Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 1

By | October 26, 2010
Original Art Bell 11-11-1998 First Interview with Dr Jonathan Reed Part 1

From the high desert in the great American Southwest I bid you all good Evening or good morning depending on the Time zone you’re in and there are many From in the West needs a he Sherman Hawaiian island chains eastward to the Caribbean and the US Virgin Islands good Visions this both places to the south in The South America north all the way to The pole and worldwide on the Internet Thank you broadcast calm this is goes to Coast am i Martell and tonight you’re Gonna get what you’ve been waiting for We have with us Robert Great who was the man who sent me these Incredible photographs and a videotape Of an alien encounter that doctor Jonathan Reed had about two years ago And you’re going to hear the entire Story in a moment as backup for this Story let it be known the photographs Are on my website right now at Www.payoor.com Souter generated images I Scan these photographs kodak 35-millimeter photographs myself and I’ve got the photographs and i held them Up for the studio cap-cam and they’re Still up there now want to see them so You can know they whatever it is it it Was not manipulated in a computer these Are original Kodak’s Photographs of an alien encounter you’ll Hear all about it shortly but i think That most of you by now know the story

That we are about to tell i received a Phone call from the gentleman a young Gentleman robert wraith last Friday Night Saturday morning who told me an Amazing story of an alien encounter and Said he had proof Well I receive a lot of such calls Aren’t nevertheless heard the story said Send the proof well he did I got a Videotape of the encounter I got a total Of six thirty five-millimeter Photographs of which I have posted three I have a partial script of the story Itself I mean this evidence just came Rolling in so I put it up on a website Where you’ll find it now if you can get Into the website it’s in total gridlock At the moment even I can’t get in so Heavily it’s being hit for various Reasons and here are the now we’re gonna Also bring whitley strieber on whitley Is a contact ee and it knows a great Deal about these sorts of things and Whitley is going to be listening and Then asking questions as I’m going to Ask as as we proceed First of all Roberts a wraith are you There Okay Robert was the original man who Called me that last night fine a night Saturday morning right Robert that’s Correct okay we now also have with us Dr. Jonathan Reed Jonathan Good evening miss Adele good evening the

Honor to speak with you thank you and Listening in the background for the Moment is whitley strieber in san Antonio texas whitley that’s right I’m Here alright doctor we have had Robert I Think as best he was able lay out the Story of what happened from from you of Beginning to end I would like to I just Want to take the time now to simply say Tell us what happened and went when First of all when was this well it play Proximately two years ago October 1996 And in Washington State in mountain area I was hiking day hike with my dog and we Had done some Oh hour and a half to two Hours from where I had parked my car up A fairly well-known trail taking one Side trail is a fairly mountainous Region that makes a great hike great day Hike Pacific Northwest is a beautiful Area not sure if you’ve been here or not I have we have lovely country it is Beautiful been I’ve been there Not hiking but I’ve been there so I can Well imagine getting out in the wild so You had a backpack with you I take it Right I had a backpack I had some small You know day rations ahead my cameras With me and that’s always good for Wildlife you know that you run across Here so you weren’t out hunting with Guns you were out hunting with with Cameras right I’m not a hunter Okay that’s a good place to take your

Dog too because there’s not a lot of Places you can let your dog run what Kind of dog is that was that It’s a Suzy was a golden retriever seven Years old I’ve had several Golden’s they’re Wonderful dogs so here you were October 19th morning afternoon actually the it Was about three o’clock in the afternoon Three o’clock in the afternoon and you Were how far down this trail please I Was about and I’d say an hour and a half To two hours from starting point so you Were out really in the middle of nor Exactly all right first indication of I Guess you’ve got your dog out in front Of you or your dogs running Sue’s dog is That just going crazy sniffing nature You know feeling uh.thanks doing an lap And sees out investigating everything And all of a sudden she took off like a Bolt of lightning which occasionally Guard to do sure you know they’ll go After rabbit or fox or you know dear Even we had seen a deer earlier in the Day and the same type of thing that Happens without time I noticed she took Off and then all of a sudden I heard Barking now again this was not so good You probably have something cornered Right sure The Barking changed the tone Went from A normal dog working we have something To almost terror or anger like it had

Trapped something and at that point I Could be there we do have there sure in Not Washington State and I thought well Maybe that it’s either that or maybe a Some type of cat so I can occur to one At the trail now she was totally out of Sight she was probably a hundred to one Hundred and fifty yards ahead of me and The brush was fairly heavy and there was A ridge that I could not see over as I Proceeded I decided that maybe I should Be cautious I picked up a branch that Was laying you thought you might be Walking into the arms of a bear rare Enough and at that time the dog barking Howling you didn’t take guns with you no I don’t have now Suzie’s howling Susie Is howling and sounding like she’s being Yeah you can tell when a dog is in a Fight for its life it makes a very Different sound right at that point I Came up across the ridge and turned to My right and saw the dog completely Surrounded by what looks like a furious Moving target the only way to describe That is the air around this subject that I was looking at was vibrating very very Fast almost like a peach shaker okay I Know what you mean sure there’s nothing To stop that Not make out exactly what I was looking At at first I thought it was a child but Then I knew it wasn’t When you say target oh this would least

Reverb fool what did you mean a moving Target well if it was vibrating so fast My my vision was targeted on him oh I See In other words Whitley is like a target But the analogy was good here you know The paint shaker where you kind of Seeing a blur of movement that’s what he Mean exactly at that point I watched my Dog grabbing on to the before on being As the being breath now does my dog Literally tearing the head off and at That point I was so emotional that I Literally yelled for the dog not Realizing exactly what it was happening And looking at and this was happening so Quickly you’re trying to call off your Dogs Right and at that moment this creature Looked back at me and stopped and that Was the first time it quit vibrating and It looked at me turned his head down Just a little bit and gave me this look That could kill turned back my dog and At that point my dog started to die no No he started to die I could tell that It was over you were basing this on one I mean it started to die I will be Having her head torn back literally and Her head torn back this is happening I Understand at that point I ran forward And I don’t know where the logic came From I don’t know there was no Forethought I literally struck with this

Bat hitting the creature when the Creature stopped vibrating at that point You had a clear eye I would presume a Clear look at the creatures full body And face and arms and legs and you saw The whole creature clearly at that point As clear as it could be under the Circumstances mm-hmm an important fact To remember to stay close to that zone Robert okay To mention is the fact that the dog Actually was sucked into itself sucked Into itself It started to literally implode and the Alien at this point what obviously is an Alien according to the photographs of us Just stood there you did better beat it Better be singling oh we don’t want These things living there if it stood There and kind of took a step back Looking at the spot where Suzy was and At that point turned and at that point Looked toward me as I lunged at it so For those who don’t have computers and Have not yet seen the photograph can you Describe this creature for us yes I’ve Had a long time to look at what I was With and consider what category it would Be it would be in and the physiology of It is similar to what people call a gray But yes the facial structure the actual Skull structure I believe is smaller How tall was it it was about four and a Half feet tall for a heavy right three

Inches is what we finally measured how Many inches 8350 three to describe its bodies as Being the graceful ah very very fast no I mean in the way that I loved that it Looked pardon the appearance if you have A graceful appearance for body or for an Angular one appendages and when it moves But it moves with such speed that I Almost could not see some of the Appendages during that time did it walk As we walked it took a step backward When I saw it and it literally was a Step it’s a step as we would have madami Humans day okay now this all happened Within I mean 10 to 15 seconds it was Very quick Of course I mean I the I Det Looked a lot like the grave yes the Killer large of shape but they were a Different color they were a pinkish dark Pinkish in color that’s something that’s Described fairly often actually is it Yeah it’s not much in the literature but In letters you get a steady stream of Letters describing that’s calling all Right dr. Reid are you still a you are a Psychiatrist is that correct Bekata psychologist all right I used to Be used to be you are no longer Practicing no I’m not were you Practicing at the time this occurred Research oh you I was a researcher you Were a researcher and you self employed

Or yes self employed all right hold on We’re gonna take a break here everybody