John Lear and Bob Lazar First Interview. December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell part 5

By | April 25, 2009
John Lear and Bob Lazar First Interview. December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell part 5

You can see down and see what’s going on Before you go to wherever it is we go Now reincarnation was something that Jesus taught but at the first meeting of Nick I think which was in 325 AD and Then it was also a meeting in Constantinople was about and 1280 they Modified the what we call the king james Version of the bible they took a lot is Matter of fact they really took about Ninety-five percent of what Jesus taught Out of there one of the things apricot Love the idea of reincarnation I do push Won’t believe in that and I believe in Soul goes on and on and on so that’s the The answer for what I think the answers To video def expand okay this is going To get into the area that I was afraid Of but I can’t lose this containers Vessels that’s what we are possibly Containers or vessels for the human soul That we’re now talking about possibly an Experiment will before what John pure Speculation Those our creators our alien scientists That have created us what use would they Have for the human soul I don’t know Apparently there’s a lot of interest by One species the grave in emotion and They they take a lot of time to barely Talk to the identities about emotion I’ve heard of experiments that you do With people to create emotions for Instance there was a chase down in

Florida where I guy was abducted and he Was put in a long krumping corridor and With two children down one end as far as This may sound here comes a Fire-breathing dragon so he turned Around one few of the other way and as a Dory goes into the door and there’s a Barrel and his decision was did he put One kid in each barrel And let the dragon eat him or does he Get in one bill himself and drive to the Other two in there or or what this was One of the experiments I don’t know how I came up with this one of the Experiments they do in trying to either Understand or compare that with emotion So then you might conclude that emotions Anger jealousy all the strong ones have Some some some value to them are ugly Yeah or they are themselves some sort of Energy that can be used in something Some way well apparently it missed Recording fees the the grains don’t Understand that they don’t have emotions Themselves at least like we do and They’re trying to understand the Emotions is we be open wow wow well We’re plotting a lot of new territory This morning’s very very interesting Let’s pick up another call quickly wild Card line 3 you’re on the air coast to Coast am with john lee or north delhi Thank you thank you are i have two quick Questions and i was into a month year

Number one what these these of people Have been affected by aliens and then Experimented on they ever suffered ill Effects when they get back to earth from The medical experiences citing questions So Charlie ever known many navies Aviators and has he ever had a desire or Has he ever landed on an aircraft Carrier and I’ll hang up in verse 9 John The first one was about that these Wasn’t the question or the experience Any other path football I don’t think Believe some of them go maybe a short Ways out but most of them is done now Relatively close here yes they do real Effect on them are quite traumatized by The experience that’s why they form These encounter groups where they can That got you to others who have had the Same experience by organs is quite Active in those type of groups where They try to help people who have been Not traumatized by this right John did You see the one of the sightings of oh Have the returning red marks on his Belly no but I’ve heard about that case A lot similar to it yeah I let’s talk a Little bit about that I’ve gotta break Coming up so stand by John will do not Into the Navy Use question I want to answer that all Right CBGB on When the continued through the

Don’t expose result to something that Could be harmful To you with strong constitutions Good morning again John Let’s cover what we were going to we’ll Get to the naval aviators they are but The lasting effects and I was telling You about the fellow the returning red Marks that I think was on sightings of Very convincing case how many people Have physical effects that endure well I Don’t know what you mean percentage ride No I mean how many of you ever heard of I you look into so many of these cases You’d know more not large they all have A little bit little scoop that’s taken Out as far as physical pain a little Scoop scoop of skin that’s taken out They have a mark on their ankle Interlayer or there are much often They’re told that it’s there just taking Genetic material for back to wherever They come from interestingly our own Government has recently announced that It has begun a program of gathering First our military and then probably Others blood samples for genetic Recording Yeah rare that for you oh yeah for what Naval aviators have you ever landed on An aircraft carrier first of all you Have to buy our unity and if it My answer is yes I was taught by a naval Aviator out of first outside you as a

Transport pod of his name was how Herman And used to live in Montague California Anatoly still there or not but I’ve Known a lot of Navy pilots of our land On the carrier no but to me that would Be the most exciting experience to land Mana carrier with a hundred and a Quarter of visibility on a pitching deck At night that would be the epitome of Chairmanship and I know that there was a Lot of guys that have done it would you Endeavor to do it if you have a chance Well it’s certainly a lot more training I am now but but that really take Chairmanship is to lambeau just on the Pitching deck at night in extremely low Visibility a jaunt Rome is that what That what you have just described is one Of the most terrifying a pilot can never Do or you can imagine because you know They don’t have all that much fuel is Not like they can say well if i make you Always go back to shore you know And quite a ways from shortcuts there That’s their only champ all right very Quickly we’re short on time this our Wildcard line through you on the air Coast to coast am with arbonne John They’re not a lot of time go ahead right And we look at you know yes sir yes yes I thought from the antimatter reactor Yes no I saw about the farmers are video And less particles he meant by the Thermoelectric generator yes say that

Means that the gravitational system is Electricity to the thermoelectric Generators separate that’s what profiles Are possible for the operation of the Trip what they didn’t describe and what The next one will describe is how the Gravity works and basically the gravity Be waveforms like an electrostatic Charge on the top of the antimatter Larger Eldon amplified funeral guys down to the Gravity amplifiers and bap what’s used To go over space towards you all right Carl work out of time this hour so I’ve Gotta scoot right I guess they’ll be yet Another tape that will explain all this John we’ve got a break for just a few Minutes from the news we’ll be right Back okay stay right there all right now You up for a few phone calls oh you got All right good morning on the first time Caller line you’re on the air coast to Coast am with art bell am John Lear hi i Have two quick questions for mr. where I Member on a little while agrees that we Might start seeing something about six Months and second of all when is your ex Speaking engagement all right you want To take that on the air right here was That what I’m saying about this month Some of the day he well okay we’ll go Ahead and head for the fake having take It on the air arm he said that at one Time you had stated you thought that

Perhaps something would become apparent To the American people in about six Months or something would start Happening Oh like a German interviewer Told me the other day on the great Researcher but a terrible profit You were interviewed by the German press Is that correct I yo there was a guy in Here and very interesting guy I by no Competing duties and I you know I only Give about to a year I don’t have one Plan