Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 6]

By | October 2, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 6]

So when I was very young I was quite Enamored in this technology and I got an Atom splashed around in high school and I stumbled 400 pounds of transformers Feel I wanted 22 miles of copper wire on The football field and i created a 2.3 Million electrons all datatron electron Accelerator did not disturb people well Every time I plugged it in I would blow Out every circuit breaker in the house And all the lights would get hot and my Poor mother you know she probably Resolve I suppose I have a son can play His basket it is i find that baseball He’ll find something to vote and she Once said forgot to say why can’t we Find a japanese girl nor in how long is That building these machines in the Garage once your mom first generation Happening she was actually my father and Mother brightly in the relocation camp The concentration camps in california During world war two okay then I double My question down I’m in an industry like That professor I didn’t know that History of you but I suspected the Possibility and when you really dig deep There’s got to be a part of you that all Of that comes home tution well my Parents were first / citizens of the United States my parents were born in California yes my grandfather was in the Nineteen oh six seconds of course wake He was part of the clean-up operation in

During the earthquake and so but you Know even if you are citizens it could Be selected oh you know we apologize for Those employee mmm Make money and do you know what we Didn’t change the ability of a president To be able to do it again did you know That yes they’re still in the book Dylan Backs in the Karen act that’s right on The boat Supreme Court has never touched That if the minefield that’s why it’s Still on the books basically advice on The right something for people to know It could be done again and it has a Sobering within a matter of months under Thousand people dis shipped off yet Retract and then to anything with that Not and all of that somehow professor All of that has gotta shake it you yet Um however when I was the only like I Said I was very much fun a clear because This was the nuclear age atoms for peace But what everyone was talking about I Personally wanted to go to know the Extreme in the sense of working and Einstein’s unified field theory I mean That to me was the ultimate atomic Physics um but I was you know very much From the player in those days but then I Began at the graduate student I began to Have doubts about technology when what Said those in other words what began Those doubts were began to hear about These incidents have began to hear about

The fatalities even though we were told No one’s ever died in a nuclear accident I was just gradually I had heard that You know bombs had no Pentagon out of Control I heard that workers had been Blown up by seven of them have been Blown up in supercritical accident And then why I became a professor I have Access to files and I can get the files Now so I begin to realize it was this Whole hidden history that nuclear-power Plants are quite unstable unless you are Very very careful and it’s an Unforgiving technology well when Mistaken it blows up in your face well Alright suppose I made the argument I Will because fun devil’s advocate every Now get look here in Nevada we built a Great be a damn deer in the building of That damn to create electricity for Southern California now and sort of Nevada okay you know a lot of people Died in the building of that damn so Accidents do happen when you’re dealing With the creation of large projects and Energy a certain amount of accidents in The happen period the people or direct Selling them out of the concrete tomb And died and I can have any dog the Substantial number so what about Factoring that in oh well the difference Is that it’s a nuclear power plants can Buy the control you can live an entire City the government did a computer study

Of reactors like Indian Point located About 20 miles north of where I’m Sitting right now and a big accident at Any points 2 & 3 we’ve talked about 300 Billion dollars in property damage with Literally obliterating hire new york Area and there are you know 20 million People of that live within 50 miles of That nuclear power plant and it kind of Sentence if you take a look at the cold Accounting of the numbers it is the most Dangerous commercial machine on the Planet earth and that was the nineteen Eighty dollars in in 2003 the hollers That would probably be an excess of a Trillion dollars property damage i Oppose reactors are going up and float And if anyone today were to ask the Government permission to fight a nuclear Power plant so close to new york city They would say you are your Mind there’s no way we’re going to fight A nuclear power comes back close to a City and yet here we are we have saw and Very close to Chicago we had indian Points is very close to New York City And now we know that could be the public Knows a 50 mile island chevelle both of These reactors are potentially unstable And yes we were building these things so Close to New York City and I could spend Even the early sixties they wanted to Put a nuclear power plant in the center Of New York City and ravenswood queen or

On Norman eggs Archie Bunker territory Job what do you think we ought to be Doing in other words if you could Reshape America in the world policy on The peaceful uses of nuclear power but How would you have it well I think we Should first of all against that the Amateur peach program let the cat out of The bag I’m a physicist there’s no law Of physics really separating commercial From weapons technology it’s the same Technology you just increase the Enrichment level from three percent the Ninety percent that’s it that’s the Difference the Indians discover this That’s why they detonated in forest farm In the 1970s using an experimental CANDU Reactor they took tooth Adam for Peace Program which was never designed to make Bombs but the subjects is the same the Indian pronounced Silver’s a Surreptitiously refined the nuclear Waste and they detonated it responds 1970s that’s true and and now we have The technology of lip reading all over The place take a look at North Korea a North Korea has the rhenium technology Was shocked us we didn’t think they’d Have you a in technology and where do They get the new york times that they Got it from pakistan well where did Pakistan can situate technology from Essentially from germany in the united States we allow that technology to flood

Into Pakistan during the Afghan war when Ronald Reagan was opposing of the Default eat Union in Afghanistan and he Wanted a billion dollars a day to over The Afghan rubble That’s okay but what happened was the Pakistanis wanted something in exchange So they’re saying we are the Proliferation so even or not well I do It’s hard to believe but he helps when You can bring when you really get your Hands around it the United States weeks At pakistan pakistan weeks at North Korea no they were shocked the North Korea comes up with the leading the Mission technology there was very well That would have shot me but I’m sorry my Fafsa you know ever since the tests on Pregnant women and the tests on the American public and radiation testing And all that was admitted to it’s hard To get shot after after all about me Right and so did that entropies program I tell you you know a lot of countries Are not stupid they know there is almost No difference between weapons technology And commercial technology to the Richmond level with the fourth affects The chemistry of it but it’s basically The enrichment level that that you want And and the Iranians believe it or not Are absolutely correct in stating that All they want is commercially available Technology from Russia and president

President was the first American President could miss the Hat commercial Technology which is easily available in To use to make atomic bomb sure and the Iranians were saying no intimate we obey The letter of the law you set the rule You need the role of the west side the Road we follow the world Phil and yeah The Iranian to County want to go to the Coming bomb and they’re using commercial Technology to do it so I think we have To recognize the Atoms for Peace program Was inherently flawed in fact just last Week the director of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency Thanks so much he said it’s Fundamentally flawed that this old Architecture of atoms for peace or the Big mistake in some sense