Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 5

By | November 1, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 5

Hi this is Dora Oh DeLand Florida all Right you're gonna have to really yell At us okay how much okay I was wondering about the death of the Dog apparently it was from some kind of Contact with the alien yes it was right And that was through clothing well the Dog had grabbed form and was literally Tearing into the flesh of the form what I was almost as if he prepped ripping it Back and then well some kind of toxin Through the hand or something I do not Have a clue I was wondering if the touch was that Toxic what what effect it would have on You he touched it well apparently it Didn't do anything right maybe because It was dead it wasn't talking anymore or Something I don't know it also might Have been a natural defense mechanism of The suit necessarily have to be a toxin Many other things you're dealing with a Whole new type of technology that is far Beyond anything we know or understand at This time right so when you cut through The suit then wouldn't it have that same Effect okay that's all right thank you Very much for the call and take care East of the Rockies you're on the air With dr. Reed and Robert Ray fine hello Hello yes sir All right yes turn your radio off please Right away I'm doing yes I have an Incident that happened to me in the

Likeness like where are you sir my field Wisconsin all right and it was like this Well okay in 1967 okay I was deer Hunting why not I think I was just going through the Woods with my 303 British jungle carbine And I was by an old railroad spur and I Was just talking it was prior to the Rifle season you know in the fall it Here just that I wanted to walk through The woods and do the experiment like That in pre-season and I got into an Where an old railroad spur was and the Ditch was suddenly in the terrain the Foliage went and grew over it was in a Great big really thick tangle the swamp Area yeah we've got a hurry here yeah And anyway I saw several different Aliens there was like a female and two Little offspring there's about 75 yards Away and there was a deeper green rather Than the tag other foliage in the woods Yes at the intersection yeah and I would Kind of Wisconsin and anyway and I was Studying through I wasn't sure what I Was seeing him or Louet wind was blowing Back punch but I could see that like as Lupino okay this would be the greens Like as or the greys which pointed ears And everything have you seen the Pictures we've done on the website no so There so you can't compare all right Listen this sounds like something we Need to get from you and open lines at

Another time so we'll do that and while We're on the subject of the alien Creature Yes it's an alien don't know what never Seen anything like that on earth doctor Have you well it's funny you should Bring that up there are those who say That this alien looks their words Suspiciously like the alien in the movie Fire in the sky of the story of Travis Walton I've interviewed Travis Walton And in fact Travis did describe of Creature that looks very much like the Creature in the picture now there's two Ways to look at that These cynics would say you got two props From the movie somehow and you use them The believers would say well that's what Travis described and now we've got a Photograph I suppose I had to go to Drive us and say hey Travis is this what You saw I'd like to I'd like to know if it is What he saw but I have heard believe me That I I can fully understand what was Was the Ovilus part of something that Travis Walton thought uh Travis Walton Saw a large craft I take it you've never Seen the movie no I have not Travis ones Are so a very large craft indeed and he Was foolish enough to run under it and That was the last Travis Walton was seen For quite some time and when he did Return I mean there were like five guys

Involved in this incident and they all Took and passed lie-detector tests twice Twice and so that creature described by Travis was very much looked very much Like the one that we've got pictures of Up on the web so anyway west of the Rockies you're on the air with Robert Wraith and dr. Reid I'm art bell hi I Can barely hear you sir I'm sorry one of My friends just turned me on to listen You guys and I think you are absolutely Fabulous well we're different you're Different yeah it's definitely different What can we do for you yeah I was just Calling in regards to you said people my Mom might not believe That he had him in the freezer for three Weeks but if he did somehow regenerate Himself by keeping him in the freezer he Would have slowed down his metabolism Was it three weeks no it was a total of Ten days oh I thought you said three Three days from the day we brought him Home until I saw those yeah and then Still would have slowed down his Metabolism one I'm being able to Regenerate himself well you know we're Thinking in human terms and again what Do we know about a creatures physiology Of from a completely different place or Time or dimension yeah human body does Have the ability to regenerate itself Such as if you were to cut your finger You can regenerate it so that's true and

By by being exposed to extreme cold yes Your body will slow down it's Regeneration absolutely true of thank You but again that relates to us we're Thinking in human terms it's a natural Thing for us to do remember we don't Know physically anything about this Creature at all except how different it Appears first I was just going to add That what we do now well just hold on Call her thank you what we do know is This it was human like it obviously was Breathing our atmosphere it had to I There's no question bubble it's raining Almost cranial fluid leaking from the Wound right yeah I should also tell the Audience that in the videotape which I Have seen which is not yet released the Doctor does an examination on the Creature and it's viable in other words He was able to force the mouth open Force the eyelids it seemed like open Touch and you could see the texture and The touch of the skin so it wasn't any Plastic dummy that's for damn sure Whatever it was caller yes sir where are You I'm my name is Greg I'm from El Cajon California yes sir I'm doctor how are you tonight hanging In there Good I've loved listening to the story It's intriguing You said initially the incident you were In the area for three hours

Approximately three hours properly three Hours I knew you were ill and I know it Was a grave situation how did you muster The strength or the courage er I don't Know what's going to stay in that area For almost three hours how did you Manage to do that It was totally unconscious the local Influence just believe me if I could Have gotten up and walked out of there And run home I would have I felt sick at One point exhausted is another yes sir Picked myself up started to walk away And one thing would lead to another and I actually have to sit down to regain Some strength so it was a matter of not Wanting to be there but meeting I think To be there just to regain my own Strength and will to leave was almost Like you had let shoes on oh absolutely Yeah boy it's an intriguing story and You seem very credible to me thank you Alright sir I appreciate your thought You each of the Rockies you're on the Air with Robert Wraith and dr. Reid hi Hello hello where are you I am an old annoy hello no all right my Name is Edie Edie okay we don't have a Whole lot of time go ahead okay yeah in 1985 I witnessed two aliens outside my Bedroom window and my friends didn't Believe it so just to make a quick long Story short Oh yeah I rigged up a videotape and I

Took some pictures and I made it look Like something actually took place and They were totally impressed So what are you saying you faked Pictures absolutely uh-huh Well nobody's saying things cannot be Faked it was fun but well what actually Happened did happen but I just so you're Saying you think pictures to verify a Story that you had not documented it is Actually documented but I just did it as A prank just to have fun you did it to Substantiate what had happened yes and They loved it and then of course I told Them later that it was butch wax and Paper mache and it was just fun well Glad you had fun Is that what you think is being done Here I do not believe that at all so you You have you seen the photographs by the Way no I I it's an incredible story I Listen all the time and it almost makes Me I'm shaking right now just reliving My experience that I understand thank You very much west of the Rockies you're On the air with dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert Wraith hello hi there welcome Back thank you very much for returning There sure um Kirstie the doctor actually falls in Line with the last caller I heard him last week I believe this Last week right Yes yeah and um I found it very credible

Tonight you know I have a strange sense That I mean the man Tamizh is telling The truth at least what he believes to Be the truth I was wondering if you can Give me just a minute to talk to the Audience yeah sort of a one-on-one thing And just sort of bare his soul so to Speak you know tell us exactly um well Now I'm gonna loss forward little nurse I apologize that's all right but I know That I really in my own heart know that Me I was telling the truth Thank you and um that was also my Impression yeah I really do believe it And I think that you know it's Especially like with the last caller Saying is like you know some people are Not sure but the man has Honesty in his voice and weakness to Speak to the audience you know directly And somehow try to convince some of the People who don't believe because this is Not this actually happens to real people Even guys I have something to say about That all right you all right you are yes Sir Go ahead doctor thank you sir you know I'm just a normal guy you know I was in The right place what I consider to be The wrong timing I didn't want this to Happen I don't want to be in the Spotlight I don't want to be doing this It's somebody I know to come forward I Know and they've got possibly evidence

To and they've been told not to bring it Out and not possibly have you been Threatened after other than followed and Nearly run off the road have you been Directly threatened have you had all Right we're at the top of the hour so Everybody hold on we'll come back I Definitely want to hear about that dr. Reid has been threatening well as he Said we've only heard about a fifth of What actually occurred you're listening To the account of dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert Wraith who documented it and is Writing a book about it I'm art bell and This is coast to coast am