The Flying Saucer Mystery – (Full) (1952)

By | September 1, 2010
The Flying Saucer Mystery - (Full)  (1952)

From out of nowhere flying saucer Mystery is with us what is the flying Saucer what do people see in sometimes Photograph what's behind the daily Reports of aerial phenomena in the Nation's press after more than five Years of study there is still no Agreement even among the experts we can Say that the recent sightings are in no Way connected with any secret Development by any agency of the United States with all due respect of airports I believe that some of them will prove To be of interplanetary origin in my Position in the research and development Organization of the bureau of Aeronautics and of the Navy Department I Am fairly familiar with both our Aircraft and our guided missile programs And can state without reservation that The Navy has no saucer-shaped aircraft Or missile in any of these programs I've Gotten to be a spinning action What are these shadowy voyagers of the Atmosphere while our forefathers were Still dreaming of flight decades ago They sketched these aerial vehicles of The future strangely some of them Resemble the saucers of today When we went to work to make reality Creams the fashion crude Rocket-propelled devices such as beads While unsuccessful in themselves they Proved to be offers humbling efforts to

Master the techniques inject and rocket Propulsion the flying saucers are of This earth this maybe Holly will born There later growth and maturity cloaked In official secrecy And the smoke of the war go away in 1945 We found ourselves suddenly arrived in The age of rocket propulsion however Since then the lid has been on other Than announcements of ever-increasing Altitudes reached by the rockets we have Had no reports though we know millions Are being spent on them While our knowledge the engines in the B-47 are the most powerful and used Today it the announced speed of this Aeroplane is only 600 miles per hour a Mere fraction of the velocity of the Disc only a frantic Li new area dynamics Are in use that the discs be powered by Jet engines of today This is a thunderjet executing a lewd Hazardous on a jet plane because of the Centrifugal force the pilot must Withstand during a palapa yet Characteristic of the saucers is they're Fantastic maneuverability disks moving At many times the speed of sound Suddenly reverse direction flight Surgeons say any human pilot attempting This would perish instantly Like why social reporters agree that the New jet helicopter was not what they saw If not conventional aircraft daddy what

Did they see they appeared to be fifty Feet in diameter which appeared to be a Dome on the top with I can't be sure but I believe I saw the Sun glinting off a Bath Well windows are observation for those Absurd is this what rice burger saw this Disc was photographed by an Oregon Farmer as it hovered low over his field Experts say these are actual photographs Of a flying saucer farmer sighted the Same spinning action and estimated the Diameter of the disc at 20 to 30 feet in Kentucky a motion picture photographer Attracted by a strange noise overhead Trained this camera on this dish here The wobbling motion mentioned in so many Reports is clearly seen a Coast Guard Photographer snapped this phenomena when It appeared briefly over Salem Massachusetts the incandescent seen here Was bright enough to stand out in broad Daylight What may have been the same phenomena Was photographed at night by Auguste Roberts who has this to say about it I think it was from outer space but Friendly like many of the saucer reports The latest and most credible have Received comes not from America but from Behind the Iron Curtain seen on the Ground by the refugee mayor of a small East German town its crew was startled By the screams of the mayor's daughter

The first eyewitness opposed the moment From such reports as these arise many Theories to explain the discs undismayed By the attacks of true magazine Frank Scully author of a book behind the Flying saucers offers his views in the Universe is to belittle the universe Because we don't show much intelligence Obviously but the likelihood of other Planets elsewhere in other planetary Systems and other universes of having an Only what we got but lots more since the Planets might be older Intelligences could be much more mature More advanced they could have even Passed through an atomic age long ago Well they could have done souls that Never will fog up like our Adam and Eve And never weren't so all is and if they Are perfect souls elsewhere the thing is They're not killable they were mortal Already so the idea of the earth was Telling them to shoot them down is Idiotic next a more conventional theory Is advanced by physicist Noah Scott the Expression flying saucers is a catch-all Term for unusual lights afraid in the Sky it is possible that some of these Lights are caused by masses of Electrically charged particles of air Electrified air can assume many Different colors such as yellow red pink Orange green and blue this experiment Demonstrates that charge masses of air

Can be made to move in formation change Force change brightness appear disappear And reappear these electrified masses of Air produce no sound but can be detected By radar Yes great conditions necessary for Producing this phenomena are certainly Not prevailing conditions that exist in The upper atmosphere there may be Occasional local conditions responsible For this glow which might be interpreted As flying saucers in the engineer Research and development laboratories Fort Belvoir Virginia dr. Scott showed Us how to make your own flying saucers Some say the apparitions are the result Of light refracting from what is called An inversion layer such as an oasis will Appear in the desert in a glass bell dr. Scott reproduces weather conditions Which prevail during many of the recent Sightings Dr. Scott's theories are correct but you Are looking at now is an actual flying Saucer it's possible that even the Headlights of your car can create them The Air Force hard-pressed for an Accounting of the mysterious invaders This explanation is popular but General James Sanford points out even this Theory does not explain all the reports However there have been a certain Percentage of this volume of reports That have been made by credible

Observers of relatively incredible Things it is this group of observations That we now are attempting to resolve we Have as a date come to only one firm Conclusion with respect to this Remaining percentage and that is that it Does not contain any pattern of purpose All of consistency that we can relate Within it to any conceivable threat to The United States according to the General these weather balloons are the Flying saucers that many people see Still he cautions that a few reports Cannot be so easily explained It is these reports that interest Donald Kehoe sponsor of a theory that is Growing in popularity after a one years Investigation I believe that the flying Saucers seen by a veterinarian and Air Force pilots are objects from another Planet the Air Force itself has Officially admitted that flying saucers Exist this statement appears in project Saucer case number 75 not only that the Air Force has officially analyzed the Motives of possible visitors from space Here's a direct quotation from the Official report such a civilization Might observe that on earth we now have Atomic bombs and our fast-developing Rockets in the past history of mankind They should be alarmed we should Therefore expect at this time above all To behold such visitations

Is there another civilization somewhere In space apprehensively watching our Rapid progress with the atom are we Under surveillance by an intelligence That has revealed itself to us only in The form of ghostly apparitions does This power foresee our ability to travel Through space in Rockets propelled by The atomic power we are learning to Control an incredible theory and it is Doubted by many but it is not likely to Be disproved in the public mind while Our scientists are predicting Interplanetary travel within the Lifetime of those living today as the Debate continues so do reports of new Saucers some following in the pattern Already established others entirely new Creating more speculation and endless Discussion project saucers the official Air Force investigation of the phenomena Has been reopened now installations are Alerted to attempt to intercept any of The strange visitors that may be sighted While millions listen and watch the Great flying saucer mystery remains Unsolved