Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 3

By | October 28, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 3

For a moment it's important to know too That Jonathan was very ill at this time He had cut himself somehow either Explosion to exposure to the obelisk or Exposure to the alien is true Jonathan You had touched the obelisk on you yes Do you think that was the source of your Injury I'm not sure okay but I know that The texture the outside feeling of this Thing was almost like dry ice so my my Conclusion is that maybe I burned my Hand on the cold one all right so you Drove straight home well I drove home Early straight I had to stop a couple of Times because I did stop at a ranger Station but there was no one there and I Was hoping to you know get some kind of Help for myself but I just kept driving After that it must have been still at This point kind of surreal for you Absolutely realize you had a body with You what to be honest I didn't think of It as a body I thought of it as Something dead I don't know that I could bring myself To really believe that it was an Intelligent lifeform at that time I Think only later when my friend Gary Tried to convince me of what I had deal With reality you know I was totally in Denial I mean this was a nonhuman to me And it killed my dog in such a fashion That I I felt vindicated by killing yes You know I felt that it was completely

Fine but I still had a lot of remorse Not knowing exactly what I've done nor What the creature really was I guess so You got home and you put the creature as I recall in your freezer yes I thought I Started thinking about what to do with It I didn't know what I should do I Thought about doing it so I was so sick I wasn't going to do anything piece of Meat I guess I need to sure so the Garage was right next to the car and That's where my freezer rolled and it Worked in the house wasn't connected to The house and I didn't want the friend To be connected to me and so in it went You had a big enough freezer to store This thing I take it oh yeah and so in Practically empty so in it went with no Doubts and krinkle french fries or Something yeah and you walked up the Freezer and walked away I locked the Freezer closed the garage door and ran To the house try to just relax tried to Calm down at this point You consider calling the police now You've got a phone The Rangers weren't there but you could Call 9-1-1 yes I had thought about Calling the police I thought about Calling everybody you know I thought About calling NASA the National Guard Anybody sure no I didn't want this thing In my life and I would I don't know how To explain the feeling I had I was so

Exhausted when I could barely get in the House I picked up the phone I called my Girlfriend she wasn't there left her Message that I'm call me very important They called my best friend Gary he Wasn't home I left him a message I said Call me or come over immediately mm-hmm And I basically sat there not knowing What to do really not thinking just Trying to calm down yes it's really Interesting how people react when they Listen to a story like this because They're listening in a calm rational way To a man who's telling a story about not A calm rational event and so people tend To able to you know I would have done This or I would have done that you don't Know how you're gonna react in a Situation like that you had been in a in Mortal combat your dog had been killed You had just killed a creature that Appeared not to be of this earth it's Hard to know how a person would react Armchair listeners are quick to suggest While you shut it on this or you should Have done that I think so far I would Have pretty much done what you did well If I had to pull over again I would have Done things differently what would you Have done the exact same thing happened I probably I still would have brought it Back but I think I would have definitely Taken it directly to a university or Some sort of authority right all right

We're gonna take a break here at the top Of the hour and if you would be so kind Doctor people are asking that you repeat The scream of the alien that I know you Have on tape got it So excellent stand by everybody Robert Thank you for a spin standing by while We unwind the story once again and then We're going to take calls from all of You so if you have questions or Observations stand by because your calls Are coming up and by all means get up on The web you've got to see the rescan Photographs they're absolutely Incredible Ok here we go I'm always pausing there To be sure I'm not about to interrupt Myself again once again dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert Wraith gentlemen welcome Back with the luxury thank goodness of Some time tonight and so doctor you Brought this creature home at some point Then how long after you had brought the Creature home did you remove the Creature from the freezer approximately Eight hours huh couldn't sleep more than About 10 minutes without waking up Living nightmare finally I actually got Dressed thinking it would help me if Tired all right and so did you actually Remove it or just look at it in the Freezer No I removed it all right in the Videotape folks I can tell you this you

See much more in the videotape that Actually The doctor laying this creature out on The floor unwrapping it and then you did A cursory examination I caught some on Videotape I I noticed you opened its Mouth yeah You opened its eyes and seemed to be Trying to remove something from the eye I couldn't quite jell well you've got to Stay good and close to the phone doctor Okay that's anyway I was trying to open The eyelid and the tissue that made up The eyelid muscle was very very tough Facial structure of this creature was Very old-looking Almost like you can see veins clearly Right well part of the hand or part of The process of death I would guess of The creature now you after that Examination wrapped it back and put it Back in the freezer yes I did Was there anything notable you can tell Us about the examination itself other Than what you said about the eyes oh There was a clothing Clothing was made out of some strange Fabric and at that time I I did not Attempt to remove it or peel it back it Was almost like it was adhered to the Skin it's almost like a little to the Skin but it was interesting from the Standpoint that the hands they were the Creature had three fingers in this glove

But after another examination where we Actually probed it actually had five Fingers the glove itself wasn't like a Mitten but it had three large fingers One for the thumb and two fingers Was it doctor was it to mesh together With the rest of the clothing what You're calling this mitten or glove yes It was all in one seamless and you don't And you tried to cut into it didn't you Yes and a later examination mascara we Attempted to cut into the into the Fabric and I used an exacto knife and Made a incision in the savage about four To five inches and within seconds it Started to almost gelatinize sort of Informant yeah sort of an instant Healing if you will that was a second Examination yes Following that examination with Gary yes Where's Gary new at which point I see an Examination no no no we're currently Currently areas gone after after about The ninth day And we had encountered all kinds of Trouble and problems with being followed And having people go through the house And and run off the road and numerous Events I carry went in one direction I Went in the other – and what kind of Doctor are you Psychologist when did you end your Practice that day that was it you're You're literally I don't know if on the

Run is the right word now but I think That's pretty close pretty close huh And in areas – and you have not heard a Word from Gary no all right try to find Him – he may be out there listening Right now if he is do you want him to Contact you yeah if he knows how to Contact me All right um let's backtrack a little Bit when you played a screen last time You were on the air last week just blew My mind that scream occurred when you Hit the alien when did the scream occur