Fr Malachi Martin With Art Bell Vatican Murders etc May 4th 1998 (4) (NWO SERIES/ The Vatican)

By | December 8, 2009
Fr  Malachi Martin With Art Bell  Vatican Murders etc  May 4th 1998 (4) (NWO SERIES/ The Vatican)

His wife shot another man who shot them A committed suicide all of this inside The walls of the Vatican the killing the First inside the walls of the Vatican in Our living memory I guess there may have Been a hundred and fifty years ago Something may have happened and we were Talking about that before the break just An incredible incredible occurrence and Father martin began to say that Pope John Paul I think this bears repeating Them and some and trying to understand Father Pope John Paul has been in some Way affected himself it must be a cause Of great anguish for him well you said That but you said that he went to of a Voodoo and I’m I’m not really caught up On this father well he went to Haiti he Had a trip April trip to Haiti and During that trip he met officially with The head of the i think is 15,000 voodoo Priest that live in Haiti and sat down With him we have the photograph but i Have here my file and one of these he Said was with typical jean-paul to Ecumenism look we are interested in your Doctrine and we think you should be Interested in our catholic doctrine um Ah hell I know at least who it leaves You speechless oh my god Reese orphan Years that passed when he went to India John Paul who permitted a young lady in A sari to put the sign of Kali on his Forehead with that red stain and he sat

In a chair chosen by the Indian bishops Which had the phallic shape as you know The phallus is worshipped in name in Hinduism why why it is these were Actions of John Paul to destined to Create a great fellowship and feeling For instance that they give you an Example which struck us all at the time And is not mentioned because people are Failed being called out his team eyes Here John Paul two went for the first Time a pope as a pope he went to the Synagogue in Rome the head of the Synagogue is a very respectable rabbi Called a Leo Tov they were known to all Of us and they sat on on a stage or AB a Male callers in Hebrew on two chairs Sort of catty corner facing themselves And facing the audience and in his Speech which is a very good speech by The way good address John Paul who said His only reference was elbow by the way You know our founder was of your race That’s all the testimony to Jesus the John Paul who gave and when when the Valve when his Vatican held a special Holocaust evening which was standing Room only from such a grand affair with Music and with huge menorah lit by the Grandchildren of people who had who had Survived Auschwitz and Dachau and Birkenau the Hitler camp um in his Speech forrester for that fall for that Particular evening which was a Holocaust

Evening John Paul who consented to have The only crucifix in the hall removed in Order not to offend his Jewish friends We considered that for meter or not that It’s not anti-semitism my part I’ve done More I think for Jewish Christian Militias there most people alive as the Story you and I’ve never delved into Which we will ask another broadcast Please God but that we find this no Pope Before John’s registered before John Paul to would have allowed it if a Cardinal did that under any of the other Popes McArdle will be sent away to live life Out in a monastery on the top of the Sierra madre y has John Paul done it it Is his form of ecumenism and look let me Make quite clear art for you and for Everybody listening this land is my Pope He does represent Christ he’s the vicar Of christ for me and if you were to Speak under the conditions of Infallibility I will accept / he says But I am allowed may I am obliged by my Tradition of my faith and by previous Pope’s to critique anybody priest Bishop Carpal or Pope when I think they are in Error oh so social saw a pope then it’s A pope now I’m not a Catholic my wife is But the Pope is supposed to be is he not Infallible only under certain conditions I only I hope I don’t told me understand What conditions those would be in other

Without it he must state explicitly as Follows put in my language a paraphrase It book accurately what I’m about to Tell you is something I say as the Successor of Peter and I say it with Your authority of Christ as his vicar on Earth to be held by all the faithful as A matter of profound divine Roman Catholic faith he must say that no John Paul to has never said that about Anything even about the alternation of Where of men and women so then he he he Can do that on the one hand though he Hasn’t done it and on the other can sit Down with a voodoo priest right that’s Right and in his his famous and Signature which has become so popular With progressive Catholics it’s called a Boon and since that they may be one he Discussed and outlined the way he would Like to take apart the whole doctrine of The Pope’s primacy in order to suit Non-catholics So John Paul to has ventured us along The edges of our topic see in his Statement and in his preaching but in Whenever he taught he has never yet Taught error infallibly he’s never Adopted the infallible mode the invalid Mode is something where the Pope says I Am now doing this as the head of all Catholics I’m doing it as the successor Of Peter and to be held by all the Faithful on the pain of mortal sin he

Has never done that yet do you think do You think he’s of course very frail now Very old a friend is very phailin it Makes you cry to see his face he is his Left eye or caltrain he can’t keep it Open or shut his hand his left hand is Jigging continuously yes he doesn’t look At you straight in the eye because he’s Bent over and by the way I know a man Who frequents him about every six weeks From New York and he says that Surrounding John Paul’s who in his court It is entourage the hate is palpable Right the hate is horrible hate is Palpable no no father when you heard About murder hours ago in the Vatican Were you surprised no you were not Surprised no no but I’m appalled of Course and shocked because two people Three people’s lives of snuffed out by Violence and but I know that we will in My lifetime I may not know the real Facts behind it all and moment of Insanity as a beautiful expression in Italian but tells me nothing about the Reality but surprised no I’m not well When you said that the Pope’s entourage That the feeling of hate was culpable of Heat of the Pope you mean yeah yeah yeah Hey don’t have hope yes and this of this Particular Pope and that this man by the Way is not is our Christian I beg your Pardon is not a Christian is a Technocrat who goes to the baskin first

Certain reason periodically and he said You can’t mistake there the hate and Dislike of this man in his immediate Entourage and so John Paul to is the Pathetic figure really he lived with This Eisen day there is no mercy for him There is no compassion for him in his Normal entourage and he’s burned by the Patriarch of Constantinople and his last At by the patriarch of Moscow and he’s Let down by his Cardinals and his Bishops he’s an outcast this Pope and it Makes me cry to know what he’s going Through and yet he he has done things Which we must criticize and will Criticize in all trust and belief that He is our Pope but has made mistakes now The point in general about these Killings is the the murder and the Suicides in the Vatican is that my point Was that it’s in his watch this has Taken place and he know this is a Responsible man and he knows that this Has taken place during what and that Therefore somehow or other he is Responsible he’s responsible would you Expect a statement from the Pope no no Oh he might make a reference every Wednesday as you know when he said when He is at all in good shape he gives a Little foam in it from the window on one Of the windows on the fourth floor of His apartment in the Apostolic Palace Out to the crowd they’re always the

Crowd and went they listen to him he may Make some our general reference which People will pick up on as a reference of This calamity because believe you me art Ecclesiastically hey Polly this is a Disaster there’s no doubt about it is The sign of the times