John Lear and Bob Lazar. First Interview December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell. Part 1.

By | April 12, 2009
John Lear and Bob Lazar. First Interview December 12th 1992 Classic Art Bell. Part 1.

The industrial design in college then Pursued his aviation career flying Airplanes sea planes gliders gyroplanes Helicopters balloons and fighter type Aircraft while attending high school in Switzerland later became the youngest American to climb the Matterhorn in Zurich in 1968 the pylon race but Douglas b-26 invader in the Reno Air Races the largest aircraft ever raced at Reno at the time at age 28 he was one of The youngest Boeing 707 captains to fly In commercial airline service a former Nevada state Senate candidate John is The son of William P Lear senior Designer of the Learjet executive Aircraft the 8-track stereo and founder Of Lear incorporated now nears Seger Corporation a large defense contractor Lear has written extensively about Airplanes and other subjects and was Middle East correspondent for combat Illustrated between 1975 and 77 while Stationed in the roof Lebanon with a Cargo airline although where his father Was outspoken in his belief of the Existence of extraterrestrial visitors To the great concern of the Pentagon by The way particularly because Lear senior Was head of a large defense contracting Company John only became interested in The subject himself seven years ago After talking with an Air Force pilot Who was stationed at Bentwaters Air

Force Base near London England where Three small aliens We’re photographed by the air force Actually photographed by the air force Walking up to Wing Commander General Gordon Williams there’s extensive Worldwide civilian military and Intelligence contacts have made it Easier for him to penetrate the secrecy Surrounding the subject of UFOs Then in 1988 John became acquitted with A government scientist who worked at Area s for part of the super secret area 51 at the Nevada Test Site the scientist Was a member of the most classified Government research team then in Existence it was their job to research And try to duplicate the propulsion System of nine recovered alien aircraft In storage at the Nevada Test Site Lear Is an amateur astronomer and Photographer and has won several awards For his photos taken during his Worldwide travels he owned and campaign The 12-meter America’s Cup boat Soliloquy out of Marina del Rey California for two years he is vice President of the generals Ward and Chennault post number one the soldier of Fortune post of the American Legion and The member of the Special Operations Association Don currently is chief pilot For a cargo airline flies Boeing 727s Throughout the Caribbean and South

America Lear has four daughters lives in Las Vegas with his wife Marilee a former Actress and youngest daughter Jacqueline 15 his hobbies include gardening Carpentry and UFOs I added the last And so away we go without any further Introduction and that just about did it Here is John Lear good morning John Lear Alright good good to hear you again hey John there has been an awful lot of Stuff going on and that’s that’s mainly Why I had you back besides the general Discussion which we always end up in There’s a whole bunch off I want to ask About number one this is my sighting now I don’t know if you’ve heard anything About this or not but I’ll tell you John I really did see a couple of things that Maybe nothing more than you know falling Something or others but on my way in From Perron toward Las Vegas I have now Seen in three different times What my I don’t know what it was gone He looked it looked on one hand a little Bit like a falling star seen falling Stars or life and this was not typical Of a falling star it was more like I’ve Described as a green fireball trailing Blendin are in a trajectory across the Sky It wasn’t small it wasn’t like a typical Falling star that we’ve all seen for Years it was and I’ll tell you why I’m Mentioning this John it’s because I set

It on the air and you wouldn’t believe Three a derogatory negative receipt I Think Sarge around said it’s seedpod or Something coming down but that was just A joke and for having this and reported On it You can’t believe the mail that I’ve Received John look at uh and and and so That set me to think if not me that kind Of mail and I’ve said Pathan could have Falling star I don’t know but shrill Strange I can understand what you want Through Well it’s and been quite an adventure Since I accidentally got into this a 1980 promise your hands on a bet I bet Do you get John quite a credible abusive Come on what kind of knot are you kind Of know sound that any of those at all Merely one or two in the last five years Oh I I got all kind of you know hard to Take a vacation art to wrote immediate Arts must’ve gotten to you that’s Rudy But I really did see these things John Islands for Heavenly Father referred Anybody else talk about a mean fire Browsers what we’re like it had been the Sure install copyright fall on no time Nor was it the gas Uh hero desert it made in a gigantic Molly saw I have no way of knowing John But you know there were a lot of reports In 1990 was 48 49 50 in New Mexico green Fireball after though I haven’t heard

Too many recently but there sure was That happen could only describe it as Trail fire as farts in the words long And sucker was really moving I mean it just went across a trajectory In the sky and just oh I don’t know for Five cents it was really knew a lot of Strange things flat yeah Vally jealousies and mighty stress stuff All right I watched her own full UFC’s sightings Last night did you Maura Proctor what was not on sightings Last night did a little segment on our Angels and I hit start in on this overly But they commissioned the gallop for People to do a poll and asked the American people how many by percentage Leave an Angels this will surprise 65 Percent of the American people according To according to Gallup believe in angels How about that well it writes in a sense Because if that many people can leave in Angels I would think that also a very Very high percentage could believe that These UFOs are more than just something Identified now wouldn’t that make sense Picolet okay I’ve got a number of other Things I want us The Associated Press a couple of days Ago John reported on a very close call For Earth at first I thought that it was An oral report but then they began to Say as we slept last night a two-mile

Wide asteroid passed within 2 million Miles of Earth which they considered to Be just close with in a cosmic blink and I note that in all of these and there Have been several instances like this Lately John they always tell us about it After it has passed conjoin can you hold On a sec actually gonna do a break stand By radio in the night time from the Great American Southwest star Martel With John Lear And we’re gonna be talking ufos and Other strange things So back to if we go and John John that Was a big rock I mean the two-mile wide Asteroid that passed right by everyone Told fry walkers I think that happened About six months ago but yes it did yes It did that’s what I’m recalling and It’s been a series of these John are we Just gonna sort of not wake up one day Probably be like that remember a couple Years ago they got dan quayle head of Some meal that was supposed to look out Of space and see if there any asteroids Headed this way everybody cool food it Oh what a waste of money they said but I’m tired of hearing this about all this Like a baseball score you know it seems To me aren’t we keeping track of these Things shouldn’t we be a lot of things So there are certainly a lot of them out There well there’s the big $64,000 Question John suppose they saw one

Headed our right it wasn’t gonna miss The bacon