Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 7]

By | October 8, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 7]

As well then cat’s already out of the Bag yep what now well I think we’re Going to have to do some hard-nosed Negotiation with the Iranian with the North Koreans to make sure that they Don’t look right you know there are Making capability but I think we have to Realize that smaller nations and Eventually terrorists eventually small Nation states that are working with Terrorists may get access to this some Of this technology that’s really finding Take a look at Russia you have weapons Made sure that line of a thousand times In Russia Bertha no one really knows how Much rhenium image fuel was processed in Russia because the commissars used to Always over produce weapons-grade Uranium anything quarters and then of Course during the rainy day they can Take this extra fuel out of the closet And and make make their quota right Sheriff well no one knows how much Uranium fuel is in the closet there’s no Accounting for this because the Commissars were very careful in you know Squirreling away uranium fuel for many Days well that rainy day never came the Soviet Union broke apart and who knows How much to drink him that enriched Uranium the the Russians really have They don’t even sell don’t really know And that frightening when when I talk to Some bonfire to Samantha Russia and they

Told me that they were shaken when they Realized that even the Russians don’t Know how much uranium fuel is floating Around so you know it’s the price we Paid for going into peaceful atom and You know after a lecture like this i’m Tempted to ask you about your old scales Remember type 0 have warning i think That’s really attract I mean it’s a Little depressing wanna see my new you Do say that you fully grasp that and it Would seem to me that if I would ask you Now our chances of making it to what is It the full type 1 type life if I’d won But our chances have got to be really Bad well we are embarking as I mentioned Before Show the greatest transition in all of Human history the transition from 50 to 51 and it’s taken you know a human the Hundred thousand years everything lauded Humans emerged to reach the stage of Being on the threshold of type one Ally To blow it we can easily blow it because Of designer germs because of designer Nuclear weapons and because of the Diviner chemical well now often mr. Thorn the more pessimistic really Cutting to the chase well you know at The height of the Cold War it was really Frightening at the height of the Cold War you have to put things into Perspective you know there’s a war plan On both sides or preemptive strike the

The United States Army archive of the National but many of these work plans Are not be classified well I and if you Look at them is very frightening this Respect work when let’s actually talk About I’d like to talk about for a Strike when we get back what a program Professor fujioka cool is my guess that A baguette that embeddedness with proper Ad I certainly don’t know how from a High desert in the middle of the night This is Ghost Coast AM I Marcel good morning evening everybody IM our fellow wolf actually for George Tonight he will be back tomorrow night And dr. Michio Kaku is my gas permits Was absolutely riveting stuff first I Cut the avoiding miracles well we got to The cold war without either side Resorting to a first time that’s almost A miracle is it it’s clearly the Unthinkable it really it clearly is the Unthinkable book on both sides Apparently had first reichstag plans Drawn up on the table and all those Terrible years of truth I got under my Desk at school with my hands over my Back my neck our new happy to become an Avon blog on just kidding but I did do That they did have us do if you remember That campaign in another profession That’s right and now that it’s in so Many decades after the horrible years a Lot of this informations being

Detoxified both from Russia and the United States what do we know and we Know they we came awfully close they Were haunted arguing for preemptive Strike we know that in 1948 and early is Then during the delay crisis the Secretary of Defense first of all was Arguing for first strike to execute Operation boiler operation boiler was The plan for a pensive nuclear first Strike on Russia in 1948 with the fleet Of Obama’s dropping what it’s called the Mach3 atomic bomb on Russia more Wouldn’t we have done we have hit a Military target obviously and beyond That work before the times he hit Civilian targets all the quantity In fact again if you go to the National Archives you can get these plant the in The fifties the most elaborate plan was Called Operation off tackle all the Cities were lifted and it basically says That within six hours the desoto union Would cease to exist as a functioning Nation all the major cities would be Obliterated and enacted before they were Hot yet within the Joint Chiefs arguing For preemptive strike and of course During the Kennedy administration people Were shocked when they found out that The height of the accused Missile Crisis They were hot has again arguing for a Pre-emptive first strike I want to help Close to getting their ideas accepted

They got well we know from the Transcripts now that is in gradually Count of Aquila missile crisis that Kennedy but it’s put them in overruled Some of the hot head in his own Administration who are saying that you Know either now or never finally the Moment of truth has come my team had to Deal with the same thing in 1954 the Subcommittee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arguing for a pre-emptive first Strike in Russia 92 before all right Wouldn’t all these plans professor have The likelihood of the outcome knowing How many million would be dead how long The geography would be unlivable arm and Then of course there would be a certain Amount of retaliation without question They have launched against us or washed Whatever they could have and these plans Include the possibility of some success That they literally wouldn’t be able to Launch back against us well and again Russia probably all they had similar Plans who knows for sure I’m sure that The point you raised is that yet in 54 When Eisenhower was presented the option Of the initiating operation off tackle They estimated that 735 bombers hitting The radar screen simultaneously Absalon The Soviet Union’s radar screen point That in six hours they would have total Victory That the Russians may be able to get

Maybe one bison or a few fair bombers Off the ground and cause them has it may Be in Europe but it wouldn’t be able to Hit the United States but they argue That activity for the Bison and their Bombers would be able to get the United States and the window the window would Close after nineteen fifty four more Than right well what happened was I Power very to say enough organized a Study group called of the solarium to Investigate whether or not these days at The top the hotheads was correct or not Point and the conclusion was we should Not there was no star wars in identity For right there was no way to shoot down The Bison or bear bomber right as the Report I mentioned even Cuban biplanes Could could reach Florida so in other Words all these plans had assumed that The Russians could not retaliate but After 54 they had the bison in there and They could hit the United States and so That window is rapidly closing and Activity for the window pros I it does It meant that we were now two scorpions In a bottle among you strike me I Striking when we both die in the bottle Yes but before kiss before it was Basically you know with the United States option of nuclear first strike so But yet they will run activity for the Window closed I’ve got that from prior That they were lying they could have at

That point struck well that’s what the Hotheads in the Eisenhower Administration were arguing