Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 8]

By | October 12, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 8]

John Foster Dulles was arguing that we Should hit Red China during the the cuoi Matsu episodes normal food with me maybe Today I would say make sure them value Would be chaos now we know they would Have set off this way a winter by the Way if you hit Russia with 735 bombers Dropping in an enormous amount of Megatouch it would not only have 10 with A foul on over the United States oh it Would have blackened out the Sun and for What period of time with what Consequences about nuclear when our boys Budget but series about it what are you Willing and for how long what effect on The planet would me in the United States After attacking Russia like that living To a nuclear winter would we survive Well first of all Z the dinosaurs were Killed off perhaps in a matter of maybe Eight months to a year right because the Comet or meteor hits the EPPA 10 of Mexico 65 million years ago lot seeing Several you know cubic miles of dirt Into the air blocking out sunlight Selectively a nuclear winter that’s Right and you know Carl taking it Estimated that perhaps 100 megatons very Little as a tiny fraction for Arsenal 100 megatons that we were thinking drop In hundred megatons of Moscow alone a Hundred Megaton would be enough to Destabilize the atmosphere now the Pentagon did its own study to rebut

Called Vegas in all fairness they stated That you would not have a total monthly Winter you would have nuclear autumn That the telecom in other words crops Have failed math famine many millions of People would i but humanity would Survive just 100 megatons a hundred mega Time which is like the tip of your Finger in terms of the total arsenal Sure we had thirty thousand thirty Pounds of atomic and hydrogen bombs at The height of the Cold War and the Russians issue that sixty thousand Nuclear weapons and we’ve been reducing Hours of look sort of rain what what Percentage We have left of what we had at the Height well you know the strategic bombs Have been regulated by arm it armed Agreement and so are now down to the Thousands of the few thousand about 5,000 range so it come down from 30,000 That’s a height to 5,000 went back to Teaching we also have small tactical Bomb may I ask a tough question yeah go Ahead there’s going to be a level of Criticality as we continue to reduce the Number of weapons on each side at what Point professor does it become um in the Minds of the somebody out there a Survivable in other words aren’t we Better having large numbers that would Mean suicidal catastrophic end for all Isn’t it almost better that way than

Reducing the number to point where Somebody might consider it now something That could be done that would be Something less than suicidal well in the Movie dr. Strangelove are you remember That there was a doomsday machine that Would hit the United States struck that Russia was just destroy the entire human Race oh how I remember that well that Doomsday machine does exist it is Another winter it is simply winter in The sense that anyone two strikes first With the shitty check Arsenal would Would set off this new winter which Again with plunge humanity is a brain Tub of the Stone Age famine would break Out food riots hundreds of millions Would die worldwide the worldwide one And so on a any nation that I either Russia or the united states that Entertains responsibility with the Plunge the world into the fluid for Let’s use the government’s calculation Of nuclear paw oh you said well even if They if their estimation is true then How many more Megatron To get some formal order oh yeah well Again these people were estimating 100-megaton and our Arsenal is measured A thousand you realize that a typical Bomb is one Megaton typical bottle right And we had 30,000 tactical or strategic Nuclear weapons though we had not just 100 megatons of thousands of megatons

Despair and so in case of a full-scale War then all computer programs would say That yeah you’re talking about something Like with children dinosaurs and so You’re talking about such exact that It’s not just you know growing areas and Farmland but the entire population of The earth so the human race itself could Face extinction if it’s a sizable Fraction of these weapons were set off Oh so it’s very sobering so I think the Alternative the shelter did is to Negotiate and bring down these numbers Right now we’re in the thousand and I Guess what i was asking the professor is Wouldn’t there be a level of danger when It got to load uvalde well I bet cycle If it sounds psychology that it’s Suicidal and that’s why it hasn’t Happened yet then bring it to the point Work might be slightly less and suicidal Wouldn’t be bright necessarily would it Well a Robert McNamara the late Secretary defence advocated something From minimal deterrence that is maybe Like 100 warheads so each side would Have a hundred warhead sufficient to Perhaps destroy the earth he a nuclear Winter and that would then bring us down To you know fairly low-level nuclear Bombs with sufficient again to cause Havoc with the atmosphere and havoc on The planet earth now that of course let The cat out of the bag do these weapons

Are for political purposes there could Threaten people yeah they’re to control Conventional crikey yes so it’s a poker Game a nuclear winter I mean the first Strike is a royal flush but it’s part of The continuance so I think we have to Realize that the military does not see Anything Between conventional and nuclear nuclear Is just the Royal Flush shut off to them And politician use it as was in a Collision now the average American is so Things that way the average American That says well they hit us we hit them Back serious that dip and a story where John Wayne we never get angry we always Fire second they don’t realize that Loosely weapons and some sensor used Every day to threaten to like a poker Game basically it is pregnant and he was A royal flush and took the uncertainty In the minds of an adversary that’s why At the beginning of the Gulf War for Example the first Gulf War and then back In 91 music magazine I had a full had a Big spread laying out the nuclear option Interviewing senior military officials Of the first Bush administration laying Out the nuclear option on Iraq tonight Ryan post supposed to questions you Please yeah let me put you in a position For a moment of being advisor to the President and suppose the president Received information that Russia was

Secretly planning a first strike against Us no doubt about it it was going to Happen with han Solo a president Cheryl Under that in that situation I so Initiate first like yourself before the Russians hit us knowing full well they Absolutely were going to hit us for Would you say no mr. president Something’s got to be rough to the human Race don’t do it well i would say that Whoever said there’s a hundred percent Certainty that the Russians are planning A first strike is probably out of his Mind well as Russia is in a very bad State economically speaking there’s not Any district for absolutely and they Could barely keep the Arsenal they have Impact they cannot keep bump I insist in Russia looks on to Russia w Go and some bumps I just came up to me And asked me whether I could offer them A job I could have hired by the spot Several props are Russian bona fide it Um that’s how bad it was I know it’s Awful why I’ve been there myself idiots Will be awful no question about it you Can um but still I thought and cancel The president that whoever said it’s one Hundred percent certainty that rush days For paying a first strike is out of his Mind out of the mud yeah you don’t think There could i mean but there could be as As they spiral down economically there Was that users and ownership minute for

Them or so had to be right well yeah There is a use it or lose it either glue This psychology among weapon ears yes Sir if you wait too long then they give You the first strike ingesting left for A second strike exactly what is it Called counterforce calculate the Calculus doesn’t say warfare