Third Secret Of Fatima According To Fr. Malachi Martin

By | September 20, 2010
Third Secret Of Fatima According To Fr. Malachi Martin

Yes the Fatima secret is something that Was written down by the person who Received this secret information back in The nineteen nineteen thirties and the Twenties and the person wrote it down is Still alive her name is Lucia and she's A nun in in in Spain in Coimbra is a Carmelite nun and is called a purge Secret and it was sent over to the Pope And according to the instructions as Lucia got sister Lucia got from the Blessed Virgin Mary she says and claims And we all accepted the it was the Pope Of 1960 was supposed to reveal the Secret and do and follow out the Instructions do what it said the Pope of 1960 was the good pope john xxiii he Refused to do that he refused to obey Our Lady he refused the Mandate of Heaven he refused to publish the seekers And he refused to do what it said and Consequently consequently uh we're in Trouble that's roughly the third secret Now what's the third secret it's rather A dire document ma'am it's not pleasant Reading at all uh I'm under oath not to reveal the actual Details of it could have I read it you Read it I read it I can't break my oath In that matter but it is not pleasant Reading at all does this involve a Chastisement yes several several right Remember I had the dubious privilege Leaving the text of the Kurds because

Fatima which I'm of God by old repeating But it is plenty I have a whole stack of Faxes here as he need to ask you about That and you obviously cannot speak of That not factually not would who would I Can't let her know but it ain't cliff Let you know about the better accept That are we going to be a reckoning and That nobody is this thing of the face of This earth will be exempt knowing other The power on high they will interpret it In different ways that was it a less to Reason a quail call regular according to The police FYI culture and our path and There will be people who faith with the With a certainty that will is a greater Power above our head will say they will Deny it they will desire us over them And reject the scientists for example Will find a scientific explanation will They will remember the favorite Pro Called aurora borealis in 1938 well I Certainly am aware of aurora borealis But not one specific Ord in Pacific one Which they explained by saying or abroad But wheeze wasn't bad at all they all Agreed it was Nora by Alice the only one Who put his finger on it was Adolphe Hitler and he says a and he said what Well he was in fact his god at the Wolf's Lair that of his famous a place And he was willful weekend his cabin And spare Albert Speer who was the Member of his cabinet his architect

Elvis with his second book that nice the Old stood on the Esplanade of his villa The very abouton looking out the East Indies export we fight like and Hitler Said young and now we have seed blossom In shed blood is taken as our shed blood Have taken Jenna Katya but now we're Good so he took that as a sign how he Did it while divided but the budget from Told the children fatima imagine 15 About this time she hoped would take Plate them for the great world war she Fed them it'll be just before they start Killing million can you tell us in a way That we can read between the lines with Regard to the third prophecy is there is There a timetable that you are aware That cannot speak but cannot speak of That we can read between lines on ah Yeah no there is a it is not too ugly of Away they're not fifty years away it is Not trickier number one well that's Number two it involved the entire world System It's not nearly one area of any one Religion subtly what we will be Appearance on all without exception and It will be frightening okay well I think I've asked as much as I wanted we talked Some time ago about uh three days of Darkness you said it would be dangerous To be abroad outside your home or even Inside your home um somebody is asking What is the nature of the danger is it

Civil natural spiritual it's a spiritual Spiritual official yes be asked that Particular prophetic that particular Prophetic fact excuse my addiction is Based on a private revelation which Church men have accepted which the Roman Church men have accepted are made at in Vaes places in the year 1846 in La Salette France and in Fatima Portugal in 1917 and then days other places since Them and it concerns the arrival of a Final chastisement of punishment from God to purify men and women and prepare Don't them for entry into heaven not Rapture like according to the normal for One evangelical theory but actually the End of the world It's not exactly around the corner art It at the time when a figure called the Antichrist is abroad and it's a very Complicated issue the whole thing but The actual dangerous self during those Three days of total darkness Over the earth the dimming of the Sun Completely and no light is the time when The last efforts of the demon to run our Lives and to say to rescue take souls Away from the salvation that Christ has Worked out now this brings up the whole Question of function of angels and Demons we must search on that some other Time together and then go into it Otherwise a lot of this talk is Unintelligible to a lot of people not

Even intelligent