Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 4

By | October 31, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 4

Well know that scream didn't occur when I hit the aliens right after we Basically examined the alien After bringing it back into the garage I Noticed and it was coming from inside This is this is where I personally would Begin to have a problem if I heard that There is no way on God's green earth but I would go and open that freezer but That's what you did isn't it Well if again it happened very quickly I Was I was actually angry because I had Set up an appointment for a friend to Come over and look at the body you need To do a more intense examination and That examination was cancelled without Any reason and no reason given and it Was done in such a way that I knew there Was either something had gotten to this Other person or he was afraid and I was Very angry I was very frustrated and so I was literally putting things away in Frustration and was angry and at the Time I heard this noise I wasn't Thinking about anything and I opened the Lid of the freezer and I could see That it was moving it had actually Opened the top of the thermal blanket in The arm I slammed the door of the Freezer and ran like hell Now that I would have done had I've been Foolish enough to open the door had I Seen what you saw and heard what you Heard baby that'd be it I mean this

Thing by then I had been in the freezer How long at that point you know somebody Called me earlier today this has been I Think coffee table conversation now four Days since our last interview everywhere Everywhere is right and somebody said All come on there is no way that the Creature would be alive after being in The freezer however what do we know About this creatures physiology nothing Absolutely nothing so for all we know it Might have liked the cold and also you Do know that there are creatures on Earth that can survive all winter long In the Antarctic and the freezing cold Hibernating that's true well not only Hibernating but you know being alive and Well and feeding Canada experienced you Know 30 40 below zero it's true uh we Don't know if that suit as well was some Kind of protection the suit as you call He not only did it heal but when he Later tried to cut it again it Disallowed him from doing it by wrapping Itself around them so we know that the Suit learned and can aggressively defend Itself and therefore its host as well so Doctor when did you hear that scream Well after I and I had called Gary back And He had calmed me down I'm calling back To go around feeling we both went out to One to look again and I figured you know You know we went out looked we did the

Same thing I opened the freezer so that I could know that I was not imagining This And the same thing happened and when the Freezer was opened this thing let out a Scream like I have never heard before it Literally the force of the sound made You feel like something was pushing Against your chest the air around it as It screams actually bubbles and moves it Felt like the air was moving done and at That time it was just you know open and Close and later on I felt like I had to Try to document this of course all right Took my camera and I took the recorder And I turned it on and I again opened The freezer and that's when I recorded Would you uh would you play the sound For us once again yes I will hold on Okay here it comes Oh my god awful now how did you stay dry But I couldn't that's been answer all Right now Let's rush forward the so you slept Before again obviously back in the Freezer it goes you're being followed by Now you've notified any number of people That you've got this creature right Gary Had taken kind of control of things I Couldn't work and we decided that we Needed to gather some information to Decide what kind of strategy to do and As we did that we started to notice that People were am i watching huh being

Followed Well obviously notifying a number of People you probably finally hit upon one Who notified somebody who decided you Shouldn't have one of them actually Tried to run you off the road didn't it Really Matter of fact they at one point also Try to run Gary off the road that they Pulled out in the last second otherwise He would have been killed Quickly that we didn't get very far Before we encountered people basically We have contacted all right you called Me I called you the other day because we I've said last week we're gonna do a Follow-up on this program no way we're Leaving it where it is You've got the negatives to these Photographs yeah we're going to have you Contacted and process those with your Permission unfortunately we cannot get The aliens body or the alien may it may Be alive because somebody else got it You came home your home was trashed and Not just the alien but the entire Freezer was gone holes could have the Walls yeah in the ceiling And finally I walk to the garage and in The freezer and the freezer will come Gone hold on doctor we're at the bottom Of the hour it won't be right back this Is coast to coast am 1 all right Gentlemen we're back on the air again

Before we do go to the phones is there Anything that either one of you wants to Get out that hasn't been said that Should be said Robert well I'd like to Say you asked me earlier about the book Sure the book the book is pretty much It's done it's the text we're just going Over making sure that it's perfect and The book will have photographs in it and Fingers crafts we're talking to people Now and we'll get it out as soon as we Can the details of the story that we're Talking about we've talked about maybe One fifth one fifth of what happened in Other words there's an awful lot of Detail in between the chronology you Gave us absolutely it would take it Would take days to go over everything That actually happened it took almost a Year to basically decipher everything And put it have you seen the rescan Photos I put up this morning yes I have Do they accurately represent the Photographs yes okay good beautiful do You understand that there are a lot of People who are going to view this even Though the photographic evidence is Heavy even though there's a videotape That I have seen they haven't they're Gonna view this as a hoax what do you Say what do you say to those people I Say to those people that's okay you know They can believe what they want this is My story of what happened

And all I can say is I am bringing this Out for everyone to see I can no longer Sit on this and stay in the shadow it's Time everybody see this and decide for Themselves you know there are too many Secrets and for too long people have Been telling us this didn't happen or That didn't happen and you need to think This way well I think it's time we stand Up and take back some of our rights a Few things the way they are the truth When I called you the other day to Reschedule the shows I was saying you Were in a dead flat panic something Terrible was going on or had gone on Since you were on the air with me last Week can you talk about that at all well My attorney has advised me not to talk About that at this time due to the fact That it involved people okay whatever it Was had you scared basically I was not Going to come back in here almost Decided do to let it happen not to go Ahead with the book but I think people Need to judge for themselves oh they Will there are a lot of people who look At these photographs and I it's funny How you get complaints a lot of times You'll see a picture of a craft or Something or another and it's people say It's all fuzzy I don't believe it in the Case of these photographs they're too Good we don't believe it how could they Have been that good how could the doctor

Have paused carefully enough to take Such good quality photographs they just Came out good and I'm glad they did Because it's about time somebody comes Forward with something all right I'm gonna go to the phones and we'll see What we get and we don't screen calls so We're liable to get anything and I know Robert since you have done the Documentation you may want to respond to Some of these too So let's see what we get on our first Time caller line you're on the air with Dr. Reid and Robert Wraith hi