Malachi Martin on Success

By | January 24, 2011
Malachi Martin on Success

There's no doubt about it that Lucifer Has acquired a phalanx of servitors of Servants in these places who will do his Bidding and do his bidding automatically Some of them I meant some other months Completely possessed They simply they do his will morning on Slam and they were very good times I Mean great success the ring good life it Was material things go so it's Interesting groups to do his will and to Do his will and this matter means Decapolis eyes in the church reading Public life of any semblance of religion At all any religion they're not merely Roman Catholicism but Roman Catholicism Is a special enemy because we he knows Have something jealous haven't gotten And you know but somebody is telling us True it's not a Catholic who said it if Tomorrow the Roman Catholic Church were Wiped out completely the rest of Christianity fall to pieces It's the lodestone that holds them all Together finally and it's the norm look Where which they define themselves so The the the mode today is different There's no longer individuals it's now Whole groups whole governments its hold Schools its hold its whole foundations Complete organization dedicated to Promoting the will of settlement club Sexual life along the outline along the Start line along the statecraft line

Along beach now it line along the line Of say junk bonds it's it's a funny Thing This is tactic and this means that he in His in his in his plans in Lucifer's Plans there's a showdown coming and he's Marshaling all the courses possible And he's succeeding so far he's got so Many servants because he got some Success they get success you see well we Know we you and I forget is this when You're normally doing you work but I'll And in my work and we're doing it Decently as good as we can and thus Endlessly as we can we're getting like From God continually They call it lumen christi the light of Christ we get in our brain our Intelligence Similarly if I'm serving Satan he has to Throw light he wouldn't let them they'll Then they have their own intuitions Their own instructions their own their Own light He gives lights and makes them succeed And gives them their pleasures and give Them the successes oh yes oh he's a good Leader that when you accept that they End up finally burnt to a crisp For eternity but he doesn't doubt them With this and that's why they're very Intelligent you can Don't misunderstand don't underestimate Them

They're formidable enemies and whether It's in the ACLU or the Planned Parenthood Federation or some of the Out-and-out homosexual organizations Which are between the opening Homosexually Meade says by God just Acting you note he's got his services And they are very faint children it Permeates our whole society even in the Music for example above all in the music There's nothing more influential than Music I know that you see but what what Is difficult for normal citizens to Imagine isness and this holds for Canada Or for USA or Australia or England or Europe but also those areas because That's what the Satan is most active at The present Lord according to our Statistics it's very difficult for them To realize that over a period of time Hard to calculate but certainly in the Region of about 150 years coming to a Culmination in the middle of our century There has grown up an organizational Institution kept very private with Membership lists with centers with Leaders with a bank balance with funds And with great influence that like an Octopus is spreading through every one Of our public institutions