1973 UFO News Report With CBS Walter Cronkite

By | February 8, 2010
1973 UFO News Report With CBS Walter Cronkite

Ohio Governor John Gilligan says that on Monday night when he and his wife were Driving near Ann Arbor Michigan they saw What might have been an unidentified Flying object Gilligan described it as vertical shape And amber colored for weeks now there Been reports of UFO sightings in many Parts of the country but especially the Gulf Coast Jeb Duvall reports some motel operators Have extended their greetings in this Resort area and it's in every Conversation one newspaper put a sketch Of a supposed extraterrestrial visitor On the front page Gulfport Police have Received so many calls that they've Posted a nighttime watch which officials Say accounts for most sightings as Ordinary earthly airplanes like this one But while on traffic duty patrolman David Thomas offski saw something large And round moving low and without noise Right over the city I don't know what it Was I know it wasn't a plane or Helicopter you know it wasn't a plane or Helicopter so most definitely it is this Distinctively different it's a when you First even the lights for even different There was there was no flashing lights It's just a constant white glow those Who are skeptical must also challenge Sergeant David Waller who saw it too and Corroborates the account a young cab

Driver says his car's electrical system Failed when a strange machine approached Him and then an even stranger being Knocked on his window with a crab-like Hand those sort of claw big claws like This wall that kind of the skin on this Was real tight it was stretched on some Kind of it looked almost like skin it Was hard to tell to Pascagoula women Were among four persons who watched Something unexplainable over the Shoreline near that city You know in the fall it would give out a Kind of a go so it's a little bit like Maybe not quite that could this possibly Have been something that you all four Imagined at once no no no not all four Of us over in Slidell Louisiana assure Of deputy focused a home movie camera on A weird moving light in the sky Disbelievers who have seen this film say It's merely a street light animated by The motion of the camera Those people all seem responsible and They all say they were sober at the Times of the various sightings they all Know that they saw something and cannot Explain it there's something else that They have in common There's no self-consciousness there's no Fear of ridicule among them and along The coast most people seem to accept the Reports as sincere Jed – Val CBS News on The Gulf Coast Xenia Ohio police were

Flagged down last night by a frantic Woman who claimed three silver skins Space creatures were walking the highway The patrolmen caught two of the Creatures they were identified as Beavercreek Ohio men costumed in Aluminum foil with antennae made from Clothes hangers and that's the way it is Wednesday October 17th 1973 doesn't Water cronkite CBS news good night