Fr. Malachi Martin With Art Bell. Vatican Murders etc. May 4th 1998 (3) (NWO SERIES/ The Vatican)

By | December 8, 2009
Fr. Malachi Martin With Art Bell. Vatican Murders etc. May 4th 1998 (3) (NWO SERIES/ The Vatican)

Alright oh um you you were adviser to Two popes that’s right tonight there is News that just hours ago for the first Time in living human memory actually About a hundred and fifty years they Asked very good way of putting it in Living memory help there has been a wild Says a member of the Pope’s elite swiss Guard apparently shot and killed his new Commander and the officials wife Monday Night then turned the gun on himself all Within Vatican walls a next-door Neighbor found the bodies um the Vatican Spokesman said this was all done I in What he can he called quote a moment of Madness in quote what in the world could Be going on in the Vatican well I’ll Tell you what I word to the wise with Anything like this that involves the Inner life of a institution which he has Now centuries-old precaution against Publicity and being known what really Goes on there one has to be very very Circumspect and careful but any details Released about something that they can’t Hide very well it’s very hard to hide The death of two officials yes and the Wife of one you can’t hide that very Well well it’s not being hidden believe Me it’s a lead news item organizers they Can’t do anything about it but as to the Details the devil is in the details as They say and we don’t the details have Not been published we do not know really

What happened or a theft three people Are dead and one apparently according to The official account by his own And a moment of insanity momento din Sonia again that’s one way of covering The issue it was a general blanket in a Very careful statement a moment of Madness yes it’s a very nice way Competing yes there were dreadful fix You what it does indicate is this murder The killing of another human being the Shedding of blood is one of the sure Signs of demonic interference but in the Vatican well I mean is that is that is That is that a likely target in place or Is that an unlikely target of no no Remember just two popes ago one Pope Said Paul the fix was his name you Diving matter 78 and I knew him very Well he said the smoke of satan has Entered the sanctuary and I think you Remember a book mine published in 1996 Describing a Luciferian ceremony within The policing of the Vatican and remember That the Vatican the Pope has in his Entourage he has the chief a persist we All know him gave father Gabriel a moth And there are eight employees eggs haces They were put in Rome and Milan and and Torrent so there’s a there’s a lot there For we’ve just seen the crack is opened And we’ve seen one effective asst it was Like this art for somebody in my Position from what I know of how this

Institutional organization works it is Impossible that there be a triple death By violence within the precincts of the Vatican amongst Vatican people unless it Is impossible that should happen without Demonic interfere because the thing is So should be in principle so sacrosanct So preserved from such activity that it Might take place outside but not in time What are the Vatican is its own Sovereign state is an under layer so That the investigation the the details Of it the suspects the people who would Be caught and then I have no idea what Would happen in in the Vatican if they Came up with suspects Howard Shore Things handled in the Vatican all they Have their own way of dealing with that They have their own way of dealing with That so the so that’s how I Italian law In no way bears on the battle not now Normally say here let’s take a Babel Example if somebody is found inside in The vatican museum trying to make off With a valuable chalice of something yes They are they of course put him in the Basket prison which they have and they Call it the police and if you know a Normal thing like that even they are Turned over to italian authority i have Normal normal evil normal for a more You’ll feel anything which really comes From deep within and betrays the Presence of the betrays that footprint

Again and this does that dealt with in Camera and dealt with away from the Prying eyes of the media and of the World they it’s impossible for them to Hide everything and very early on we all Knew very early on this is that we all Knew that something had happened but the Race in the various news media CNN NBC ABC CBS to try and get some substance to What they were hearing was fantastic to Watch because nothing came out because The vascular has been choking off Everything well the pressure on the Vatican from the media over this is Going to be big it is going to be big And do you think they will just hold Their silence they will put always the Inevitable the inevitable tipster you Never Will fail of news and that what will Probably happen I won’t imagine that Catholics all over the world which Looked at the Vatican spiritually yeah We’ll want to know if their spiritual Capital is under siege that’s right and Then you know there’s another Consideration which is painful for me Anyway because i am a papist as you know In spite of fact I have my my criticisms Of the Pope and appropriate in the Pelvis and I have strong critiques of The present Holy Father who is my Pope But have strong critiques but on another Plane this is a dreadful slap in the

Face to John Paul true because this Happened under his watch how you cut it He is the boss he’s in charge so really It works in the Vatican like it looked Worse in Washington no good economic Times resident gets the credit bad Economic times also guess blame exactly Oh yes it does he it does reflect on his Administration that does reflect on the Fears he has installed now for almost 20 Years as Pope and lovers have been Saying all along for a long time there Is a spirit of secularization going on In John Paul tues Vatican which makes Possible such incidents of this and Other incidents who should not come to Life code the it must be a cause of Great anguish to John Paul 20 unanswered Or so but you’re you’re saying even the What I would think of as broadly small Moves because it looked at very non Section correct was there but these more Moves would invite in the possibility You’re saying of what has happened yes They do they do there the old Italian Saying which I can’t quote any longer Than the Italia prefer forget it Is that any crack in the wall and the Whisper Satan enters the wisp of evil Enters and there is a process of a Gentle process the intention of Ecumenical the intention is to be like The rest of the world the attention it Not to be so remote but there is a has

Been a tendency and the pontificate of John Paul to to be so accommodating what Were you given that thing could be one Example new pope believe you me art know Of no poker for 253 Pope’s before him Would have sat down with the leader of The voodoo priests of Haiti well he did We did haley said to them look father Maurice I think maurice was the name of The head at voodoo expert priest haiti Look we are interested in you religion You should be interested in our religion That is something which is unheard of in Catholic tradition Oh John Paul to Himself has gone to a secret island of Austere malagasy Republic where he drank From the fake with water from the sacred Fountain of the god of the local god Worshipped that is all he sat in in a in A phallus shaped chair in India and had The mark of Kali putting this for it oh My god um father wrong with you you know Violet oh listen are you suggesting that The present Pope may himself be under no I’m suggesting that he has drawn on Himself demonic attention which you Could have avoided all right our Father I Martin hold it right there that’s Plenty thank you to digest for the Moment from the high desert this is Coast to Coast AM You