Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 5]

By | September 28, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 5]

And so the CIA said either you with the Bomb that went off accidentally a Reactor that went crazy or a waste of Accident and you actually so the Union Broke apart the files became Declassified and we know now that it was A waste dump accident this was a mother Of all nuclear accidents before Chernobyl about 20,000 Curie’s of Radiation were lofted into the Atmosphere at the consequence even today When railroad so past that area and the Conductor’s would go with the shade down And you can’t see what’s outside whole Villages had to be evacuated you look at The census charts all of a sudden Students abilities is disappear off the Census chart in that area so we know it Was a big one we know that quite a bit Of radiation went into the atmosphere And Roy Medvedev a Russian dissident I See what a book we have any idea how Many people were actually killed Evacuated and never be used again in on Tens of thousands were evacuated on the Area and what the time there how many Died we don’t know I imagine now that The files are being reclassified in Russia that probably can get more Details that I ask you later how many People died at the consequence of the Other Christian High accident several a We would want those costs that kind of The information and mortally that’s

Right and by the way on England about The same time the same its first big Nuclear accidents which was totally Hushed up in England this is the wind Scale of pile number one in the 1950s it Was actually very much like the Chernobyl accident it was carbon Moderated The carpet caught on fire and he had a Uranium carbon fire in the center of a Nuclear power plant while in windscale England these ever seen us before a Reactor actually inflate the workers Shot food water hose water directly into The core part of a nuclear power plant This is unbelievable but the read the File to believe how huge explosion to Play gigantic about the Gaza blasted in The air I’m sure and the Queen site to Track that radioactive cloud ceiling Over the English Channel I and it Classifieds the whole thing only the Queen of England she was the only Civilian to be aware of this accident Professor arrest for a moment were at The top of the hour just totally blown Away would be the way I was described as Last hour some of it I had heard a Little bit about but almost everything We had this one this is incredible stuff Stop I’ve never done too many men have Never bird and I get something you want To make note of people of course it’s All absolutely true and then let that go

For shaping your feeling about things Equator I get a nuclear power and i’m Going to ask because it’s about Good stuff if we already haven’t covered That in a moment The real beauty of talk radio real core Of talk radio is is the fact that a lot Of times you hear talk show tonight is Perfect and example and a buzzer its Aims are windup stuff out and then Because you get off on a certain tension That just happens in an unrehearsed way John Road you know that you weren’t even Ready for I love it here once again is Professor ikkaku professor I believe me Now many times and I’ve come to the Final conclusion is not hard that you Are not the first seat up to this Purpose you might even be an Anti-nuclear activists at and part is That is that fair or I mean you had a Chance to build bomb get in on the Building new and better and bigger bombs And I know you’re trying to town and he Didn’t go into that side of the working So easily put it up and I have a very Strong sense that you’re pretty Anti-nuclear that’s there well let me Explain how they were teler and recently Passed away was the primary guiding Influence when I was in high school and Call And I got you know the family quite well And I got to know his politics and his

Thinking quite well and as you mentioned That he even offered me a position to Design hydrogen warheads and the his Position was that nuclear power is Potentially unstable it did not belong On the surface of the earth its laws Underground so he thought that because This we park last run so unstable Because you get have to the criticality Knelt down boy elbows and be my line and Play they should be placed under ground So it wasn’t explosion in simply put a Manhole cover on it and walk away from It pull out of curiosity professor why Don’t we do that well actually do not Con Edison here in New York City on a Manhattan right now one is to build a Nuclear power plant in queens by offered To the United Nations in the heart of New York City and then the old Atomic Energy Commission said over our dead Body when you tell the missus our Question in the center of New York City But Edison reapplied saying we’ll put it Underground will have an underground Nuclear power plant in the center of New York City it would be called the Ravenswood nuclear power plant right up To the United Nations so all the Delegates from around the world that’s Both in the blinds and see the gigantic Cooling CalPERS public commercial Nuclear power plant up Papa to the United data now the point of race is

That even tell her who of course unleash The power of the hydrogen bombs yes Lulu Is certainly aware of the potential of Mental energy realize that hey you know This is potentially unstable and an Accidents a really ruin commercial Nuclear energy And and that’s what he his position was That he was familiar but that the only Thing which could kill commercial Nuclear power would be a horrible Accident and that’s why he fought in the City putting the autograph however if You can suspect the cost would be Enormous you have to excavate the entire Nuclear facility is decisive underground It be prohibitively expensive but for me It really impressed upon me the fact That even though we physicist uncork the Genie and relieve Virginia and the Bottle sometimes as Jeanne is unstable And and sometimes you know we’re to Overconfidence we thinking of the Technology and then boom it spiraled out Of control and that fact really is a Homely experience realizing that this Technology is unfinished it’s an Unfinished technology the question is Whether we should finish it or not it Could be very expensive definitive Technology we still don’t know the do Essentially a waste Yucca Mountain Inn In your neck of the woods where we have Nuclear waste to be stored near Las

Vegas no no one’s here what’s the point That burn right that’s a big problem What are we gonna do with obviously Await oh and I’m you know I mean is that A yes i would say that I’m critical of It the energy yes okay you I believe are Oriental ancestry are you not Japanese Cops that’s right Oh macaca sounds Japanese does what happened professor in Japan what the United States did at the End of the war in Japan does that in any Way if you think that your position on Nuclear power is shaped by what happened In Japan I don’t think so in the sense That I went the other way I thought that Any technology that was that powerful Any technology that could flatten the City within a microsecond yes should Have enormous benefit for the rest of The world