Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 2]

By | September 22, 2009
Art Bell interviews Dr. Michio Kaku on Dec 15, 2003 [Part 2]

Well how can it even see a lesson Theoretically exist on earth where Everything is virtually matter and Whatever you try to contain it with Would be matter yeah that’s the problem All right now we can create a beam of Antiprotons in a vacuum and then combine Them with n PI electrons coming from Radioactive source also again plane too And we get anti hydrogen so this has Been done in the laboratory we have Actually created a small quantities of Anti hydrogen gas if the answer hydrogen Gas turbines is ordinary matter then of Course it’s tough you know immediately Annihilate however these are Infinitesimal quantities you would have To do this in outer space in outer space Would have to have a laboratory Sufficient to create beings of these Things which would not interact with Matter but then you know you have to put It into a bottle of come ashore when I a Container right let you don’t blow Yourself up before the thing before the Banda with the conium you do this by Having subcritical masses or sub Critical pieces of uranium the Hiroshima Bomb for example basically look like Pac-man a large piece of uranium with The pie piece taken out and you shot the Pie piece into the larger assembly and You end the sub critical pieces went Super critical so that’s how the cheat

Hiroshima bomb work I basically look a Gun principle based on shooting a pacman A pie piece into the larger pac-man but However I antimatter bomb since it would Disintegrate is to the department do you Remember in what was a fat man and Little boy or whatever it was in the Movie about the making of bomb that’s Right um you remember that scene in the In the lab where somehow they made a Mistake and they got and I given the Role a true story and they got critical Mass is too close together that’s right And in a way she went and he was Radiation poisoned got a terrible death Knoll the rest of it in the making the Bomb well was that essentially what We’re talking about here the size of the Mass and the how close it gets and all That That’s right two people were actually Blown apart and Matilda on salawats one Was killed one months after the bombing Of Nagasaki they had people tonian on a Tabletop believe it or not they had the Atomic bomb how much how much of this Doppler again about the size of your they had two hemispheres of Plutonium and Harry Bagley and a 26 year Old worker walked into the room where They have this atomic bomb sitting at a Table top and he tripped he tripped and His shoulder hit the tungsten carbide Which was surrounding the plutonium the

Tungsten carbide fell into this math Reflected the neutron concentrated in The front and critical mass was attained Right in his face so we have to realize That a small atomic bomb went off right In front of hair exactly in a state Where there was an actual physical Explosion because they didn’t show that Of course in the movie they just showed That the radiation going off scale and Stuff was there actually any physical Notable reaction or was it all radiation It was all radiation already moved flash Of light called Frank off radiation There was there was a blinding blue Flash of light called Franco radiation Of neutrons I inherently navigate with About 5,000 rads of radiation well that Is an enormous another 88 @ 10 times on What’s necessary he had a tremendous Dose of radiation and he died in the Los Alamos hospital was in a matter of days A week I assume he knew what had just You know I mean he knew he was a dead Man walking that’s right he didn’t feel A thing he didn’t feel a thing even Though he every cell in his body was Being ripped apart that’s not the Intellectually he could read meters That’s right that he lost consciousness After about an hour or so and that his Body basically disintegrated in you know Radiation burns all over his body there Are taught to reports publishers

Have huge blisters hurt over his body And just a few months later believe it Or not in 1946 Luis Tuason a physicist Was blown apart in the same way he has Put hemispheres of ammonium on a Tabletop he had an atomic bomb on the Tabletop with a screw driver of the Screw driver would bring these two Hemispheres closer and closer and closer Together a Geiger counter needle would Go upscale and then you and Chris Untwist unscrew the two hemispheres this Is called tickling the Dragons tail Slowly with a screwdriver bringing two Subcritical pieces of ammonium which Could detonate as an atomic bomb in fact As far as we know that same mass of a Pony was in fact detonated in the Pacific but actually happen on the table Talk now it was always my understanding From again from the movies where else Would I get it that you had to create a TNT type or level explosion to slam These two pieces not if you want to Release 20,000 tons of TNT if you just Want to set off criticality that it has A blinding blue flash and basically fly Anybody in the room now you could do That by bringing them together with a Screwdriver all right the next question Would be didn’t say at that time Understand enough of the theory to Understand and what they were doing to Themselves actually I mean they had to

Know they considered themselves hot Rodders they were pushing the laws of Physics they were making measurements And when when plot and realized that he Had turned the screw too many times and The Geiger counters needle went off Scale he lunged forward and with his Bare hands with his bare hands he Separated the two Kaponi on hemispheres And he took the entire brunt of the Atomic bomb in his check oh my god and He was again hit with about 5,000 rads Of radiation he to pretty much Disintegrated With enormous burns or his body at the Los Alamos hospital both professor she Wouldn’t have been informed enough about The tail tickling to the night they will Not do this well this was an accident he Knew that if you brought the two Hemispheres too close together the Neutrons would hop across and Subcritical mass would become Supercritical however he never expected That he would make a mistake there was a Brilliant cop reflector he made a Mistake with regards to turning the Screw too much with a reflector Too many neutrons were going back and Forth between the two hemispheres Fissioning the plutonium Adam and it Went super critical in its case believe It or not seven Americans have been Literally blown apart into the

Criticality accidents seven of their Seven American a you often hear that Noise are guided a nuclear accident Despero uh what is it baloney because I Have the autopsies of many of these Individuals we physicists study these Things as we have to understand what Happens when reactors blow up and what Happens when bombs exploding or hate and Again these same hemispheres of opponent Apparently were detonated in the Pacific As an atomic bomb sure and put but again Back in the lab professor how wide a Geographic smog of the kind of radiation That killed them was created in other Words people in the same room people in A joist in adjacent rooms or could have Been much worse getting them closer Together something that looked for Example would have killed everybody on The base that they were experimenting Well luckily on both incidences had two Aplenty intend together very slowly one Because I’ll be the heating of a Functioning carbide block and the second One because a screwdriver was turned too Much yes and so in the room there were Several people watching this Demonstration by Luis Laden each of them Got a pretty healthy dose of radiation But all of them survived From the slot in himself who as I said Disintegrated in the hospital but the Other individuals thought a heavy dose

Of radiation but they were no side Effects they were far enough in the Petroleum so that they survived when I Was a graduate student by the way in Physics we heard rumors about this Incident and we were told that in the First week the first row died in the Second week the second row died in the Third week the third row died according To the inverse square law that’s not True I looked up the report and the only Person who died which was flattened in The second incident