Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 3

By | October 26, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 3

About fifty feet from me and I went Forward and saw things and the first Pictures that I took I wasn’t sure that They would come out because of the way That air felt what were the pictures It’s the first pictures that you took What were they up and I started to think Well maybe I should back up maybe if I Got further back something would come Out if there was something going on Radiation or whatever ruin the pic Photograph so you went back from it and I have some of those other photographs Right I was trying to get a clear Exposure the tree canopy in that area Was extremely dense yes it was a over Capital I can see that as well for those Who can’t clearly see it through Just barely through some of the trees You can see the sky and it was clearly Gray and overcast no question do you Still have the negatives yes you do are You willing to have the negatives Examined did you take any of pictures of The creature in your dog the dog Literally if I heard his description Correctly sort of how did you put it Robert the dog collapsed into herself And then disappeared looking like some Type of right Did you did you get any of this no so Mind let’s go – yes the next thing I’m Curious about if I can ask is the Obelisk you were there for a total of

Three hours found or notice the obelisk After about an hour took photographs What happened to this obelisk was it Still there when you left the area or Impact oh when I walked up to it it was Making a humming sound when I touch the Sound and as I pulled my hand back I Know that you touched it how does it Feel and it also when it was slapped When Jonathan slapped it absorbs the Sound completely you slap me you slapped It well I went to push on it and I used My other anchored to the air how far Above the ground was it actually Hovering approximately 36 inches maybe 48 at the most okay other dimensions I Don’t know if I mentioned them but it Was approximately two and a half feet High about four feet four and a half Feet wide and about nine or nine and a Half feet long that that looks about Right according to the adjacent foliage I had had comment From people who were assuming this was a Ship and they said well it’s too small The other comments that I’ve had dr. It’s an extremely clear photograph and People have said with respect to the Craft and the photographs of the Creature how were you able to keep your Senses under such extreme conditions to Take such steady clear photographs I Mean most photographs we get from people Submitted of UFOs and/or creatures are

People always constantly complain They’re distorted they’re blurry they’re Foggy they’re indistinct and people in This case are complaining about exactly The opposite Your pictures they say are too damn Clear how did you do that and quieted Down that I had my camera and that no One would believe what happened to my Dog You had not only a 35-millimeter camera Which is understandable because you were On a hike but you had some sort of video Cam what what did you have with you what What kind of video I had a regular video Camera right I have one two there you Know there are you know of this object As well as photographs pardon You took video of the object as well as A video of the and I have that video Woodleigh and if you look at the video Far from it Far from it with that in fact I do have The audio of that if you would like to Hear some I do I’d like to hold it for After the top right here Oh Whitley you said the video is very Important it’s very important because if He has photographs with negatives and Also video then this object who probably Was busy There yah weekly there yeah in other Words this is no trick he has those Those three elements all exist and

That’s it that’s very very well I have To know that I have the clear 35 Millimeter photographs I have the video As well art yes sir In regards to the photograph Jonathan Did take many pictures and not all of Them enough I understand you sent me the Best of a lot how many pictures in in Totality doctor did you take I probably Took 2024’s all right yeah of which I Have six and some did not come out or Did not come out well I take it right That was at this site like I said there Was a lot of problems with very heavy I’m surprised that any of the video came Out at all in fact if you listen to the Audio I am so distraught because through the Viewfinder of the video camera I could Not see the hablo of the time I know you Actually you you kept saying is this Damn thing working is it working well Now that you know after video you were In a clear panic there’s no question About that The video at times is broken up I would Assume some sort of electromagnetic Disturbance the video was checked by an Expert and it was found to be not Tampered with Okay so in other words whatever Disturbance was there was externally Caused yes and the camera is working What does this look like this

Disturbance it’s a it looks Whitley like You know a tracking problem when you’ve Got a severe tracking problem on a video Okay now in in a lot of cases the doctor Was in a flat-out Panic and he was running at times and Then at other times it was pretty jerky But there were several times where he Got still enough for at least a few Seconds to get good clear shots of the Obelisk and certainly many clear shots Of the of the creature farther away so It was generating something but we’ve Got out because by the time I walked Back probably 150 to 200 feet up on the Top of the ridge I could get a clear Shot of it down in the valley um Robert When were you told about all of this why Doctor did you go to Robert Roberts name Was given to me as a person that I could I’m not a writer and I needed help to Make this into a tangible no I ain’t not Alone I understand I I’m honored that You would choose my program and I would Ask you why you did why you chose to Exclusively break all this here why Honestly speaking mr. Bell a few years Ago I didn’t know anything about you and A friend of mine told me During this episode that you or someone Who dealt with this sort of thing it is True forget the information out Regardless of what it was and let the People decide for themselves you’re

Right That is why I have come to you okay well That’s a good answer because that is Exactly what I do all right Hold on everybody hold it right there We’ve got another hour ahead of this my Guests are a dr. Jonathan Reed who had The encounter the documented encounter With an alien creature and you have not Yet heard the whole story by a longshot Robert Wraith to whom he went to try to Chronicle this story whitley strieber Himself a longtime contactee and author Of many books many many books on the Subjects and i marbella what you’re Listening to is breaking news on coast To coast am don’t touch that done All right once again to our guests Robert Wraith who originated the call to Me dr. Jonathan Reed who had the Encounter and whitley strieber here to Help me ask questions since he’s had Contact himself gentlemen welcome back To the program all right here we are a Doctor you have had a period of time With the obelisk you have spent the Alien is dead your dog is dissolved in Some way I’ll use the word dissolved I Don’t know if that’s proper but gone This obelisk remains hovering in the air The one we have the clear photographs of You have you have two hours now with the Obelisk and with a dead alien what’s What’s happening in these two hours well

I’m trying to regain some type of Composure trying to make some sense Trying to think what what have I done What will happen could you go back to The moment when you realized it wasn’t a Child here