Fr. Malachi Martin With Art Bell. Vatican Murders etc. May 4th 1998 (9) (NWO SERIES) (The Vatican)

By | December 8, 2009
Fr. Malachi Martin With Art Bell. Vatican Murders etc. May 4th 1998 (9) (NWO SERIES) (The Vatican)

Wild card line you’re on the air with Father Valentine Martin good morning Good morning art thanks for holding me Over here right you’re gonna have to Kind of yell at us you’re not too loud Where are you okay my name is Brad and I’m in poulsbo Washington all right Brad What’s on your mind I bother Malachi I Uh well bear with an amenity you’ve been A hero for well since nineteen Seventy-four thank you very much Blaine I think for a pool a guy like me there He must admit odd indeed well now to my Question um I consider myself to be Something of a seeker and in recent Years I’ve kind of stumbled across Something I’ve read through another Scholar by the name of Zecharia Sitchin And he became such a center of attention For me that I went to the trouble of Trying to learn some of these languages Myself so I could read it in the Original and some of the things that I Found reminded me a lot of what i was Seeing in the Old Testament yeah and am I practicing something that is akin to Apostasy here or what’s going on with This am I seeing what I think I’m seeing Or is or is there a connection here you Must tell us what you’re seeing well I See the story of Abraham being told but In a different way father Abraham and I See it being told from the viewpoint of Someone who is being visited by

Something that may or may not be of this Earth and treating with it as if it is Living thing And it causes me concern on the one hand But on the other hand I as it is Something that is written in clay yes And something that is carried forward i I really don’t see mr. split foot in it Neither do i actually Brad that’s why I’m cautious in my in my adhesions to it But I I don’t see mr. spit foot in his Either I’m just terribly cautious until I can get what we modern call fact you Know but I agree with you it’s but it’s The I’m very wary of it all because I Want to be sure of the facts that’s all Alright um you know so many things seem Possible that a casual observer and Thinker of our Lord just wouldn’t Imagine to be possible little children Condemned to hell by their parents who Know how to do it and and what you just Mentioned father hold on we’re at the Bottom of the hour It does move quickly film it from the High deserts I’m art bell and this is Coast to Coast AM Um a voice so here we go wild card line You’re on the air with father of Malachi Martin hi hello art is steve from Vancouver british columbia hi Steve yeah I’m listening on C fun yes sir yeah I Just want to say art that radio doesn’t Get any better than this your show

Tonight well um yes it I agree with you As father Martin thank you for being you Thank you and thank you for bringing Such comfort to me and so many other Listeners in this time of stressful Times and could for saying that sir I I Feel that so deeply I have a question if Can we as a conscious feeling majority Ameliorate the negative devil influence Scenario of today as we can by prayer by Fasting and by having the grace of Godliness if we partake of the Sacraments we get that thang to find Grace we can litigate it the only Restriction is that today there is no Real coagulated community of believers Instead now were broken up broken up Into small communities and it’s usually One on one that’s our isolation today Because in every country you can find The three components that the government Which is very important today in every Country secondly there’s the business Community and thirdly then there’s a a Gaggle of organizations NGOs Nongovernmental organizations everything From mothers against drunk driving over To the International Farmers Association And the vases including the Roman Catholic Church and we’re all in the Public square competing for men’s Attention no longer is the church or a Church or the church the longer has any Privileged position in our modern public

Square in fact in the constitutional United states whatever by canada the Supreme Court has said twice in the last Four years there anybody who enters the Public square in America with a Religious ideology he has no place it Has no place in the public square it’s a Private matter so that’s different but We can make a difference by having the Grace of God and by our prayer and Fasting we can cast out Devils we can Win we can mirror it for other people we Can convert them by our prayers because That’s what Jesus died for that’s why we Have the Saints and the angels but well There’s an uphill battle I sure hope That we can father Martin but it seems That there is such an insidious force There is today’s against us I know that I know that and you are very vey and Wrong and the majority of the people are Good people they are why can we not Purge this negative influence from us Well you ask me then that’s a very Concrete question really and it’s this What happened in the last 30 35 40 years What I think has happened the Roman Catholic Church of which I’m a priest And a faithful priest and I said Deliberately food should know I’m not in Any sense rebelling against this I’m a Part of it messy my muscle be morning And they do the usual things the police Does the fact is I think that once the

Church men of the Roman Catholic Church Drifted into grave error after the Vatican Council I think Christ said okay You want to go that way alright I’m not With you and he was through His grace And therefore we have this devastation Of Catholic marriages this devastation Of Catholic religious orders the major Ones above all Jesuits Dominicans Carmelites Holy Ghost father’s all Devastated And the lack of cohesive theological Thinking and philosophical thinking in The church is is is is glaring and Discouraging Christ with blue his grace And that was his decision in view of our Infidelity because our churchmen were Unfaithful and are unfaithful to him I Think that’s where we are but we still I Can have it great we can receive his Body and blood and we can protect be Protected by the angels and the Saints But now we’re in a battle there’s a Bloody battle going up it seems that way It does it is that way it is that way And the evening even our Lord Himself The gentle Jesus said if we didn’t Mitigate those times even the just would Not remain in faith but it doesn’t it Seemed so unfair that the great majority Of the people are good people it does we Seem to have a minority it done were Allowing this great scourge upon the Earth I know I know I know it does seem

That and by the way millions the Catholic Church now recognizes it’s a Billion plus membership but millions of Those have been led by the nose out of Catholicism into an apostasy and they Don’t know it but that happens in England from a seed from 1529 on Millions of Englishmen English women Lived and died in grave error because of The leadership of a few men so it it god I don’t know my friend from the Bronx Always says the god of the funny sense Of humor and this is a sense of humor But he has a way of treating things that He he he deals with each individual fold Delicately tenderly compassionately but He deals with groups of people accorded A certain laws and he always observed Those laws and that means that the Innocent are punished with the room with The With with evil that Christ himself on His way to calibrate the women of Jerusalem who knew him and was children Leah cured and taught or weepy about it And he said don’t cry for me no I’m just The Greenwood and look what they’re Doing to me what do you think they’re Going to do to you you’re a red car Thank you Ryan thank you very much Indeed thank you armed