Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 1

By | October 27, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-18-1998 Second Interview with Dr. Jonathan Reed Part 1

From high desert and that great American Southwest I bid you all good evening or Good morning wherever you may be across This great land of ours and Beyond from The the western side out there the Islands the Asian and Hawaiian island Chains of a few others eastward to the Caribbean in the US Virgin Islands st. Thomas and South in South America north All the way to the pole and worldwide on The internet thank you broadcast comm Soon to be providing streaming video of The program that’s in the works right Now folks Intel also having a part in That and we’ll keep you up to date as it Approaches now in the next hour we’re Going to be speaking again with a couple Of very controversial character Characters dr. Jonathan Reed and Robert Rate and we’ve got a little more for you Tonight we’re going to go over the basic Story one more time allow you to ask Questions but guess what I did I went Back and we scanned the photographs at Higher resolution photographs of the Obelisk photographs of the alien Creature we will also have some audio For you tonight from the videotape that Was provided this really is the Appropriate bumper music for what we’re About to do Robert great when he wanted To get my attention sent me a fax and in Bold at the top of the fax it said hey Art wanna take a ride knowing my

Affinity for that line and that’s how This Odyssey that you’re about to hear About began the incredible encounter in The woods in Washington between Donna Dr. Jonathan Reed and an alien creature Now let me tell you what I’ve done You’re going to hear new things Tonight I have rescanned the photographs In addition to adding a new photograph From a differ Angle farther away of the Ovilus the new Scans are much higher resolution if you Want to see them this is what you can be Hearing about tonight In photography on the web you go to my Website right now at w w w RG l comm and There you will see the new scans much Larger much greater detail that was a Request so i did that and got them off To as richard would say scotty my Webmaster keith rowland and they’re up There for your perusal at the moment so We’re going to be speaking with robert Grave and dr. Jonathan Reed once again In a moment by popular demand well Here’s how it began Robert Wraith sent Me the fax I described a little while Ago Describing an alien encounter that a Doctor Jonathan Reed had in Washington Now a couple of years ago the most Astounding story you’ve ever heard it is One of the most interesting alien Encounter stories in years and years and

We have significant amounts of Documentary evidence in the form of Kodak 35-millimeter photographs I have those personally I have scanned Them now in high resolution there on the Website believe me you don’t want to Miss those you don’t want to miss those And I also have a videotape from which I’ve taken a little bit of audio not of The alien scream I’m gonna have a doctor Cue that one up again I only had a limited amount of time Today but I’m gonna have that audio on Tonight you have not yet heard that you Can actually hear the doctor running Through the forest but we’re gonna back Up a little bit and sort of tell the Story in miniature again and then Tonight we’ve got more time luxury of Time on radio and we’re gonna let these Gentlemen answer questions from some of You you’ll you’ll see pictured on the Web the creature that was killed by the Doctor and you will see Also the what’s what’s called the Obelisk and we may talk talk more about An obelisk tonight They may even open an obelisk line but What I want to do right away is tell the Story at least in brief again Robert you Were contacted by dr. Reid why dr. Reid Needed somebody to chronicle this the Chief reason I was brought on board was To document and write the story along

With dr. Reid are you are you a writer Yes yes I am okay so in other words Doctor you wanted to finally get a Chronology a documentation of all of This down correct All right well then that makes absolute Sense and that story is being written Robert you’re how far through it now Well just about completely done with the Book is matter fact almost done huh That’s a big job I know all right dr. Reid let us let us begin set the stage When was this exactly sixth place in October mid October as 1996 in Washington State in the Cascade Mountain Range about 60 miles east of Seattle Jay I was walking hiking with my dog that Day hike and golden retriever Suzie and We just decided to take the day off and You know go for a beautiful hike we have Wonderful mountains and great places to Take your dog I have owned several Golden’s they’re wonderful sweet loving Loyal dogs absolutely well anyway after Walking for about an hour and a half Hour 45 minutes from where I had left my Car my dog started to take off which she Did occasionally either chasing you Raccoon or something and I didn’t think Too much of that until I started to hear The barking and her bark got continually Louder and more like she was in danger Or had to read an animal sure like that She was out of sight she was probably a

Well I don’t know maybe 300 feet or so In front of me and it was an uphill Trail quite heavy brush and I like a Fair loss total sight of her but I was Concerned after hearing the barking gets More severe so I set my pack down and I Thought oh maybe this maybe it could be A cat or a bear branch and you know see If I can untangle whatever this is and So I started to come up around the ridge And as I came across the ridge I Witnessed my dog grabbing on to the arm Of this creature I didn’t know what it Was at the time I was totally blown away But I could see that the dog not only Had holders of this thing but this thing Had ahold of my dog and within a matter Of a second it was literally they were In mortal combat absolutely And Robert you said that last time we Were on and I want to clarify this that The dog was somehow turned in on itself Or how did you describe that the after The the alien had released fleshy Pseudopod on the dog and then retracted If the dog was bleeding the dog a spot Opened up on the dock and the entire dog Started to flow like water down a drain Right into that hole for the dog was Just sucked into itself these are Nothing more than a very fine powdery Substance on the ground almost like the Hide and the skin was being torn right Off of the bone oh my god

Horrible horrible thing to see occurring To your dog had at that moment as you Were watching that scene did you then See the obelisk hovering in the air or Did you only see that later I only saw that later that was probably 45 minutes to an hour later after this Other situation had taken place okay at This point you’re aware your dog is Dying or dead you’ve got a branch of Some kind in your hand yeah it picked up A branch so you know here’s here’s a Part I want to ask you about you Obviously advanced toward an attack hit This alien over the head did you do that Sort of without thinking or I mean what Went through your mind here was your dog Being killed in a horrible way And and you were going to approach this Thing that was doing that this total Event took place in maybe 15 seconds Which seems quick in one sense but it Seemed like an eternity in another the Last thing that I really consciously Remember was yelling at Susie to let go Because I was under the impression that She was grabbing this creature as I was Watching it also grabbed her the last Thing that I said was Susie let go and There was nothing I mean there was Nothing but this fury of this shaking Pulsating being at that moment I think I Just Came emotionally unconscious of what I

Was doing I leapt forward and swung this Makeshift bat and hit it on the side of The head The adrenaline had had taken place I mean his adrenaline had shot through The roof and it pretty much took over Just his instincts took completely over At that point oh not everybody Unfortunately yet has the web and they Can’t go see the photographs and they Are gonna be in my newsletter by the way But short of that this is the theater of The mind here on radio so we’re going to Have to have you explain if you can Doctor what this creature that killed Your dog looks like well this entity was Approximately four and a half feet tall It was later measured it at 53 inches Exactly it’s very small and dimension Childlike except for its head it had its Head seemed a little out of proportion To the small body size When I say childlike I mean Approximately the proportion of a maybe A five or six-year-old child maybe the Appendages the arms and legs a little Bit longer very thin very thin torso it Was completely dark closed-in a type of Tight-fitting almost spandex looking Material that the gloves and endure it Will the hands the arms the torso of the Body legs and the feet were completely In wrapped in one thing Wow how strange And that that is in the photographs a

Lot of people have asked about that Black whatever it is the alien appears To be wearing and anyway we’re getting Ahead of ourselves because that was During the examination we would describe That more I think in the examination Anyway you whacked this thing over the Head Did you come running up to it and just Walk it suddenly I mean a fast I literally leapt forward to to hit at It and in fact I’m surprised I even hit It and not an athlete but I weigh about A hundred and ninety pounds and 510 so I Had a pretty good-sized difference on Those things all right and I asked you This the last time and I’m gonna ask Again it takes a fair amount to crush a Human skull I don’t know the power that You swung with whether it was like you Were swinging a baseball bat or how you Did it what you were intending at the Time but did the skull crush in the Obvious damage shown in the photographs But more easily in your opinion than a Human skull would have well being that I’ve never crashed a human skull that’s Where difficulty is a very good point Identifying very good palladin I know I swung as hard as I could there Was no holding back and the branch was In proportion to a good sized baseball Bat so in my feelings it was it was it Was relatively easy as far as you know

The tension against the branch that I Could feel but like I say this happened In such a fast theory But but it was a serious blow in other Words it wasn’t like cracking an egg Shell It took a serious blow to do it oh I not Yeah being down about four feet back