Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 11]

By | October 17, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 11]

Well that's why I kind of asked you do You think Star Wars was the final Pumping hand and the straw that broke The camel's back nivel things I'd Learned who is part of it well I think What did the man was their own Shortsightedness into thinking that Security men building more bombs you Know the United States always led in Building bombs every bomb was initiated First by the United States first second Third generation also a generation or First initiated by the United States yes The Russian should have said okay we Stop we have enough funds to kill Everybody so we should stop and then put More potato when ppl center table but They didn't they just kept building Ss-18 that said 20 as the max DMX has Matched the minim entry and they Stabilized their system so I think They've done dissolves in the Self-inflicted to a third degree still Coming at the appropriate moment storm What star wars must have caused a lot of Generals in Russia to throw up their Hands and you know long the politicians Union they couldn't afford any more and There was that moment there I know the Russian generals themselves said that Their response to a star wars will be Deceptive Pierce's and others Overwhelming yeah um if let's say let's Say fifty percent of your weapons will

Get past a starboard shields and that Argument was very strongly here as well It's very cheap but you you have a chat With the tin foil in your ear nose cone And that tin foil you know fools the Enemy's radar you know that was done During world war two with jet planes Releasing tin foil the full radar you Can do that in this age and you know how Cheap is tin foil how hot you for mylar Balloons radar-based uno pennies to Overwhelm a billy multibillion-dollar Radar system and so the Russian said Explicitly that you build Star Wars and Will put more decoys in our warheads More chat or tin foil where we've got Pennies and will pierce will pierce the Flower Show so I think what is an N was A they try to compete with the United States militarily which ones I think a Big mistake Banker to them and there's a good well Anyway it happened at least and all Right professor hold on one at the Bottom of the hour let me get back we'll Try and switch gears to destroy transom Really running in a bomb direction god Never heard before absolutely Fascinating stuff this question out of Left field doc cottages changing Directions slightly concerning the time Travel paradox of returning and Passenger ones down father people like Yourself doctor currently I guess leave

The solution and educational multiple Universes I was respectfully suggest That this violates the law of res Ammonia is not simplest solution of the Problem instead creation of an entire Universe non set both creation of Internet new universe is a inefficient Solution operating in email girl have no One ever suggested a different Perspective what if each person in stick Importer their own in essence model Universe personal relationships with the Interactions and changes in would come Back to each person bubble universe an Assertion that the one universe to heat Sentient mean which would interact and Change the universes of other sentient Beings of other realities such as Mountains oceans planets and stars would Be directly shared by each person's Model universe in this solution the farm Murder of the grandfather would Instantly cause DNA changes and Murdering grandson and his father public Support her offspring of the grandfather This problem could get pretty messy but It would respectfully suggest With Mark is a far better solution of This emailer thanks than creating a Whole new universe of nothing okay there Are two major solutions to what happens When you kill your parents before you're Born right the other approach is Advocated by businesses igor malikov the

Russian school believed that there's Something called causality protection Something prevents you from pulling the Trigger as you point the gun to your Parents before you're born now you trace It just happened that's right it's some Kind of law of physics which is not what She cannot committed eight in detail he Also says that you cannot walk on the Ceiling you they want to walk on the Ceiling so you will says I want to walk On the ceiling but there's a law a Physical laws that prevent you from Walking on the ceiling called the law of Gravity so he would like to postulate That yet there must be a physical law of Some sort preventing you from pulling The trigger of the gun pointed at your Parents before you born and he doesn't Know quite what this thing is he just Called it causality protection Hypothesis however I tend to think that Perhaps that interpretation is wrong Because even inanimate matter you know Forget tension being in an Atlanta can Also create paradoxes let's say I get a Machine gun and I simply set it back Into the past and give it to Alexander The Great of the enemy yes and you know Just inanimate matter going back to the Past give it to Darius the great the Persian submerged appoint would allow Him to destroy Alexander the Great's Troops in which case we'd all be

Speaking a person right now rather than A European language so even in an Asthmatic And should be even inanimate matter can Create time travel paradoxes so that's Why I believe that even though some People think the many-worlds Interpretation has too much excess Baggage it is one of the dominant Interpretations of quantum theory right So many Nobel laureates Steve Weinberg Very guilmon these are giants and Physics nobel laureates who say that yes Some version of many worlds theory is Probably what is really happening and When we just did in one branch one Branch of this much larger tree and it Does mean that there's another universe Where Elvis is still alive there's Mother universe where you know aliens Are watch industry when do the same Professor that we might what is the Right word I guess I'm searching for Verify the existence of one of these Alternate universes actually managed to In some manner perhaps even interaction That communicate watch it monitor it to Do something with it anything at all I Mean is that in our future