Original 1998 Art Bell – Robert Raith Introduces The Dr Jonathan Reed Case – Wanna Take a Ride?

By | October 20, 2010
Original 1998 Art Bell - Robert Raith Introduces The Dr Jonathan Reed Case - Wanna Take a Ride?

You know that fax I read just a few Moments ago well there was a follow-up That just came in Dear mr. bell we have films of an Extraterrestrial and its craft taken With a video and 35 millimeter camera as Well the films and the story that go With them are like no other anyone has Seen or heard to date dr. Jonathan Reed The person that had this experience Desires to make this information known Exclusively on your program first if you Are interested soon to be published it Is an emotional incredibly compelling Truth that’s backed up with unmistakable Tests and tests worthy visual evidence The films and the accompanying story Make the alien autopsy and Victor’s film Look sparse in comparison hearing the Story and I’m understanding when I say It’s shocking seeing the videos is an Experience anyone interested in ufology Would give nearly anything seen here we Feel honored and hopeful and offering You and your audience this exclusive Opportunity to experience an incredible Journey that continues to this day I Hope you might see this letter tonight We have given our phone numbers below And we will be available tonight if You’d like to call we believe the timing Of your return and dr. Reid’s Decision to tell his story now is no Accident wanna take a ride

Signed Roberts and I won’t give Roberts Last name unless he wants to give it you Want to give your last name Robert Absolutely what is your last name wait Wait Robert rate author of link and Extraterrestrial odyssey’s be published A lot of publishing going on here all Right now the wanna take a ride offer I Take it that is sort of metaphorical Absolutely so the ride would be a ride To see the crispy 35-millimeter Photographs and the To go with is that correct absolutely The ride would be back and the Incredible story that it’s around how Describe to me what’s on film and what’s On video and how clear it is Well first off that the video and the Pictures are incredibly clear it’s not Black and white it’s not all foggy and Confused they are very clear very clear Very very clear as clear as for example The billy meier photographs as clear as Clear you can’t mistake what you’re Looking at for anything other than it is Alright I’ll take your word on that How let’s see we’re two beginner million Question where did this experience occur This experience occurred in Washington In Washington Washington in the fourth Gentleman dr. Reid was hiking through The woods dr. Jonathan Reed what kind of Doctor is he he’s a psychologist Psychologist all right he was hiking

Through the woods with his dog when he Lost track and and what happened was he Began to hear that she was in some kind Of fight or conflict right so he moved To find out where she was well when he Found her she was attacking this Creature and this creature was an alien Can you give us some sketchy idea of What this creature looked like the Creature is childlike in dimensions but It has a large head it has large dark Eyes I guess it doesn’t look like the Classical gray for one thing it has very Distinct features that looks very old It has long thin arms and long thin legs Okay I think I get the picture And the craft the craft looks like a Marquise diamond it’s a large black Thing we call the Ovilus and what we Have are photographs of it hovering and They’re very you have photographs of it Hovering and we have video and video Alright here’s what we should do you Should get as much photographic evidence To me by next day mail as you can get is That a possibility absolutely it is is John a dr. Reed willing to come on the Air yes yeah she’s not with me tonight Yeah why how did you get involved I was Doing some investigative work involving Other things when I received a call from Dr. Rita first I wasn’t sure if this guy Was just nuts or what the story was but I was intrigued so I met with him and we

Talked for quite some time long into the Night when he showed me the photographic Evidence and some other evidence some Documentation as well that’s when I said I want to be involved absolutely so you Were in other words there is no question When you look at this material that You’re looking at the real McCoy yeah Absolutely no question whatsoever well I Must say this is pretty exciting is dr. Reed a resident of Washington as well He’s been pretty much on the move since This incident happened to him on the Move yeah I’ve been frightened scared What yes He lost his credentials a few people Involved in the situation one is the Appeared one is dead whoa so it’s been Very difficult for him and of course he Lost his dog as well what happened was The dog had a the alien had killed the Dog Dr. Reid had killed the alien and then Took it home oh my god so the alien Killed his dog he was angry and killed The alien up did he have a gun with him How did he dispel you a large wooden Stick he faded to death with a stick He had clubbed it over the head with the Thick there’s a stick so he’s got the Body he had the body had the body until Individuals cleaned out his house am i Beez basically yes whole host of its Robert we have we also have audio of the

Creature screaming you do so we’ll get It to you and I suppose that the good Doctor if I were to get him would be From an undisclosed location yes and He’s told you he’s willing to come on The air and present this story Exclusively on my program yes absolutely What happened was we were actually ready To go forward just after you were now Then I was using the air you were Leaving the air and we waited hoping and Praying that a you are right and B that You would come back on because we really Wanted to give this story to you we both Felt that you’re a pioneer and we Respect you and that’s why we wanted to Go with you Well I am the winner of the crushed Candle or whatever it is award Yeah congratulate on snuff candle award That’s it yes thank you as long as You’re upsetting them you’re doing a Good job Well now so when how quickly can you Dispatch the 35 millimeter and video to Me we’ll put it on overnight mail Right now all right I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do I’m going to run an extra Commercial which will catch me up right Now and I’m going to come to you on the Line and I’m going to give you a private Get it here quick address and and and And we’re going to proceed and then if All this panda we will do a show next

Week How’s that that would be fantastic it Would huh all right then stay right Where you are