Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 10]

By | October 17, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 10]

Okay listen let’s talk about bonds two Generations the first generation atomic Bonds were a huge gigantic devices that Were so big they could barely fit in a Bomb bay the b-52 bomber that does the First generation bond Yes second generation bombs are small Nerves you can pretended them and then I Was kind of an MX missile right these Are called second-generation bugs small Bombs they’re about three feet tall so Happy for their generation bombs are Designer bugs and they are now slowly Being devised and talked about in fact The Bush administration wants to Allocate money now for the third Generation the generation bombs are Designer bomb they are specifically Designed for various purposes to be used In the desert to be used underground to Be used in outer space to be used in the Jungle Different designs are bombs for Different purposes physical third Generation the neutron bomb is it two And a half generation box it’s between The second and third generation is often Called a two and a half generation bomb All right and as I mentioned in 1991 get A copy of been six magazine and January February that year just before the Outbreak of hostilities music magazine Interviews several senior Pentagon Officials and they may have the option

The neutron bomb was an option first They would hit Baghdad with the Electromagnetic pulse bomb will be Detonated over Baghdad the post the Shockwave the bomb would wipe out all The electronics wiping out their Surface-to-air missile defense system You’re not talking about or are you Talking about actually a very large Bombs that made it very high or a Conventional hydrogen bomb detonated Over Baghdad which would cause a Shockwave how wrong about them oh you Would have to do it several miles above The city or also a trace you know eat And devastation but wait you know the Night they did this back in the 1950s It’s been a thorn is pulled off into Space and designated a hydrogen bomb Instant space Much to our shock in created a shockwave Which wiped out communications to some Degree between San Francisco and Tokyo It set off burglar alarms all over Hawaii and then we realize a new Phenomenon has been discovered Electromagnetic pulse we had never seen That before and so the military had Suddenly realized that in case of the Real war if they had detonated that bomb We’ve been of website our own satellites Yeah we would have blinded ourselves With electromagnetic pulse so anyways The music magazine article lays out that

First you hit Baghdad birthday Electromagnetic pulse weapons right then You would hit conventional shook Emplacements with a neutron bomb the Neutron bomb would then be used against Conventional troops in places I’m trying To get a sense of the scope of the Neutron bomb how how wide an area could Have virtually sterilized it’s a small Atomic bomb about a kilotons worth while The Hiroshima bomb was maybe ten times That and at the same time three than That so it’s a sub Hiroshima bomb that Does emit heat doesn’t it blast but it’s Minimal compared to what became a bomb In this table the indication was oh it’d Be quite devastating if you hit it in The modern city you could consider that Me to the downtown area are not much More but you’re not kind of large Portion of the downtown area and then Beyond that the radiation effects much Less much less because most of the Radiation is the neutrons so this would Be used against to the placements if you Have a concentrated number of troops you Can hit him with a neutron bomb and That’s a kiloton of power realize that In the Iraqi war that many people fell On their TV screen we were talking about A thousand-pound bomb or two Thousand-pound bomb okay and now we’re Talking about kilotons of TNT order Several orders of magnitude there we’re

Going about tens of thousands of pounds We both went to Mt remilia A crazy giant figure there’s the Moab Mother of all bombs or something ever Has a mother of a bomb it’s pretty is it Again in the ton range however a mystery Weapon will be in the kiloton thousand Ton race we’re talking about a thousand Times more than the mother of all bomb Bomb packed much bigger wallet than the Mother of all bombs somehow I always Have it in my head that the neutron bomb Virtually didn’t even go boom it just Did this incredible radiation thing I Know no basically it’s Krypton hydrogen Bomb hydrogen bomb has multi-layers Efficient while you’re in the center and Then we’re talking about it extra Uranium I mean let them do the writing That and then irani that is another Layer of uranium well then this breaks Of giant myth because the myth always Was an intron bomb was a totally clean Thing to do and all of its quite messy Enough that blast had he does everything It has all the salted that stuff of Regular bomb except a lot of the Radiation is in Neutron form so instead Of a three-layer bomb it’s a two layer Bottom you mean stripped off the last Uranium layer of a hydrogen bomb and you Get a neutron bomb basically wonderful So neutral environment it’s just on Hydrogen bomb so it does trade blast it

Does pay about the problem and the Europeans hated it because it was to be Used on their cities it is the beautiful Children place in their cities and so The Europeans realize could be nothing Left in Europe in if the neutron bomb Was set off so the neutron bomb still Exists and hopefully all these ever be Used in warfare but it is a two and a Half generation bottom because of third Generation bombs or earth penetrators And they’re designed to detonate Underground and you know like I said the Bush administration has already placed It in the budget not a danger maybe you Know underground bunkers Nothing yeah to collapse basically to The very people that are underground in Bunker’s yeah the North Koreans of Course are definitely afraid of that Because most of the leadership is played By the grass response right and so I Think that probably when we ignored the Bush administration is a gentle thing You know for for these things Specifically she was the threatens that Leadership of North Korea which is Basically under death so these are Third-generation problems designer bombs To the United States of Star Wars and be Used on the ground as neutron bombs and To be underground as nuclear earth Penetrators and bunker busters and there Are the professor and say that President

Reagan’s threat on Star Wars brought Down come has more you know that’s Unfair I guess was a was at least a Fairly large factor in the final Collapse he’s lying do you buy in the Math well on the regulars was Interviewed by a journalist to ask them A question you know singing rushed into A depression that’s always been the Right-wing strategy when I questioned Her profession we build a bomb they Build a bomb this well on they Journalist asked won’t get backfire on The United States while we D punch into Depression and you know the president Thought for a while and then he said Maybe but they’ll but first Well state but first and we could very Well but second so it was very clear I Think you know for Reagan’s unquote that He knew it was the game of chicken that They were going to be spending Themselves in the Depression we’re Spending ourselves into the depression And who wins is the one who busts second So Russia but first they’re there comma Stars that they can lease pots that Security meant building more bombs which Meant less potatoes on people identify What is here’s what I was wondering About lesser Russia really because it Was kind of a failed economic plan they Could only continue to Drive-by continuing to eat up

Territories take more territory if You’ve got a system that’s not producing Traffic you think that’s the only way You can do this Jake more territory and They’ve got to point I guess where they Couldn’t do that without the suicidal Act but still there must have been that The moment forward consideration on the Part of the Communists when they Realized their system couldn’t expand at All because of the threat that they Faced of extinction they couldn’t do That but then again they had all these Weapons and if everyone there was going To be a time to use them at dark Psychologically disturbed at the moment When they would make the decision to use Them that would come somewhere in there Just before they went belly-up Economically and said we quit well I Think that the problem is the opposite To the problem with these how the union With stagnation the capitalism is quite Vibrant in fact so vibrant that you know It does cause inequity yes but the Soviet system creates the opposite Stability stability the point of Stagnation yeah so it’s not the Expansion it’s the stagnation that was Always the worry and in order to get out Of that stagnation you had technology And new ideas and entrepreneurial spirit As Ronald Reagan was saying yeah and They like that

In fact they got worse because they Built so many bombs to catch up to the United States Now there’s harmony with what a third a Third of the US economy and if we try to Match they would try to match our Weapons yeah and that was the right-wing Strategy to lure to lure the Russians to Take potato off the dinner tables and to Build weapons by the ss-18 DSS 20 Semantic DNS