John Lear and Bob Lazar. First Interview December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell. Part 2.

By | April 17, 2009
John Lear and Bob Lazar. First Interview December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell. Part 2.

I intercepted him and he thought we’ll All go along with him they can’t prove Anything and then shot him down when They got a mobile Russia only Michael But they couldn’t prove it one way or The other and they didn’t want to risk 270 feral child was flying so they went Another way that’s my understand I Didn’t participate and the other one but I my understand they went through Dubai Which which is across the Persian Gulf Into trance and you’re pretty confident That because they have officially closed This which was my reference e of a day That they will not upon hearing what You’ve just said reopen it or they’ll be Cries to reopen it no I don’t think so Because they’d have to let Ross Justified easy if they’re 71 pilot that Brought it back and they just don’t want To get into it Wow well we just killed One our debt John so stand by relax get Some coffee or whatever and we’ll come Back into another okay all right stay Right there American Southwest I martel back with John Lear and moment Responding to what John said I know John’s listening right now I regard the Possibility of aliens and UFOs in the Same way I guess I do as the existence Of the Creator and that has always been A problem for me I’m probably and if not Agnostic i would say an agnostic people

Will call me and tell me you must admit The presence you must accept him and i Know all that i’ve heard all that a Million hon but I’m the kind of person That has such a hard time accepting Something I can’t put my finger on Something that I can’t prove and I’m Store that way are and that leads me Into a position where i appeared Vacillate back and forth and I do I Don’t I know I can’t say it existed that That our Lord exists i hope he exists i Believe he exists but in terms of Absolutely my being able to say you Exist I don’t know that I can and that About the same thing applies with with Ufos– which I have never seen any way We’ll get back to it in in just a moment You’re listening to the CBC and brn Radio networks the perfect gift here we Are again I’m sure you heard what i have To say at the top of the hour there and It is kind of that way John I’m just am NOT an absolute believer nor a Disbeliever my mind is open I am Impressed with a number of sightings and The things that we’ve talked about in Fact it’s frightening but without hands On you can’t make that final or I can’t I should say make that final step that Leap to yes they exist but you can’t you Have haven’t you absolutely but if you Walk in my shoes for the last five years And access to all the information I had

You probably believe that I do yeah all Right um so they are a real what are They John that’s what a lot of people Want to know that haven’t listened Before what are the creatures that are In these flying things well I used to Say that there was 80 different species May be honest there’s probably more if There’s certainly more than that out in The universe and there’s all different Kinds there’s these little great people That could do the abduction there’s one That we the ones that looked just like Us and there’s off you know some awfully Weird ones through just about any ones That you can imagine what do they what Do they want well supposedly on at least According to the documents that were Read by Bob Lazar at the test site we Are an experiment we were genetically Changed generic experimented will be Made I pink 65 separate corrections to Make us what we are now which is Containers they referred to us as Containers what we contain wasn’t Specified in the documents you can Speculate it might be so it might be Blood it might be in vines but in any Case be the aliens refer to us as Containers and They made these containers now according To the documents here at they also Engineered the world’s major religions And they did that in an effort to

Organize and pacify they created the Miracle for that we would believe in an Entity the wood was we were there you Know not go off and not rape and murder And pillage back on his job we were Given the Ten Commandments to live I Mainly so that they could organize and Power flying keep us all going into him And same general direction they are our Creators or overlay here are you is that One of those things you’re certain about Or does that hang in the air more as a Theory John fright it’s looking more and More correct knows what the truth is What I want to do I want to start taking A few calls John and we’re kind of Hopscotch our way through the night here A lot of people that want to talk to you And I should serve as some of these Blinking lines so let us sporadic we Begin doing that good morning on the First time Coraline you’re on the air Coast to coast am with John Lear and art Dell hello yes up here oh good where are You washington state in the state of Washington okay you’re on the air with John where mr. where do you believe that There may possibly be some sort of and a Stage and where they are taking over Phone lines flash messages over Televisions and so forth to believe this To be a possibility all right thank you That’d be pretty open operation wouldn’t It John uh yeah if the government itself

Wasn’t doing that certainly fuel and the Control busy to in it oh my god I got a Funny facts the other day John listen to A little bit of this if you use a modem You are monitored every time you fire up The modem you activate automatic Monitoring equipment I work for a large Telephone network that routinely Monitors modem and fax transmissions Navy whatever is transmitted even Encrypted data your government allows This under the heading maintenance Monitoring in the FCC rules monitoring Can continue for six months without Legal procedure the rules are part of an Obscure pre-world War 2 action by the FCC’s predecessor agency saying no Information may be encoded or Transmitted over public or private forms Of California radio with the exception Of government agencies involved in National security So they they monitor fax and modem Transmissions our government monitors All of this stuff or ours told the other Day that not only that but they can Monitor your house through your table For your TV I defended wood for cable Companies and it was very highly Sophisticated he stopped short of saying They can actually watch you but they can Certainly monitor you through the cable TV this comes by the way from a fellow Ham radio operator works for a company

That does this kind of work up in the Bay area so he knows what he’s talking About and I guess just about everything Is certainly is monitored have you ever Been concerned about that John on a Personal basis certainly if I were in The government I think I would monitor John Lear very carefully uh no I don’t Worry about it because I know it goes on In 1987 just after my Series of lectures here and I screwed on TV a couple times hurry up with several Teenagers here in the fin del guy was up Here putting in some phones and he came In one morning and said hey John do you Know your your phones tapped and I said Really and he’s Wow if you want me to Find out where and I said yeah so he Went out and he came back about half an Hour later in this guy said you know I Went behind your house up to the pole When I went over to monroe street men Down Hollywood Boulevard and down to the Elephant on bonanza and he says it’s Further than that he said I’ll be back In a while when I want to check what’s Going on so he didn’t come back until The next morning and when he came back He said John nom I can’t talk to you Anymore and I said what are you talking About he said I’m on going to be on Another route he said what happened is I Got traced your phone down to the Mainframe at sentara and he said I went

To the FBI and the lady there said that If I didn’t like my job I could Kourt She said for went home last I thought About it I went into work this morning In that same way he was walking out of My office office and said the same thing To me so they made it very clear that if I made any noise that then I wouldn’t Have my job and I know the guy is Easter I know where he works and couple years And tell guys often come by and say so On so phones to say hello to you okay John that’s creepy but it’s not a Surprise there’s no question in my mind That that were monitored from I guess then your attitude just becomes Who cares you know i’m bored and i’m Going to just keep doing what I’m the Runner does it intimidate you to know That doesn’t take me everything’s on the Up-and-up I’d like to expose some of the Stuff that’s going on I don’t think a Lot of it is right but it doesn’t seem Like we can do much about it wild card Line 3 you’re on the air coast to coast And without bound John Mayer good Morning good morning art three calling From Stern from calling from Mesa me Sarah’s Arizona sure