John Lear and Bob Lazar First Interview. December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell part 9

By | May 31, 2009
John Lear and Bob Lazar First Interview. December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell part 9

Given the same set of circumstances I Probably would have done the same thing Perhaps a little different a lot of Magazines writing a lot of things about The both of you do you find they Generally get it right or is it Exaggerated belonging that most of them Print I’m also the people don’t have Access to the information what and I’m Part of the problem I don’t do Interviews I don’t do top shows i don’t I don’t go out of lectures i just don’t Do anything and i’m constantly being Hounded for information so without the Information they to make some of it up Probably somebody information have come Out of 15 George Knapp special I I you Know I essentially stole my gut said Everything that happened to me and kind Of want to wanted to really leave it at That the fact the confirmation I made a Tape about for the people that really Wanted to know the nitty gritty and Rested with that and that was it and you Know people would look through those two Things you know everything essentially That I experienced and happened was was Contained with But you know inevitably things get Screwed up and a lot of hearsay and Theres an awful ninety-nine point nine Percent of the UFO community is crazy These these people are deceptively out Of their minds and I really want to have

Nothing to do with them and they’re tied In with I mean all kinds of strange Factions of groups and it’s really Impossible to weed out any real Information coming for most of the sort Through these magazines and even the Larger group so I really have to stay Away from it and that get people upset And thinks I’m trying to hide things From them and I’m called government Agents and stuff like that and if you Know the list is never ending 99 and non Transfer senseless thought perhaps more We’re continuing association in the John Way I take it you knew him in one of the Tops are very small percentage points of Those who may be on to something no i Don’t i don’t know it’s okay John later Does his own thing and I you know I I Don’t John comments so we have some of My ideas were proud because I’m not a Fine and Robinson scientist he overpays That 54 with work with we’re proven to Him to me you know all I’m the owner Speculation well to the cattle herd and About without deal with what exactly but To the casual observer somebody like me Everything you’ve told me John about how They travel look new the propulsion the Kind of creatures are all about this Sort of thing is is underwritten or Strengthened by what Bob Lazar sets I Mean don’t realize that Bob you’re Saying I saw the disc yes they exist oh

Yeah that the information like I said The only information i know are the Technical aspects of the craft and that Information John has we’ve talked about That and he understands it and the Information that he relays like that if That’s really correct and I’ll verify That i actually got to work with that Stuff I don’t know you know Aliens didn’t take me to their planet I Don’t have proof where they came from I Don’t know how any deal was cut I don’t Know about abductions I don’t know about All right all right listen to me we’ve Gotta stop here I’ve got a newscaster I’ve got to do please stay around just a Little while longer will you Bob all Right stay right there from coast a live What I go I’m on the CBC Radio Network who called The show locally style 383 8255 three Me too will be five We all the cross the left and I 800 338 8255 the wild pride direct lines Are area code 702 385 7214 3857 1814 and Fri life if you Called the show before tribal 35 color Line 702 you 3way pride 7215 we invite You to participate on the talk of the Left k bond and go Phoebe Phoebe network Will call attention soon for lady around Each caller will be around up to 3 Minutes for a more lesson is a chance to Join in

Because they are Those craft work We’ll be back to induce Bob lazar you’re both back on the air Again well this is fall flooring a bit But it’s fun very privileged to be on With Bob a and i’ll use my friend Betting to overdose on it is going to Lose when truly nice if you had them on For want to back me up on everything but Goes back up and on the fifth at ease Off well let’s try a question on you That’s very nice compliment for Bob it Bob Lazar did Jeffrey equipment or the Technology never did build the time Machine would you sit in its all he Proved the switch sure you would I think He would Bob it’s strange I I get a lot Of letters from people and there have Been quite a few people that really Think that I have a time machine I would really like to know how this got Started I mean there were people with on Its request wanted to know how much that I would charge him they need to go back To the 50s to rescue their brother from Being killed or something like that in This you know I really have to make it Clear i I really don’t have a time Machine and I don’t possess the Technology to make one either right bra Please don’t don’t write to me asking Well there is this low Bob if you had a Time machine using some of that

Technology would you be likely to admit It That may give you some fool as to why People think that you may have it feel You say you don’t yeah well I’d like Life in general taken i got i would like To take just a couple of clouds just for The fun of it and let’s do if anybody Has any questions you miss about before We do that I just feel very poor credit At all of this it’s about put out Because he won’t advertise himself but Not when it is important if you do want To know about this technology and what Moms are for the tough side and don’t Have a service is available and you Should like to try got corporation that CRI vot tried out corporation Bernsen 24-valve eastern and that’s in Las Vegas And it’s over 39 104 and the price is 2995 of three dollars shipping and Handling and if you want to know about The stuff you just can’t make for better And red final advertises very much put Out that it’s really important then it’s Going to be another 12 isn’t there Bob All right yeah it’s kind of in the works And if that tape was a lot of people That reviewed the first tape it was it’s A technical tape but it’s made for the Layman to understand all the technology In hell how it work There’s just been a request for a tape That goes heavy into the physic a lot of

Technical people scientists and that Sort of thing one all the specifics Exactly formulas and things along those Lines and that’s what the second tape Will probably cover I’m not really sure About that yet nothing’s been done with It and in what kind of technology would That give away for elevators talking About the house specifically the Amplifiers work sing sing along those Lines with the knowledge baba roughly How they work would it be possible for Somebody on this earth to to eventually Do you feel drilled or duplicate that Technology and build something that Would do with that power princess well It’s at the matter of having access to Certain material With some super-heavy elements such as Element 115 with the proper material we Could absolutely love it the technology Is not millions of years ahead of us You’re looking at technology that may be Hundreds and hundreds of years ahead of Us it’s not that phenomenal it really Isn’t a lot of people