Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 5

By | October 26, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 5

Other than the photographic evidence Uh-huh no right when how long did you Retain custody of this alien body ten Days ten days on the tenth day what Happened well I think three there needs To be something spared to prior to that All right we had brought in the event Something somebody could put some I Didn’t want to kill it but I did it out Of fear I did it out of frustration for What I had and I felt terrible and I Still do I brought it home I saved it I Put it in the freezer we went through The process of trying to find out what To do serious you mean among your Friends or among some of the Professionals that I talked about Did you uh soliciting people or yes I Talked to several people through the University I talked to a professor that I know specifically as a friend I tried To set up meetings with him things Started to happen he told me he would Come and look I then received a phone Call several several hours later within This was predetermined that he would Come over and and look at this all of a Sudden his tone changed he cancelled the Appointment no reason no reason given This started to happen one after the Other then we realized there were people Watching the house dr. Reid at that Point hold on please Dr. Jonathan Reed is men you’re

Listening to at the moment Robert Wraith is here and so’s whitley Strieber i’m art bell and this is coast To coast am alright back now to our Guests Robert ray dr. Jonathan Reed and Whitley Strieber gentlemen welcome back I want to ask one quick question of you Doctor and you Robert the three Photographs that I now possess that I Have put on the website Not everybody has a computer and we have A newsletter that we publish we have put Your copy write your name on these Photographs would you give us permission To put these in the newsletter as well Yes yes thank you gentlemen All right your house doctor you become Aware is being watched very paranoid and Became dangerous Immune in what said well we almost got Run off the road twice by vehicle a big Dark blue van the incident that I was Before the break I was trying to say Here’s that After we did the I was preparing for That I had put everything away sounds Like something from Alfred Hitchcock Alright I’m telling you this is chilly It’s really actually I investigate I Found I’m ready which is what we took to Calling him with not yeah What He was still alive and moving and Screaming at this point I’d be screaming

I slammed the freezer into the house oh Yeah yeah no this is audio from the Totality of the videotape runs about how Long gentlemen and it should be said That this was taken in the woods most of It and it was jerky and you were running At times and other times you stopped for At least a moment and got a good clear Shot and then running again yes I think You have that you can you have that in Your head all right Oh would you would you please go ahead Now and though it’s not the best way to Do it hold the phone up and play that Audio for us okay from the tape all Right go right ahead Alright that was that was someone hard To distinguish I that was that a scream Certainly there was a background though I could hear it something open I could Hear you must have a good strong heart Doctor I was done later actually Attempted to communicate with the alien Oh you did so now you’ve got a live Alien with a terrible head wound in your Freezer which has apparently come back To life or maybe it never died hard to Say wish it didn’t die And obviously the freezer didn’t even Wasn’t dead it would be dead but I did Notice during the examination that the Tissue had changed around the wound it Seemed almost like the way things freeze You know when you freeze something that

Is wet Every litter was actually some reason The elements of the environment which Are not conducive to his healing somehow It was hey I don’t have all the answers Yeah that’s somehow allowing this Creature There’s no way of understanding exactly How that could be or what it really Um I’m speechless frankly young so my Alright so the last time this is Something the police would ask when was The last time you saw this creature Alright then I’m wrong I I’m not Understanding the timeline tell me how Many days it was when you opened the Freezer in this alien was alive three And a half days three and a half days And so you by mistake I had taken it out Of the freezer several times during that Time I understand I can imagine that uh And then from the time that it it Apparently reanimated four pieces that Term and you slammed the freezer shut And locked it there what about how many More days elapsed okay did you open it Again or do you did not after being in The freezer that long pouring it on the Head right right it was alive and that Is about the time when other things Started happening which eventually I Lost control of Okay how did the body come up missing When did you suddenly realize it was

Missing what circumstances can you tell Us about you know doctor you’re lucky to Be alive Did you ever attempt to remove this Creatures clothing during the again did You remove the clothing the black Clothing we attempted to and in doing so I used an exacto knife we ate a slice in The material right And the material almost liquefied pet it And rejoined oh oh oh there was a point Where you went to cut it again and it Was a longer cut and then it and then Again it came together and then on the Third time it just disallowed and Cutting it at all are the clothing had Actually adhered to the knife just Wouldn’t