Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 4

By | October 26, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 4

I realized that this wasn’t what I Thought I was looking at you were did You touch it at that point or well all I Did was walk up to it I was within three Feet in front of him when I had knocked It down at that point once I realize Seams on the pictures on Arts website to Look as if it’s wearing something yes That was one one I was going to get two Of a head the shots of the head of the Alien are very clear and they moved down Into what almost appears to be some kind Of black cloth or clothing jenny was it Was a black type of suit made of some Type of material but nothing that I had Ever seen almost a tight fitting body Wrap type of material almost like a fan Deck was a tailored suit or more like Are you kidding tight all the way tight Begins its neck torso legs one piece I Could see was anything wrong with its Event at the point that it was lying on The ground if anything wrong with its Neck Joe has been broken well as you Know later examination it didn’t appear To be broken as in the in one of the Photographs I think the first photograph That’s on the website there’s it sort of Appears that there’s something wrong With the neck it’s hard to tell it’s What was broken or not I just wanted to Know as far as I know it wasn’t all Right other examination that happened Later sorry uh no let’s get that the

Time passes finally you somehow I guess Collect your senses and decide what your Course of action is going to be what do You do doctor you Walk away and as you walked away or did Did you um I started to walk away I Started to grab my tack and think that It was getting late and I if I was going To get out of the woods before it was a Dark I was I didn’t know I was going to Get I had injured my hand that felt like A burn that was when you slapped burying The creature right at that point I Thought well you know maybe I should Just bury that you can 30l could hide it Things like the lore well everything Went through my mind you know thinking About what have I done is it a crime is Anybody gonna believe this Can I hide it from animals today so that Later I could come back oh yes I didn’t Have a shovel I didn’t have any tool With me I had a pocketknife At that point I made a decision that Maybe I could cover it with thermal Blankets that I had and put rocks around It and possibly preserve it so I came Back with some help make sense all right At that point I started looking for rock Every Rock I found was buried so deep or Connected to other rocks that there Wasn’t anything I could find to do it Alright I made a determination that if I Rolled it up if I actually pushed just

Being into the thermal blanket and Rolled it around it that maybe I could Put branches against it or something Else well in moving it I found out that It was extremely light it had very Little weight to it in fact I rolled it Up like a burrito mm-hmm in the blanket And as I picked it up to carry it to Find some place to put it in the area I Just started walking so in other words It was actually wide enough that you Could carry it reasonably it was Approximately 50 pound Very strange time element involved with Contact with the obelisk originally he Had ripped his shirt something happened With the obelisk the hours that should Have existed no longer existed in other Words he was there he knew he was there Or felt he was there for at least three Hours what ended up happening was There’s only a short period of time that Gone by and then we’re out of time where It seemed like he was actually somehow In the fella by the Ovilus did when he When he was when he finished with that Episode his shirt was no longer torn did We get to the shirt in just a second That’s fascinating But let me ask you just for Clarification it three hours past on Your watch and some of that time you Can’t seem to account for ordered it Seemed like three hours would actually

Turn out to be a much shorter time on Your watch watch all right then if I Understand this correctly you had the Alien wrapped in the thermal blanket That is by the way the background for The photographs that we’ve got here is That correct correct Right and you carried this creature away Wrapped up meanwhile in the background The obelisk this thing is still hovering In the air and that’s the last you saw Of the obelisk have you since been back To that location went back I took all Right you then hiked you’ve got how many Hours to get back to your vehicle about An hour and a half so you carried this Creature for an hour and a half stomping Okay so think about but you have going All right you got the creature into your Car I threw it in the back of my car And drove where straight home home Go home now when you got home What did you do well driving home gave Me some senses remedy yeah but with a Bit of a souvenir right being the Silhouette burrito in the back thinking You know area tomorrow maybe all this Was a bad dream and so after that I went In the house for a while and they Decided you can’t just leave this in my Car I even thought about the fact There’s somebody broke into my car and Found if that would be a surprise Hmm so I decided that I would put it in

My garage in my freezer sound at that Point I felt it was a piece of meat and I needed to put it somewhere and how to Cite and I could lock the freezer Preserve it so you locked it in your Freezer yeah he really didn’t want to Bring it into his house and then leave Me looking at it here I understand that Completely so how long did it spend in Your freezer Oh the next morning when I now at what Point did you bring the video camera out Again and the camera and begin to take Photographs of this creature when did That happen that was approximately nine Hours after the video Whitley and I hope You don’t mind after my describing go Right ahead the video shows The creature wrapped up as he said like A burrito and it actually starts being Unwrapped in other words he starts Unwrapping it this is now at home and They go through a series of was that you In the video doctor yeah okay opening The mouth moving the face moving the Head back and forth opening the eyelids That sort of examination it shows that In the video was handling the video Camera at that time right who was I went So you must have had it on a tripod or Something box yeah that’s right it would Be fairly close so it would so here we Are you now documented by video and by 35 millimeter photography the creature

And what you call the Ovilus not Necessarily folks the ship that was our Mistake in interpretation calling his Ship unnecessarily a ship in with Something anomalous something so doctor Who did you tell about this he called me Later That must have been something some Experience for your friend yeah it was Still quite sick at the time and I think It was genetic from every standpoint Gary was a bit more functional and Gary Was the one that pretty much said this Is an alien it was something that at This time Jonathan absolutely did not Want in any way to think of it’s not Where he wanted to go okay now we’ve Done another witness Gary Somebody named Gary that’s your best Friend okay with my death right are you Still in contact with Gary no all right Do you suspect Gary’s on the run has met With foul play what I don’t know you Know I do know that we went through an Enormous amount of incident after They’re trying to find out what I had Basically decided that I had killed Something but I could be very very Seriously in trouble Gary kind of took the lead and said no This is something else something very Important and then I said well we need To go to the police he said no we don’t That’s the first thing you don’t want to

Do and then we went down that path of What do we do Who do we talk to sure we make several Phone calls to some of the bigger Organizations like one says move on move On you called move on yeah Peter Davenport in Seattle you called Peter Davenport yes and what response did you Get from Peter well when we were calling At that point we were calling fairly Anonymously we were saying what if we Had very similar to the fact that was Empty you are all right what are you Worried we were gingerly trying to test The waters of where to go you know what If we had a body and some of the some of The response that we got was very Disturbing from the standpoint of you Know people wanting to come and you know Tear this thing apart and tear your life Apart and you know do you have this do You have that mm-hmm well let me ask you Right now to questions one do you retain Any physical evidence at all