Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 9]

By | October 12, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 9]

Yeah what was the question of the Question was if you couldn’t give that Answer in other words if there was solid Absolute intelligence if you were going To get hit first could you and would you Counsel our own for a strike just if you Had to push yourself into that scenario And couldn’t give that that answer I Mean it was obvious they were about to Strike us would would you counsel to Strike them first or week is your Morality and ethics and thinking go well Beyond our borders and just around the World so you’d answer for the world not Well but I would do is again we’re Talking I guess in the 50s has now Acquired two sure head of ability if it Was credible yes sir I’ll people did Look at the scenario very carefully okay So why would get on the hotline yo imma Get on the hotline and say that if you Want your first strike it’s the end of Humanity whether or not I strike second Is irrelevant of the atmosphere all These they destabilize so the math Famine throughout the earth manatee will Be flung out with years in the past yes And we’ll find won’t work for with rocks As I’m fun used to say so I’ll be get on The hotline and tell my counterpart or Recommend that the president party his Counterpart and say that this is madness Because he’s not gonna benefit every Ruler wants to work in his benefit for

His country and it’s not as a benefit of An adversary country to to you know go Back to the Stone Age but that’s what We’re talking about so apparently both Sides have obviously did obviously Realize that Robbie very close I tell You man Certain cases in the fifties he came Very close with people like Curtis LeMay Later telling telling people publicly Yet became extremely close with people Like him speaking for a first rate uh Well i know from today’s perspective It’s very easy to look back and you know I have vision 80 its 2020 of all that When looking in Reverse but at the time At the time i mean there were rational Arguments perhaps but or they would have Sounded rational that I select that’s Why in 50 for the recommendation was Made for printer for a strike you Accepted me the Joint Chiefs of Staff Because they said wickedly you wait any Longer and did it’s late it’s late the Russians will have operational cut Report he fidelity with the Bison in There that’s a dead our lord it’s a damn Powerful argument and it would take Quite a leader to say no and it took us An hour Eisenhower looked at the results Of solarium and he cancelled he Cancelled all these recommendations from This from from the Joint Chiefs of Staff And I think it was the wisdom of ice an

Hour believe it or not will Kylie show These plans there was no star wars there Was no way to shoot down the Bison and Bear bomber so anyway of course some People still want to trade Star Wars so They can shoot down the bay but in the End the only thing that kept us from the Grimoire was self-interest that’s it South interest I think I said I realized That the winner of a close just had just Closed in 54 with the operational bison And their bombers of the Russian factor Hit Washington DC of the few atomic bomb But that’s how close to kick luckily we Made it but by the skin of our teeth I Think another really hard question for You professor would be if you were in a Position to give the other side You know the little bit of help they Need to help close that door and prevent What otherwise would happen would you do Such thing in the interest of the world Otherwise called spying I suppose but I Think it’s an issue there everybody to Whine down the crisis present and Accelerate and proliferate music you Know you break it down rather than Accelerator professor full time May have been given for scientists Who’ve investigated crumbs the crumbs Off Einstein table by bose-einstein Condensate 10 got 11 circle Nobel prizes For individual yeah all of it which was Predicted by by albert einstein and of

Course he spent the later decades of his Life searching for the unified field Theory and that of course is now the Dominant team within my field see Vatican physics as the gold rush if You’re young and ambitious you want to Crack the unified field theory there’s a Bunch of nobel prizes waiting for young People who can crack the biggest problem All time the ottoman temperature is lost Something with regard to einstein you Know you suppose professor there was a Moment when I’m stein said to himself Before he let anybody know about Anything he say you know that look I Understand in my own mind that when I am About to do is equivalent of having a Four-year-old child a cherry bomb and a Lit match yes ma’am you hoes these bows Are mmm with his intellect he still Handed us the chair mama match I mean he Really then there had to be that moment For him well it happened in stages trip Though he knew it was a cherry bomb but He does not have a match and originally He thought the match was impossible and Even I think funny journalists would Always ask him about equals MC squared And whether a bomb to be made and you Know as you point out yeah it is the Cherry bomb it’s there but there’s no Match say and what Sh option was that The match was finally created in the Late thirties with the chain reaction I

Never thought that there could be a Chain reaction that could then set off You need one reference to a chain Reaction by the way so then he didn’t Really fully understand the implications Of IANS early work at that moment why he Knew That a bomb could be made if you could Have this match and he toyed with the Idea of a chain reaction is one quote Where he actually says that perhaps There’s some way to magnify the my new Energy contained within a nucleus but he Didn’t know the steps I wish to do this And that of course was done by Otto Hahn Was my clerk in 219 late 1930s giving us The possibility of critical mass so when Einstein he knew that there was Potential to release enormous amount of Energy he suspected that the Stars the Stars got the energy display so it was Possible for these appendages look at The fun right just look at the galaxy Sure so he knew that nature unleashes His technology he didn’t think that on Earth you could unleash the power of his Fun now now we know of course that an Atomic bomb is nothing but a piece of a Fun place on the earth but diamond was Suspected that this was a secret of the Stars but he had no way of lighting the Match now we know how to light the match Right and that’s caused all this problem So you couldn’t see that far ahead

Simply put all right um Michael from Kansas City has really good question Since we’re we’ve been on as bomb topic This is a really good one whatever Happened to neutron bomb down the Neutron bomb would have changed Everything so it would Ward should Maneuver it can be happy to her mom’s we Still have them they killed without Blowing stuff up right oh yeah people Calling the landlord’s bomb is awesome Anyway to cut away to the attendance Without without damaging your building How effective would that bomb or is that Bomb I mean mu destroy an entire just Show everything in a city without Touching of blowing anything up