And say they lead us and those Like the ones that or the one that dr. Reid met up with in the woods in Washington okay once again to get a copy Of this program if you didn't hear it All this is the comprehensive program Tonight call one eight hundred nine one Seven four to seven eight That's one eight hundred nine one seven Four to seven eight don't touch that Dial the information you're hearing Tonight or any night for that matter is Presented for your consideration and I Understand that many of you feel

Violently one way or the other about it That's understandable it's very Controversial material but this is the Place where you can hear it I don't know Where else you can I'm art Bell and it's Called coast to coast am glad to have You along reminding you that we now do Three hours of pre feed prior to the Show beginning at seven o'clock to seven Times because so much of the audience Obviously drifts off to sleep so your Radio station now if they wish can pick Up three hours of the program probably The three hours you missed it and run it Earlier in the evening in a moment my Guests will be right back and the story Of the encounter in Washington continues All right back now to our guest Gentlemen thank you for staying Throughout the evening both of you it's Amazing that you're able to you've got a Lot of staff Stamina I'll put it that way you bet and Here comes a question by email art Please ask the doctor whether he is Right or left-handed right-handed also Was the creature facing him or facing Away at the time the doctor struck the Creature in the club where is it there Should be tissue or DNA testing Remaining on a couple you have said the Area was cleaned up the wound does Appear to be toward the side or back of The head yeah so I guess you came at him

With your right hand and the club Connected was sort of the side or back Of his offing Right hand as I swung from right to left Actually excuse me the back left side The back that they was facing me well Correct from the features point of view Back left side that would be correct First time color line you're on the air With dr. Reid and Robert race hello Hello hi there this is bud from Nashville tennessee wwt in 98.7 the Monster initially monster yes sir it's Night observation i think the doctor Said earlier when he cuts the obelisk on Thought that it was like dry ice yeah Could that has something to do with the Regeneration process I don't know I know He made it in the freezer well when I Want to touched it he was with nowhere Close to it that is always the Possibility because we don't know what You should mention I think that I Actually felt like yeah okay thank you Thank you sir and take care here's one Two uh was there any odor associated With this alien creature either in the Woods or when you had at home doctor yes I think I said that earlier that the Only odor was almost like it came Through oh you did say that I'm sorry I'm sitting here reading sort of pouring Through faxes as we're taking calls no Problem uh used to the Rockies that

You're on the air with dr. Reid and Robert great hi hi oh the plants the Lambs uh turn the radio off and tell us Where you are Sure uh Grand Island New York Grand Island New York okay uh Tim didn't wait And I was wondering what happened to the Spacecraft no I haven't heard anything On what happened with the space okay the Story is first of all we don't know that It was a spacecraft the doctor calls it The obelisk for lack of a better word Right and he was on the scene for almost Three hours when he left it was still There when he came back the next day With his friend should with a truck to Try and actually I guess attacked Attached chains to a doctor and we Didn't we didn't know what we were gonna Do I had and it was going there your Corner okay all right Doctor what do you think has happened to Your friend what's your best guess do You do you think your friend is dead I Had a long time to think about it and I Hope something I haven't mentioned okay There was another friend helping me oh Oh and that person will call darling at This time it was an older woman who I Had known for some time and she had Actually taken photographs from me for Me and about two months after I went Into hiding I contacted her made Arrangements

When I got to her house I found her dead On the floor and I called the police Became There was no sign of the package first Ureter I don't know I'm hoping that he's okay And that he's hiding – okay well I don't Know how you're doing this You quit your profession that day Somebody asks how have you obtained an Income since then how are you surviving I haven't obtained an income and they've Been surviving the inner feeling Possibility I would have to get away for A while and quite honestly I didn't Think it would be this long but I've had Some tremendous friends that have Supported me and believed in me when I Almost lost hope of bleeding in myself And these people are the people that Have encouraged me could not have been Easy you you would have to know the Ridicule from some quarters that you Would face in coming forward with a Story like this I've gotten it from all Sides I'm sure you have but my my plan For all of this when this is a hard Question doctor but I'm going to ask it When you open the freezer when the Creature screamed when you slammed the Freezer door shut how did you feel about This being obviously at this point a At least it's some degree on a live Creature that you were sealing in a

Frozen tomb it was intelligent it wasn't Human So therefore I did not name or kill a Human so therefore I'm not in trouble in That perhaps not in a legal sense right But in a moral pen I'm sure you've Considered the fact that it was a Sentient being of some sort Exactly I think the trouble I have most His feelings that I named if I was in The woods and I was a hunter and I was Right I was left with that dilemma when I opened the freezer and it moved in Some ways I was excited to know that it Wasn't dead Right then I was left with now what yah Know what I do understand and if it was Moving the last thing you would do is Reach down and and grab it not really Would wanted to happen to your dog All right used to the Rockies you're on The air with dr. Reid and Robert Wraith Good morning good morning guys this is Dave and Illinois hello I was there ever Any video or photographic evidence of The damage to the house and do you still Own the house doctor no I was renting The house and no there was no visual Evidence I was not gonna stay around Long enough to take pictures okay I Understand that and you said when you First encountered the creature It if you look like death or something Did you ever make eye contact with it

Again and what sense did you get from The pen Your words were it was a look that could Kill us what did you say doctor it was Angry it was an angry look it was a it Was a a that's the best way I can Explain that it was a look of anger of Like hate I don't know if it was pointed Or directed at me directly or if it was The circumstances of what the dog was Doing again it happened in you know a Matter of a second later on when the Freezer was opened there was a look of Almost pain almost almost like it was in Pain and saying it I don't know it was In pain did you have the feeling that it Was trying to get you to help it or Anything like that with the real Speculation no I can't say that okay and Did it ever make any attempt to get out Of the freezer Wow in fact it made an attempt to get Out of the freezer sit down at the Bottom of the freezer for about 15 15 Minutes and then crawl back up inside Whoa amazing and you do sound very Credible doctor and I thank you for Coming forward with the story thanks for The call Who somebody asks here watch Organizations do you imagine or think or Might even know we're threatening you do You have any idea no I have no idea Other than the typical MIT statement

But these were human beings uh in suits Those kinds of people Darcy I Encountered several different attire Suits casual clothes jumpsuit like a Moving person with merit where I don't Think they're with any one particular Outfit you know both of you I've asked This before but just for the record Robert you contacted me of course with Those intriguing facts as you sent me Right why did you choose me why did you Choose my show to break this story first Off listening to you for as long as I Have I felt and Jonathan felt we could Trust you and you've you've definitely Proven that point you've handled what We've given you with with class and Elegance you've kept it close to your Pocket You've only released what we said was Okay to relief and then that we Certainly appreciate also you you're the Only one that has a forum like this to Release this kind of information and Give people a chance to speak out on Issues like this you had Linda Moulton Howe on earlier and you were releasing Information then no one else had talked About and and that is one of the major Reasons we chose you not only just for You but just your your audience and and How you run things there's another Institute oh and that issue is you and I Have personally talked about some very

Private matters and I believe your Sincerity and this is all about trust That's why I wanted you in I appreciate that thank you east of the Rockies you're on air with dr. Reed and Robert Wraith good morning hello there Going once going twice gone most of the Rockies you're on the air with dr. Reid And Robert great good morning oh that's A good question uh you're very weak Where are you man Boise all right she Also who developed the film and what Else what was the reaction of the people Who developed it uh-huh that's a good Question Doctor the film is developed by an Independent film laboratory like it Speed down any Street in any town and Actually the person who developed it Never said a thing until I went and Talked with them okay these pictures Come out of the machine and their pet And jumped into a rack almost into a bag Yeah you know that's right I've seen it Done many times and now that you mention It and the back of the photographs I can Tell my audience is just standard stamp Kodak a processing I could act Processing machine I would assume first Time call our line you're on the air With dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert grace Hello yes sir I was wondering if you got Any pictures of the vans or I had the Vehicles that might have been following

Us ah that's a very good question doctor We we did get a picture of one of the One of the bands but it was pretty much A lot of the photographs that we're Taking did not come out as well Obviously as once you sent me I presume You sent me the the cream of the crop Really Wow lots of material for that Book Easter the rock You're on the air with dr. Jonathan Reed And Robert rates hello Melissa Yell at me from st. Louis 550 and I have A question regarding to the camera he Used because I know you've said that Some of the people been saying the Cameras too still the shots are too Clear for you know someone who's shaking And stuff like that I do photography you Have an automatic or a manual camera Yeah that's obviously in the photographs Actually and as not only that not only Was there a very thick canopy but if you Look behind the canopy particularly in The enhanced photographs I've got up There now you can clearly see it was a Dark gray day typical of that part of The country I was just gonna say because If you have a fast enough shutter speed A real compensate for any sort of Trembling that you have you know it was A very fast lamp with one point to that Pitcher yeah so for anybody who tells it If you had a fast shutter speed you know It's compensating it so therefore you

Get a clear shot everyone my question is This okay sure if I was the last time You talked to your friend Gary how long After you got him involved if he turned Up missing and how long of a time span In between your last contacts all the Time you had you know about eight hours Prior to him being gone all right Gentlemen guess what we're out of time It's just gone the whole program is gone Is there anything either one of you want To say I'd like to thank everybody who Has been so supportive in there from one End of the earth to the other we have Gotten calls and faxes and I will do my Damndest if I have time Maud I'd like to Read the address for phone numbers a San Diego UFO Society one more time go right In okay that's a San Diego UFO society And the phone number is one six one nine Two nine nine nine one five seven and The peel box three four three five one San Diego California Nine two one zero three all right Gentlemen I really appreciate your both Being here and hanging in with me all Night long we will do an update when it Is appropriate to do so you have my Private contact number when you need to Talk to me call me thank you thank you Very much art good night gentlemen Good night thank you all right there you Have it folks again to get a copy of This program call one eight hundred nine

One seven four two seven eight indeed a Classic one eight hundred nine one seven Four two seven eight from the high Desert good night You