John Lear and Bob Lazar. First Interview December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell. Part 3.

By | April 19, 2009
John Lear and Bob Lazar. First Interview December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell. Part 3.

They made very clear that if I made any Toys that then I would have my job and I Don’t know the guy in visto I know where He works and a couple of years and tell Guys often come by and say these harmful Things to say hello to you as well ha John that’s creepy but it’s not a Surprise there’s no question in my mind That were monitored I guess then your Attitude just becomes who cares you know I’m bored and I’m gonna just keep doing What I’m the runner does it intimidate You to know that doesn’t any Everything’s on the up-and-up I’d like To expose some of this stuff that’s Going on I don’t think a lot of it is Right but it doesn’t seem like we didn’t Do much about it wild card line 3 you’re On the air coast to coast am about bone John layer good morning Oh good morning artillery calling from CERN calling from Mesa Mesa Arizona sir I’d like to ask him if it would surprise Him to know that Clinton’s mother’s maiden name was Rockefeller and that his real name is William Jefferson Bly ehe support right What the 4th son of that a surprise to You Jim no I think what he’s saying is Is everybody’s connected that goes in The governor we think that we’re getting Somebody new but really the President of The United States is just a figurehead It really doesn’t doesn’t make any

Difference in there Good morning everyone on the road We’ve got jollywood Leaving even frightening sound minute People-pleasing out Good night’s sleep and we’ll see some Other morning for the rest of you we now Continue Clean up petri dishes where we left off And You know I’ve got to say John since the Ending of this cold war here we are in Somalia you and I talked about that the Other morning here in the air and there Are how many other Somalia is out there The this earth John is a mess right now It is the most unorganized more like Mess I’ve ever seen UNR man is just wondering why it’ll boil Become apparent to us in about six Months and I really don’t know what the Reason is but there is obviously a Method to this madness of going into Somalia untroubled by the whole Operation and I see it as the first step In the brand new world order John I Wonder if you view it the same way well I don’t know about the new world order But there are some very strange things Going on By the way that for the guy who wanted Their responses address you can write to His first name as RA ye l am al on the Left Parker are you SS th th er and his

Post office box 3 0 7 8 Carmel California and the zip is 9 3 9 2 1 and She’s trying to help get him out but Back to the back to Somalia it certainly Is a strange I was back in 1977 during The a arms airlift there when we went in After the Somalis kicked the Russians Out and we wanted that Berberis empty Water port on the Red Sea right and what Happened is that these Somalis who Traditionally had been supported by Russia and the Ethiopians who were they Were fighting were traditionally Supported by the west and but they Didn’t have any ammunition but they had The gun so since the change different Side We had to get the the Russians ready What they call East Bloc ammunition Zubin Somali so I was in Maryland a bit Left from hungry through Saudi Arabia Down there I went on for a month within Three or four months take the ammunition Down there so they could fight the war We took East Bloc ammunition yeah Coordinate right at the very top of the State Department where you have to get The man munition somehow so there’s kind Of a high level train going on and I Don’t know where the wealth block-damage And I think it came out of Vietnam this Was in the end 1977 so a lot left over From there sure is insist incestuous Isn’t it this arms thing

Well again back to the broader picture John they claim absolutely no national Security interest whatsoever purely Humanitarian and I’m sure they would say The same thing if Bosnia is our next Object of of attention I have felt Rather than you nip them manipulated all The way through of this John as though We saw all the pictures of the starving And we were emotionally worked up and They prepared us the media literally Prepared us for what we’re now doing Over there Would I be wrong and saying I was Manipulated or manipulated but to what End I’m not sure I know was a lot easier Going into Somalia than it would have Been in 2004 the elation and if it is a Success there are many many already Calling for Bosnia to be the next the Next one and from there why there’s a Whole list of places we could intervene In and try and make this a better world To live in We certainly have to find an enemy Because we are various hundreds of Billions of dollars being spent on Defense and we’re not flying a model or Craft $285 drunk into from all Yahoo so I’m sure that if there’s not a Legitimate enemy out there that they can Certainly will pop an enemy for us to Fight during another quick break John We’ll be right back and I you know

That’s a good question exactly why off Flying that aircraft it’s it Aliens UFOs and I guess our political Course in this country as well and back Now to John John exactly why are we Developing Aurora aircraft and then you Know the exact same question that you Just add without by Senator Robert Byrd Who is the chairman of the House Appropriations community committee and He went to the Deputy Secretary of Defense and said hey what is that Airplane that goes Mach 8 we don’t don’t See anything in the budgets now senator Byrd is one of 16 people who’s allowed To see everything in black budget so he Said I don’t remember signing anything On there’s nothing under there so they Had another some other questions to NBC And proponents Doyle about sauce why do Objects over groom light sound 13 has The strange lights that they Photographed over groom light Aviation Week May 11th on August 24th had Pictures of strange contrails You know those sky lakes in Southern California a Wall Street Journal comes Out with a story all these things came To say that there was something strange Going on for the Senate so bird sent out A guide to Las Vegas here on Saturday Tomorrow senior legislative aide and he Was going to make a surprise trip to Groom Lake and he told us but you know

If there was stuff going on and it Wasn’t through these a normal budget That you’re you knew he was going to Pull the plug on areas that you want or He goes up there on money do you like The groom like you to turn around and See if any of that stuff is there that We are They’re namely Aurora but this down it Has for the the new unfunded sacred Airport cults and BMX to up I use Mesa And he went up to groom wanker is they Would have it was known in that day and They told him that said that they Couldn’t take him anywhere because of The snow he said he want to go down to S4 and they said oh you’ve been darkened Well bombers are guy huh so apparently He’s gonna go back in two weeks the main Said that they would take it down there In two weeks but they wouldn’t ride Anything the big days told them that They but there was nothing there so I Imagine two weeks will be enough time to Lose don’t be ignorant to you I don’t Have anything against black budgets or Anything against secret projects but When he considered the American taxpayer Is footing the bill for these operations And all likely is take two or three Times the real cost for the legal budget Program to support the black budget Programs you know you might want to know Who the enemy is that we’re really

Preparing the price well that was the Nature of my question now I do what do we need this aircraft in Flowood we have met the enemy and he is Us in the sense that with a well-defined Understandable enemy or not we’re going To keep doing this Period sure wildcard line three you are On the air coast to coast and John Routing a lot of old people laid up for Composit mr. rock and movie to not show Up to this all this Doman proudiy wrote A book about 20 years ago called the Secret came and he’s just recently Written another one with elaborates on That